Get a Nintendo Switch for under £230 in the eBay electronics sale with this code

For one day only, you can get 15 percent off electronics at eBay on orders of £20 or more using the code PLAY15. This includes TVs, computers, and smartphones. It also includes gaming consoles, bundles, and accessories, which is great news for any Nintendo Switch fans out there.

Google to start offering alternative browsers and search engines to Android users in the EU

Android users in the EU will soon be offered a choice of browsers and alternative search engines on their devices, Google announced on Tuesday. The announcement is unsurprising,

Blameless emerges from stealth with $20M investment to help companies transition to SRE

Sight Reliable Engineering (SRE) is an extension of DevOps designed for more complex environments. The problem is that this type of approach is difficult to implement and has usually only been in reach of large companies, requiring custom software. Blameless, a Bay Area startup,

Google fined $1.49BN in Europe for antitrust violations in search ad brokering

The European Commission has just announced another antitrust fine for Google . The latest fine — $1.49BN — relates to its search ad brokering business which competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager noted today is “by far” the company’s main source of revenue.

Markforged raises $82 million for its industrial 3D printers

3D printer manufacturer Markforged has raised another round of funding. Summit Partners is leading the $82 million Series D round with Matrix Partners, Microsoft’s Venture Arm, Next47 and Porsche SE also participating. When you think about 3D printers,

Apex Legends’ first season is now live on Xbox One consoles

The first season event for the hit Apex Legends video game, Wild Frontier, is now live on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles.

Disney Magic Kingdoms video game updates on Windows 10 with new characters and more

The Windows 10 video game, Disney Magic Kingdoms, received an update today that added a variety of new characters, several new attractions, and some new land for players to use for all of their unlocked content. The main focus of this update was the addition of Dumbo, Timothy Q. Mouse,

Mozilla Firefox browser adds Windows Hello authentication support

The Mozilla Firefox internet browser updated to Version 66.0 and, with this update, added support for Microsoft’s Windows Hello authentication. This means that after installing the latest update, Firefox users on a compatible Windows 10 device will be able to use their face, fingerprint,

James Corden surprises people who ordered pizza with a mystery box, and the prizes are something els

From the point of ordering a pizza to the pizza finally being delivered to your door, you are normally pretty desperate to eat said pizza.But would you gamble away that cheesy heaven for the possibility of a mystery prize?

Would you buy a vinyl recording of 20 minutes of silence?

March Mindfulness is our new series that examines the explosive growth in mindfulness and meditation technology — culminating in Mashable's groundbreaking competitive meditation bracket contest. Because March shouldn't be all madness.

Stephen Colbert reacts to JK Rowling's latest Dumbledore comments

Chances are you've heard by now about the "intense" "love" relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald, described by J.K. Rowling in the DVD extras for Fantastic Beasts 2.You may have also seen some of the backlash, and some of the many, many memes.Well, now Stephen Colbert has piled in, too.


春分到了,又是借势创意的好时机。笔者将一如既往地用各位读者熟悉的“主题元素+品牌特性”来给大家做一下创意分享。 […]


今天和大家分享一个订票App特效,快搬好小板凳坐下! 最终效果(图有点儿大) 流程与知识点 先介绍一下APP的 […]

Tandem Bank launches ‘Autosavings’ account

Tandem Bank, the U.K. challenger bank, is launching a new savings account powered by its “Autosavings” feature designed to make it easier to save. Paying 0.5 percent interest,

Ahead of third antitrust ruling, Google announces fresh tweaks to Android in Europe

Google is widely expected to be handed a third antitrust fine in Europe this week, with reports suggesting the European Commission’s decision in its long-running investigation of AdSense could land later today.

Opera’s VPN returns to its Android browser

Opera had a couple of tumultuous years behind it, but it looks like the Norwegian browser maker (now in the hands of a Chinese consortium) is finding its stride again and refocusing its efforts on its flagship mobile and desktop browsers. Before the sale,

Welcome Pickups lands €3.3M funding to offer ‘in-destination’ travel services

Welcome Pickups, an Athens-based startup offering a range of “in-destination” travel services from the point of pickup onwards, has raised €3.3 million in Series A funding. The backing comes from VentureFriends, MarketOne, Howzat, Jabbar, and Openfund. Also participating is Alejandro Artacho,

Spotify rival Tencent Music posts maiden quarter loss of $130M on one-off costs

Tencent Music Entertainment Group, the Chinese answer to Spotify that Tencent spun out and floated on the New York Stock Exchange in December, reported a net loss of 876 million yuan ($127 million) in its first set of quarterly results since going public. The loss,


《极简法则》一书介绍了两种简化法则:价格简化和命题简化。就瑞幸咖啡而言,价格简化是否意味着品质也要随着下降,不 […]


越来越多的中老人群重拾年轻时的梦想,由此产生出大量的“自我解放型消费”、“圆梦经济”的需求,中老年文娱教育的商 […]


我们不要问彼此的姓名,我们不要问彼此的工作,我们甚至不要问彼此来自哪里,我们只是定期来这里相会,逃避或者忘掉外 […]


如果说涨粉是上半场,是靠天意,或者凭硬本事,那变现就是下半场。 15万粉丝=700块钱! 是的,一个发布了30 […]

线下课程丨5 天收入 4 万多,付费彩虹屁背后关于「流量变现」的冷思考

“一本高等生在线夸人”群; 专业夸对象送朋友送女友超惊喜彩虹屁; 彩虹屁各种关系定制专业夸父; 打开淘宝搜索“ […]

6 deals on noise-canceling headphones to help make the world more tolerable

The news has been pretty divisive recently (to put it mildly). But no matter what you believe, what you stand for, what you fight for, there’s one thing on which we can all agree: it’s great to just shut everyone out sometimes and listen to some music. Or an audiobook. Or a nice,

Learn all about this AWS competitor with these cheap online courses

Anyone running an enterprise business is worshipping at the feet of Amazon Web Services. But in the midst of all the hubbub surrounding AWS, what about other options? Microsoft’s platform Azure flies under the radar when it comes to fast and reliable cloud computing services,


随着互联网红利的消失,企业获客成本也日益增高,金融类产品更是高达500元以上不等。在高获客成本的基础上,企业开 […]


好的创意最关键作用就是增加广告文案的吸引力,我们千方百计想办法在文案中加入各种吸引人的创意元素,为得就是能够引 […]


知识付费的第三个年头,用户不再因为焦虑而付费,更多的是明确自己的知识需求,精准购买,理性消费。那些刺激用户感性 […]


今天和大家分享一个订票App特效,快搬好小板凳坐下! 最终效果(图有点儿大) 流程与知识点 先介绍一下APP的 […]


转化率优化策略没效果,有可能是因为你是为了转化而转化,并不是以用户为中心进行转化。 如果你只是为了提升转化率而 […]


这世道,互联网利益纷争可不止大家眼皮底下,做着明亮生意的互联网er,还有从旧社会就一直潜藏在地下疯赚黑钱,肆虐 […]


一切从用户中来,为用户创造价值。 产品经理,日常工作中必不可少的是职场写作,包括:汇报PPT、周报、月报、方案 […]


当我们的愉悦感、满足感高频达成时,虽然是同一个刺激,我们获得的愉悦感和满足感的反馈却会在强度上出现递减的状态。 […]

New Zealand's silver fern redrawn as Muslims praying gets plenty of online attention

In the aftermath of the Christchurch terror attack, a reimagined version of a famous New Zealand symbol has garnered plenty of online attention.Australian cartoonist Pat Campbell, who works for newspaper The Canberra Times,

Former Oath CEO Tim Armstrong is exiting Verizon with a payout worth more than $60 million

Tim Armstrong will leave Verizon Communications with an awards and benefits package worth more than $60 million. The Wall Street Journal calculated the total amount based on a securities filing from last Monday by combining Armstrong’s compensation in 2018,

Doctolib is now a unicorn with new $170 million round

French startup Doctolib has raised a new round of funding of $170 million (€150 million). The round is led by General Atlantic, with existing investors Accel, Eurazeo, Kernel and Bpifrance also participating.

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