Lastest ITProPortal news

Lastest ITProPortal news

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Artificial intelligence that prevents Internet fraud

Online retailers can further protect their customers by utilising AI for increased security.

Siemens to open major UK 3D printing factory

New Worcester facility will help create jobs and further innovation in 3D printing.

Has content services really sent ECM into retirement?

In 2017, Gartner made the bold decision to bury the term “Enterprise Content Management”. In its place it announced the birth of Content Services. “But what has become of ECM since then?” asks David Jones, Director of Product Marketing at Nuxeo

Can companies keep in touch on a Phono Sapiens planet?

We rely on technology more than ever, but the ways in which companies choose to communicate with us can be sadly unreliable.

Twitter set to ban cryptocurrency adverts

After Facebook and Google, Twitter wants to ban these kinds of adverts, as well.

Dropbox and BBC announce partnership

BBC moves its data and teams to Dropbox's cloud collaboration platform.

Google set to cash in on product searches

Google teams up with US retailers to help them compete against Amazon.

Many ITDMs in the dark about regulatory compliance

Third of IT decision makers believe compliance is a problem for the C-level to tackle.

McAfee - Why now is the time to secure the smart home

As homes and offices become more connected, the need for effective security becomes crucial, McAfee tells ITProPortal.

GDPR and IT Service Management – looking at data and service together

IT service desk teams and the personal data they store should be included in any GDPR compliance programme.

A lesson from English rugby – relearning leadership for the digital age

Adopting a workplace culture that is ready to embrace change and experiment is key to success in today's digital world.

Automating data centre operations with intent-based networking - Yahoo Japan shows how

Yahoo Japan have built their data centres using the same state-of-the-art principles other webscale companies have adopted.

IBM launches major new business AI platform

Data Science Elite Team will help businesses manage their AI journey on IBM's Cloud Private platform.

The 'End-to-End Management' mentality: how to achieve GDPR compliance across the board

With the deadline fast approaching, businesses must make GDPR compliance a top priority.

Five lessons for startup CEOs from someone living it right now

Pushing past the fear of the unknown is essential to being a successful entrepreneur.

Android "now as secure as iOS" claims Google chief

Security improvements took centre stage for Android last year.

Microsoft launches major new bug bounty program

Program targets security flaws similar to Meltdown and Spectre.

Insights on the biggest dark web threats to businesses

As seen by RepKnight's cybersecurity analyst Patrick Martin.

UK is the top location for creating AI jobs

Demand for roles involving artificial intelligence in the UK triples since 2015.

Why the legal sector should be investing in blockchain technology

The blockchain technology that powers and documents every Bitcoin transaction has gone fairly unnoticed. Until now.

The technologies that are tackling fake news

Cases demonstrating that fake news has had real-world consequences continue to emerge every day which has ensured that it remains the subject of intense debate.

Is the bright web more dangerous than the dark?

While businesses and the media fret over what’s for sale in the internet’s shadiest corners, many thousands of public-facing sites exist where data can be easily uploaded and shared, offering a vast treasure-trove of sensitive information to prospective hackers.

How applications are elevating the performance of companies in EMEA

How did we get here, and what can companies expect when they embrace new tech applications?

Phishing still number one method for cyber-attacks

Microsoft says hackers are going for the 'low-hanging fruit'.

Intel redesigns chips to protect against Meltdown and Spectre

Future processors will have additional "protective walls" against wide-ranging threats.

Google ups security protection for Chrome Enterprise

New features to Chrome Enterprise look to boost protection for businesses.

POS malware evolves to target chip and PIN-protected cards

Cybercriminals offer fraudsters a complete credit card cloning package.

Tech giants face further EU probe

European Commission may soon require online platforms to explain their ranking systems.

The retail edge — Why the store of the future is closer than we might think

However, despite how retailers might visualise their own idea of the store of the future, from a technology perspective, the most significant obstacle to delivering this is not a lack of budget or buy-in from senior management — it’s their existing store IT infrastructures.

WhatsApp will not share user data with Facebook until it complies with GDPR

ICO concludes investigation into how WhatsApp and Facebook share user data.

GDPR: Preparing the cloud industry for compliance

Public cloud services can be extremely secure and often can be a more secure option than in-house systems.

An open letter to other CEOs: Is it time to change your thinking on tech?

Can you imagine a world in ten years’ time where employees are made to fill in paperwork as part of their day-to-day engagement with their employer?

From struggle to embrace – TV’s technological conundrum

While a television set can have static, television itself is far from static.

Coinbase strikes Bitcoin exchange deal with Barclays

Bitcoin trading in the UK has just gotten a whole lot easier.

F-Secure wants to secure the aviation industry

Security firm announces new cyber-security solution built exclusively for the aviation industry.

Keeping your identity safe in a hacker's world

Utilising biometrics can help safeguard your devices and personal data from cybercriminals.

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