Prime Movers Lab raises $245 million for second fund to invest in early stage science startups

After revealing its first fund just last year, a $100 million pool of investment capital dedicated to early stage startups focusing on sustainable food development, clean energy, health innovation and new space technologies, Prime Movers Lab is back with a second fund.

DriveNets nabs $208M at a $1B+ valuation for its cloud-based alternative to network routers

People and businesses are relying on the internet to get things done more than ever before, an opportunity but also an infrastructure headache for service providers that need to scale quickly and reliably to meet that demand. Today, a startup that has built a clever,

Booksy raises $70M war chest to acquire salon appointment apps, expand internationally

Beauty and wellness appointment booking apps have proliferated of the last few years, but it appears the race is still on as today one of the leaders, Booksy, raises $70 million in a Series C round led by Cat Rock Capital, with participation from Sprints Capital. 

Lime adds shared electric mopeds to the mix

Lime is adding electric mopeds — painted in the company’s signature green — to its micromobility platform as the startup aims to own the spectrum of inner city travel from jaunts to the corner store to longer distance trips up to five miles.

The mainframe “cloud journey” is here

Integrating mainframe data into the cloud and the extensive capabilities that come with both.

What multi-cloud means in 2021 and how to manage it

A decentralized approach to multi-cloud lets enterprises make locally optimal technology decisions.

Approaching post-Brexit data protection

Future-proofing data protection for an unpredictable post-Brexit world.

What's in store for cybersecurity in 2021?

After a year of high stakes and alarming new records, here's what Marc Rogers predicts 2021 will bring for the security industry.

Six tips to making communication work for you

“Communication is the real work of leadership." But how to get it right when employees are remote?

Gardin raises $1.2M pre-seed to use ‘optical phenotyping’ tech to improve food production

Gardin, a ‘deep tech’ hardware and software startup developing optical phenotyping technology and analytics to optimise food production, has raised $1.2 million in pre-seed funding. Leading the round is LDV Capital, with participation from Seedcamp, and MMC Ventures.

Corporate card startup Mooncard challenges American Express in France with miles

French startup Mooncard is partnering with Flying Blue to offer Air France miles to its customers. This is the first time you can earn miles with a payment card in France that isn’t an American Express card. Mooncard provides corporate payment cards to streamline your expenses.




编辑导语:微信的流量优势,促成了广告业务的繁荣稳定,也让朋友圈广告成为用户社交场景里的常见元素。本文作者对微信朋友圈广告的发展趋势进行了梳理分析,并结合案例对其广告逻辑和广告特性展开了讨论,一起来看看~01 引子——陈奕迅 & 阿迪达斯优点:这是一个视频广告,视频长度15秒,有明星陈奕迅,视频质量不错(对喜欢陈奕迅的人吸引力极强,陈奕迅的动作、样子、笑都非常有特点、吸引人),视频内容贴合新春场景,有很特别、有趣的跳转到落地页方式扭转手机,贴合微信风格(摇一摇),摇后跳出一个图文祝福,至目前为止没有任何广告性质内容,让人感觉不是一个广告,有兴趣点‘了解更多’看一下是什么广告。


编辑导语:数字化时代,人人都在讲数字化,数据分析占据着核心地位。问到跟数据分析相关的工具,自然而然就会想到BI,到谈商业智能(BI)时,经常会提到OLAP,有的人可能认为OLAP工具就是BI,其实它只是BI的一部分,是很重要的一项分析技术。接下来本文作者为大家做了详细解答,若有不足之处欢迎指正。1. OLAP是什么1.1 OLAP的基本概念OLAP(online analysis processing),联机分析处理技术,多应用于BI工具,也可以叫做OLAP工具/引擎/数据库。它帮助数据分析师从多个角度对数据进行分析和数据挖掘,用于多维数据查询和报表处理的需求,核心是多维度。

Meme traders push GameStop stock to towering heights while pros look in disbelief

The stock price of video game retailer GameStop is soaring, and there's no good reason for it — if you ask the professionals. But a group of traders that frequent Reddit's popular subreddit r/wallstreetbets has given these pros the finger, and they don't plan to quit anytime soon. 

You can upload music directly to these workout-friendly headphones

TL;DR:  The Aftershokz Xtrainerz open-ear headphones can withstand your toughest workouts. As of Jan. 27 you can get them for $144.99, a 2% discount. You may already have noise-cancelling headphones that drown out your obnoxious neighbors as you attempt to work from home,

Interested in DevOps? Here's where to start.

TL;DR: Set yourself up for a new career with the Dynamic 2021 DevOps Certification Training Bundle. As of Jan. 27, get it for $59.99, a 97% discount. If you’re looking to explore a career in DevOps,

Sell fine jewelry safely with Worthy’s online auction platform

TL;DR: Get old jewelry off your hands (and make some cash) with the Worthy online jewelry auction service. It’s hard to part with valuable things, and even harder to part with sentimental things. So these pieces often live in drawers somewhere in your home, never to see the light of day again. 

Save on a wireless charging station for your iPhone and Apple Watch

TL;DR: Say goodbye to tangled charging cords with this Loma Living wireless charging dock. Get it for 32% off — only $86.99 — as of Jan. 27.As you could probably guess, there’s already a ridiculous number of wireless chargers and charging stations available today.

Digital pre-orders open for The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood on Xbox Series X and Xbox One

A variety of options are now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X console owners looking to prepare themselves for the upcoming June 8th launch of The Elder Scrolls Online:

Microsoft Teams app gets new call and messaging functionality on Android and iOS

The iOS and Android Microsoft Teams apps both updated this past week. The Android app update added the ability to receive calls from all of a user’s accounts regardless of which one is open while the iOS update added a variety of improvements for meetings.

Microsoft Power BI app updates on Android and iOS devices with some minor changes

Microsoft’s Power BI app updated for both iOS and Android devices today with some minor changes designed to add some extra functionality to the iOS version and improve stability on the Android one. Here’s the release notes for the iOS app update which brings Microsoft Power BI up to Version 22.3:

这份医疗保健类 APP 设计的12个要点,我先收藏了

导语:2020 年,新冠疫情席卷全球,后疫情时代的需求也促使设计师们不断提出更有意义的医疗解决方案。本文作者梳理了医疗保健类 APP 的类型,从产品的研究、功能特性、导航、颜色等角度提出了针对医疗保健 APP 的一系列设计建议,简单直观的界面、便捷的功能,以及积极的情感,才能使用户接受并喜欢原本 “令人生畏” 的医疗产品。在移动应用市场中,最受欢迎的应用类别是 “游戏”,而 “健康与健身” 类勉强跻身前十名。2020 年是十分艰难的一年,但也创造了很多机会,例如,移动应用市场中医疗行业的产品大热,受到多方关注,这类产品直接影响人们的健康行为,可以使人们的生活更加轻松愉快。









创业者微信使用手册:实用、高效 、无情





编辑导语:模态框和非模态框在设计的过程中经常会被使用到,但是很多人仍然没有搞懂应该在什么场景下合理的去使用,本文作者结合自己的经验,为我们做了总结。最近在整理系统的组件规范,收集各个场景下的组件应用,在搜集应用控件时,弹窗的套用、混用、乱用情况挺多的。主要是模态框和非模态框的使用:模态框:一般会有一层黑色透明的蒙板,它打断用户所属的主流程,不能进行下去,只能到完成模态框的操作,才能返回到主流程中去,这个操作很明确,不会被误解;非模态框:一般没有那一层蒙板,不会影响所属的主流程,也不用担心原有进度会停止,仍然可以持续操作,即打开非模态也能看见底层的主流程。概述:模态or 非模态,统称为弹窗。








编辑导语:任何理论都有它的局限性和前提条件,没有一种方法论是永远有效的。品牌方法论一直处在变化阶段,它随着时代发展的变化而变化。文章从6个方面对品牌体系展开了系统梳理说明,供大家一同参考和学习。在这篇文章中,我想把 “品牌 “的体系像教科书一样总结出来,以【30分钟就能读懂】的目标来完成。首先谈谈营销和品牌之间的关系,是不是越想越不确定? 它们之间是包容的关系,是独立的活动,还是像维恩图一样有一定的重叠?“我们公司是时候开始塑造自己的品牌了,光靠广告就能取胜。”“这一次,我想做一个广告,诉求的是品牌,而不是利益。

2021 年,关乎社群生死的 3 个故事

编辑导读:社群作为业务增长的利器,曾经也是风光无二。但是随着社群越加越多,流量越来越少,不少社群都变成了“死群”。天下苦流量久矣,2021年社群何去何从?本文作者对此发表了自己的一些看法,与你分享。为什么有些社群眼见他起高楼,眼见他楼塌了?社群持续自运营背后的驱动力是什么?社群看不见的价值是什么?天下苦流量久矣,2021年社群何去何从?01 社群为何而生?人类自古以来就一直梦想飞上蓝天,从女娲补天、嫦娥奔月到普洛米修斯飞天盗火……这么多的神话和传说,都是人类期盼着升空飞翔的美好愿望和朦胧幻想。



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