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Will data transparency regain consumers’ trust?

Consumers are calling out for transparency when it comes to their data but can (and will) businesses deliver on this request?

The new language of high-productivity development platforms

Progress discuss the key industry trends around software platforms for low-code and high-productivity, and cut-through the jargon and hype to compare the benefits of the platforms.

How to get artificial intelligence right

The key steps to take to ensure businesses adopt AI correctly.

The different shopper personas: how technology is helping identify consumer types and saving retaile

Brick and mortar stores face a considerable challenge in providing a comparable experience to their online competitors

Many organisations still don't have incident response plans

If they were to be cyberattacked, they would know next to nothing on how to behave.

Balancing old and new technologies the key integration challenge for most organisations

Survey of 100 IT decision makers found integration challenges cost enterprises $500,000 each year.

Huawei again insists its tech is secure

No company as scrutinised as Huawei, cybersecurity director says.

Jeff Bezos hypes the future of AWS

Amazon CEO also calls for minimum wage rise and pokes a bunch of companies along the way.

A weak link: Is blockchain as secure as we think it is?

Find out more about the security issues in blockchain technology and if it is as safe as it is advertised.

Major vulnerabilities found in new Wi-Fi standard

Hackers could exploit networks to get user passwords.

The leading edge - how to lead businesses through digital revolution

Using research, Stephen Long explains who is responsible for digital innovation in a business.

Top four solutions for IT operations

Managing your IT operations is a hard and demanding task.

Many hotels leaking personal guest data

Hackers could be cancelling your reservation.

Google Docs will soon let you edit Office files

No need for conversion thanks to G Suite upgrade.

Amazon and Microsoft go head-to-head for Pentagon cloud contract

IBM and Oracle are already out of the race.

Cybersecurity: The fuel in the engine of the new digital business model

Digital transformation promises to bring business to new heights, but it needs to be cyber-safe.

Apple doubles down on green energy push

iPhone maker now has 44 suppliers running on renewable energy only, including Foxconn.

A digital transformation how-to guide: Don’t slow your business down

In the age of hybrid architecture, changes need to be strategic. Here is how to transform without compromising on security.

AI and the future of work: Main changes to expect in the next years

Artificial intelligence and employment are the burning issues workers need clarity on as we head into the future. Learn about the opportunities and solutions AI provides to eliminate your fears.

Global PC shipments fall yet again

However Chromebooks lead a minor revival.

Secure lifeline - Security needs to be designed into healthcare IoT

One key area has been neglected during healthcare IoT device development: the security of those devices.

Vulnerabilities in smart IP cameras expose users to privacy, security risks

Bitdefender has found new vulnerabilities in IoT cameras that are meant to be protecting people’s homes.

To thrive, AI needs a healthy data diet

To get the most out of AI, cut through the data 'noise'.

Harnessing emerging technology to drive eCommerce success

How can AI and AR drive your eCommerce performance.

Qualcomm reveals new hardware to power edge computing

Cloud AI 1000 platform looks to spur on IoT and edge development.

Will ‘forward-thinking’ firms prize people over technology?

While artificial intelligence has been buzzing around for some time now, it is something for which a ‘forward-thinking’ firm should have already planned.

Verizon launches patch for router vulnerability

Flaw could have allowed hackers to do a full device takeover.

Python voted most-loved programming language

Survey uncovers the most favoured programming tools around today.

Top five issues PropTech companies are solving

Here’s a look at the top five problems proptech companies are solving now.

Workarounds and accountability: how food manufacturers often cause their own compliance issues

The challenge isn’t achieving compliance; it’s proving that compliance to the public.

Microsoft paid out millions in bug bounties last year

More than $2 million was dished out to bounty hunters, but Microsoft wants to do more.

Why 20 per cent of the world's biggest websites ignore HTTPS?

The reason behind multinational companies ignoring HTTPS.

Huawei threatened with UK ban following "shoddy" Westminster work

Chinese giant's security feels like it's decades old, experts claim.

How to use predictive analysis for mobile app marketing?

The marketers now can leverage predictive analysis for creating strong and better marketing strategies. Learn the methods with this blog.

Is data liability?

Data is often viewed as an asset, but do the benefits truly outweigh the costs?

Climbing the investment ladder: what fintech can expect from investment in 2019

Jonathan Dawson, haysmacintyre, delves into fintech investment trends and what 2019 could bring the sector.

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