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8 of the best waffle makers to help you win breakfast

Tired of the same-old cereal or scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning? One of the most versatile (but often overlooked) kitchen appliances is the humble waffle maker.From making classic Belgian and flavored waffles, to cooking up waffle-shaped savory breakfasts like potato pancakes,

Best deals for Oct. 22: Save on Instant Pot, Crock-Pot, KitchenAid, Sony Blu-ray players, Echo Show,

With the start of a new week, we rounded up the best deals from Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy on top kitchen gear, amazing Blu-ray players, scary horror movies, and handy Amazon devices. We also have deals on adult learning classes from Udemy. If you ever wanted to learn web design and coding,

Harry and Meghan are rocking SuperdrySport, and you should be too

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex can do no wrong at the moment and that also seems to apply to how they dress. Whether it's for a fancy charity function, or mucking around at a sporting event, they get it right. It just works.SEE ALSO:

8 of the best mini fridges for booze, beverages, and food

Sometimes you don’t have the space for a large refrigerator. You might live in a tiny apartment,  college dorm, or go camping in an RV where there isn’t room for a giant cold box to store your drinks and food. If you’re spending a lot on takeout or using your porch as a makeshift cooling zone,

Google Home Hub review

Shortly after announcing the Home Hub, a Google exec told me the timing was simply about “getting the product right.” Still, it’s curious launching your own entry in the space more than half a year after a trio of hardware partners debuted their own.

Don’t miss Q&A Sessions at Disrupt Berlin 2018

Every TechCrunch Disrupt Main Stage features an incredible roster of speakers representing the best and brightest leaders, luminaries and legends at the crossroads of startups, technology, entrepreneurism and investment. It’s an opportunity to hear their perspective,

Disrupt Berlin 2018 early-bird pricing ends in three days

What could be better than spending two adrenaline-packed days at Disrupt Berlin 2018 focused on the best of everything coming out of Europe’s early-stage startup scene? Saving up to €500 while doing it, that’s what.

Freestyle skier nails nearly impossible DIY indoor parkour course

Andri Ragettli is a freestyle skier known for his incredible skills on the slopes and his nearly-impossible parkour obstacle courses when he's indoors. Read more...More about Youtube, Skiing, Athletics, Parkour, and Culture

Jamie Lee Curtis smashes box office record for female lead over 55 with 'Halloween', tweets wonderfu

When you're really proud of something, sometimes you've just gotta shout about it. That's exactly what Jamie Lee Curtis rightfully did when her movie smashed three, yes THREE, box office records. SEE ALSO: 13 horror movies for beginners you can stream right nowPer Variety, Halloween earned $77.

If you want to get pregnant, don't trust an app

Welcome to Small Humans, an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of – and deal with – the kids in your life. Because Dr. Spock is nice and all, but it’s 2018 and we have the entire internet to contend with.

Reporter gets hit in the head with football on live TV, styles it out like a pro

If you're reporting live from the sideline of a sports game, there's always an outside chance something unexpected might happen.Just ask TV host Melissa Stark, who was in London covering the Tennessee Titans vs. the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday.SEE ALSO:

The best UK deals for Monday: Halloween costumes, Xbox bundles, Anker speakers, and more

Halloween is happening next week whether you like it or not. That means if you haven't got an outfit sorted by this time next week, you'll have left it too late. Now that's a scary prospect.SEE ALSO:


“40% 打开率的背后是 400% 努力”。今天要拆解的大号是「洪胖胖」,一个咪蒙矩阵下的时尚号。开号一周粉丝 […]


这是一份硅谷华人码农成语大全,一起来看看~ 一、三藩五次 释义:硅谷码农每年会去旧金山市中心5次。 “三藩”即 […]


小程序,是流量升级触发的“礼物经济”。 本文观点: 流量升级的原因:微信社交能力的开放,将渠道集中式的“公域流 […]


衡量用户价值主要有两大维度:忠诚度和消费能力。本文从这两方面进行了简易的用户画像,以此做出用户分析,并告诉大家 […]


对于传统实体零售来说,重新构建店员与消费者、消费者与消费者的社交关系,缩短了消费者的决策时间、购买时间和购买距 […]


在使用APP时,用户获得信息往往是通过输入框,然而这部分却是很多设计者容易忽略的部分。本篇文章为大家总结了常见 […]


文案无法创造购买商品的欲望,只能唤起原本就存在于百万人心中的希望、梦想、恐惧或者渴望,然后将这些“原本就存在的 […]


美团成功抓住了生活服务电商化浪潮,成为了以Food+为核心,不断向生活服务的吃喝玩乐各品类延伸的高粘性、循环导 […]


核心观点: 到店餐饮/服务行业规模持续快速增长,目前行业app用户规模近5亿人,安装渗透率为45.2%; 美团 […]


作者对原型设计中的常用的一些通用元件进行了场景和规范整理,主要分为信息栏Bars篇、视图Views篇、控件Co […]


本片文章例举了多个设计场景,以此来介绍什么是产品商业化的纵向设计与横向设计。 商业产品(产品商业化)的底层设计 […]


职场中的“火箭”指的是有前景的行业、奋进的团队、综合的岗位;求职的时候,仔细找到那个火箭,并且坚定不移的坐上去 […]


本文将从社群目标制定、导客、内容输出、活动转化四个方面出发,仔细谈谈社群营销应该怎么做。 说到社群营销,相信大 […]


对于产品经理来说,独立思考是一项非常重要的能力。人人都知道这么说,可是实际上应该如何才能做到独立思考呢?本文通 […]


金融科技的去金融化是新技术深度影响行业使然,随着未来更多新技术与行业产生深度联系,未来将会有以金融科技为代表的 […]

The 7 best VPNs for gaming

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is an essential service to secure your internet connection. A VPN gives you greater control over how your online activity can be tracked, providing a combination of security (keeping your computer and data protected) and privacy (keeping your identity protected). 

Aligning IT and the business to support fast enterprise growth

Making sure that IT enables corporate goals can be more difficult to achieve in reality.

Ten gigabit and beyond

With the implementation of new networks follows a whole host of questions, from cost to migration, D-Link explains how to implement these solutions seamlessly and the benefits they will bring.

Elon Musk's high-speed hyperloop tunnel in L.A. will soon be open for public rides

Elon Musk says the first tunnel is "almost done." Posting on Twitter on Sunday night, the Boring Company founder and CEO announced the first test tunnel of the ambitious ultra-high-speed hyperloop project in Los Angeles will be open for public rides on Dec. 11.SEE ALSO:

Watch the moment when a 16-year-old becomes the world champion of 'Tetris'

How fast can you Tetris? This teenager can absolutely blitz the classic puzzle game.16-year-old gamer Joseph Saelee has defeated seven-time Tetris world champion (and current champ) Jonas Neubauer to take the official crown, reports Kotaku.SEE ALSO: 'Super Mario Bros.


在遇到问题时每个人的表现都会有所不同,有的人在问题面前手足无措,而有的人却能够镇定自若地思考如何解决问题。要想 […]


不管你什么时间翻看朋友圈,总会碰上几个微商。相比前几年的面膜,在品类上也全面开花,美妆,服饰,农产品等应有尽有 […]


今天和大家分享的是分销体系的框架模型,希望能对初次接触分销业务的小伙伴有所帮助&启发。 文章结构: 分 […]


身为产品经理一定要善于总结经验,并且在工作中形成一套属于自己方法,从而才能够更有逻辑性地开展工作。 产品经理也 […]

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