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Shout-out to this Dunkin' Donuts for replacing its broken drive-thru speaker with a baby monitor

Someone please give the person who thought of this a raise.Reddit user u/Limit760 posted a picture of his local Dunkin' Donuts doing the absolute best it could in an unfortunate situation. As the post claims,

Select Xbox Insiders can now test a new Shopping Cart feature in the Xbox Store

Xbox Insiders in the Skip Ahead, Preview Alpha and Beta rings can now test a new Shopping cart feature in the Xbox Store that syncs with the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and the web.

Microsoft releases “Patch Tuesday” build 17134.228 with additional Spectre protections, battery life

This new Windows 10 build brings a fix for a new variant of the Spectre CPU security flaw that was discovered earlier this year, as well as some battery life improvements for laptops and tablets users.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17738 to Fast Ring, here’s what you need to know

This build does not come with any new features and just has some fixes and known issues in tow. Here's what you need to know before installing.

The 10 most unhinged parts of Omarosa's 'Unhinged'

We're well into the second season of Trump: The Presidency, and Omarosa — who was supposed to have left after season one — keeps worming her way back into every episode.This week brings us Omarosa's book Unhinged,

Bird flies through someone's window, poops on their laptop, then just croaks

It's a common superstition that bad things come in threes. There's no scientific evidence that suggests this is true, but one Redditor's story may make a believer out of you.Redditor u/JaMollyAdams shared a their very unfortunate run in with a bird today on r/pics, and wow do we feel for them.

Sainsbury's launches checkout-free London store

Sainsbury's SmartShop technology will allow customers to checkout using their mobile devices.

Navigating data regulation: achieving data governance success in a post-GDPR world

Data governance can be so much more than a solution to regulation.

Huawei and ZTE to be banned from US government use

President Trump signs bill banning Huawei and ZTE's components from being used in government systems.

Cyber-Security: Preventing live chat data breaches

Whether you're employing live chat operators or chatbots, protecting your business from a data breach has never been more important.

Could a data breach be worse than a fine for non-compliance?

Although being found to be non-compliant can result in a shockingly high fine, is this worse than a damaged reputation, with all the loss of business that can ensue?

Driving user engagement and adoption of video in the enterprise

How can businesses encourage their leaders and employees to adopt video in the workplace?

From beach to breach: the risks of working on holiday

Working remotely has its benefits but only if you ensure you secure your data first.

Checklist to evaluate mobile app development companies for your dream project

Here are a few points to keep in mind while choosing the right mobile app development company.

Will AI replace human expertise in business?

In advanced industries, humans are still vital, and will be for the future. In other words, the ballooning hype around AI should be popped.

How to smoothly implement an AI project in your business and avoid AI purgatory

The good news is many of the below steps we witnessed companies struggling with can be avoided – with the right tools and platforms doing much of the heavy lifting.

Chromebooks could soon dual-boot Windows 10

Tweak could come as soon as October.

Google apps could be tracking you at all times

Report says Google isn't exactly being honest with its services.

Samsung set to suspend work at major China plant

Market saturation and pressure from the competition are doing the hard work.

AMD reveals most powerful PC processor yet

Gamers and consumers get a power update with AMD's new ThreadRipper release.

The major advantages of multi-tenant architecture in SaaS applications

Let’s first compare the multi-tenant architecture with single-tenant architecture to better understand its pros.

This robot maintains tender, unnerving eye contact

Humans already find it unnerving enough when extremely alien-looking robots are kicked and interfered with, so one can only imagine how much worse it will be when they make unbroken eye contact and mirror your expressions while you heap abuse on them. This is the future we have selected.

Finding the Goldilocks zone for applied AI

To find the right opportunity around which to build an AI business, startups must apply the “Goldilocks” principle to find the sweet spot that is “just right.”

Woman says her ex-boyfriend STOLE HER TOILET after she broke up with him

There are hundreds of break up horror stories online — tales of vindictive exes destroying property, spreading rumors, or even trying to ruin careers. But this story takes the cake. Redditor u/shelblikadoo broke up with her (now ex) boyfriend, and when she woke up, her toilet was gone.

Revcontent is trying to get rid of misinformation with help from Poynter Institute

CEO John Lemp recently said that thanks to a new policy, publishers in Revcontent‘s content recommendation network “won’t ever make a cent” on false and misleading stories — at least, not from the network. To achieve this,

“Unhackable” BitFi crypto wallet has been hacked

The BitFi crypto wallet was supposed to be unhackable and none other than famous weirdo John McAfee claimed that the device – essentially an Android-based mini tablet – would withstand any attack. Spoiler alert: it couldn’t. First, a bit of background.

How 'World of Warcraft' became a life-consuming addiction for me

For a sizeable chunk of my life, I played World of Warcraft too much. Way too much.I played WoW so much and so often that some people may classify my worst years with that game as an addiction.SEE ALSO: 'World of Warcraft' is getting a new expansion that's all about Horde vs.

Bird and Lime are protesting Santa Monica’s electric scooter recommendations

Lime and Bird are protesting recommendations in Santa Monica, Calif. that would prevent the electric scooter companies from operating in the Southern California city. We first saw the news over on Curbed LA, which reported both Lime and Bird are temporarily halting their services in Santa Monica.

Smart speaker sales on pace to increase 50 percent by 2019

It seems Amazon didn’t know what it had on its hands when it released the first Echo in late-2014. The AI-powered speaker formed the foundation of the next been moment in consumer electronics.

Super Soaker who? The next generation of water guns is here on Kickstarter.

Historically, water guns were small and simple, with a measly reservoir for ammunition. But in 1982, U.S. Air Force and NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson invented a new generation of water gun by combining an empty soda bottle, PVC pipe, and acrylic glass. After its release in 1990,

StarVR’s One headset flaunts eye-tracking and a double-wide field of view

While the field of VR headsets used to be more or less limited to Oculus and Vive, numerous competitors have sprung up as the technology has matured — and some are out to beat the market leaders at their own game.

Cytera Cellworks aims to bring cell culture automation to your dinner plate

Cytera Cellworks hopes to revolutionize the so-called ‘clean meat’ industry through the automation of cell cultures — and that could mean one day, if all goes to plan, the company’s products could be in every grocery store in America. Cytera is a ways off from that happening, though.

Sean Rad, early Tinder employees, sue Tinder owners IAC/Match for billions

They call it selling out for a reason.On Tuesday, ten Tinder co-founders and early employees filed a lawsuit against the dating app's overlords, InterActiveCorp (IAC) and Match Group. The plaintiffs, who include co-founders Sean Rad, Justin Mateen, and Jonathan Badeen,

Twitter is purging accounts that were trying to evade prior suspensions

Twitter announced this afternoon it will begin booting accounts off its service from those who have tried to evade their account suspension. The company says that the accounts in question are users who have been previously suspended on Twitter for their abusive behavior,

Turkey is boycotting iPhones, but it hurts Turkey more than Apple

Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan announced today that the country would boycott all electronics from the United States after President Donald Trump slapped new tariffs on the region that caused the Turkish currency (the lira) to hit an all-time low.The announcement,

Come watch the Equity podcast record live at Disrupt SF 2018

Disrupt SF is right around the corner, which means startupland is prepping to congregate once again in the city for another epic run of investors, startups and celebrities. This year, Disrupt is heading to Moscone West, so the event will be bigger and better than ever.

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