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Google launches G Suite recruitment platform in the UK and Canada

Hire is now available across the pond.

Restaurants in 2019: striking the right balance between staff and technology

The UK restaurant industry is in a state of uncertainty – and it shouldn’t come as any surprise.

Why businesses should digitise customer loyalty if they are to stay ahead of the competition

No longer can businesses survive by employing antiquated methodologies in a space where consumer preferences and habits change by the minute.

The benefits of using technology in the classroom

Tom Crump, Education Programme Manager at Apple Solution Expert for Education, GBM and Sync, looks at the benefits of embracing technology in the classroom.

Bringing the benefits of BYOI to the enterprise

It’s important to employ a solution that delivers not only the speed and convenience, but also enterprise-grade security.

Almost all UK businesses have been breached in 2018

Eighty-eight per cent of organisations reported a data breach in the last 12 months.

Contentious privacy legislation recently passed in Australia

In early December 2018, privacy-conscious Australians were shocked to learn that their elected Members of Parliament voted to pass the highly controversial Access and Assistance Bill.

How women can help reshape the nightclub industry by taking advantage of changes in technology

What are these new technologies and how will they drive the industry? Let’s start by looking at the role of Promoters within the industry and how they bring money into the business.

Looking ahead – data privacy best practices in 2019

In preparation for the coming year, there are a few strategies organisations should be considering, to ensure successful data management best practices.

Is your enterprise’s open source strategy risky?

Accurately evaluating this risk means developing a thorough understanding of an open source solution’s licensing terms, the health of its ecosystem, and the business models of the commercial organisations attached to the solution.

End-of-year recap: 2018’s top stories around global espionage

We’ve broken down five of the most significant stories of the year and what you need to know about them.

Microsoft urges users to drop Internet Explorer

Move on to newer browsers, they say.

CIOs will soon be as crucial as HR

Culture change is an important factor to digital transformation, and CIOs will play a big role.

UK may block Huawei from major state projects

EU procurement laws may be replaced with UK-only rules.

Trump administration reveals major AI push

US president wants to spend more on the research and development of artificial intelligence.

Amazon proposes regulatory guidelines for facial recognition

Company says it supports calls for "an appropriate national legislative framework that protects individual civil rights."

Huawei says it is open to digital 'supervision'

Chinese giant suggests EU supervisors oversee its cybersecurity practices.

Google launches new Adiantum data encryption method

Your smart watch and heart monitor will be safe from prying eyes.

2018 saw a drop in DDoS attacks

Companies are defending themselves better, but hackers aren't giving up just yet, Kaspersky Lab warns.

Wealth managers targeted by cyber criminals aiming at high-net-worth clients

Wealth management firms and their clients are now right in the cross-hairs of cyber criminals.

Data protection – there’s no silver bullet

It’s important that businesses know how and why they should protect their data, especially with new regulations in place.

2019: the year AI and machine learning transform businesses with new data interaction

Adoption will evolve from “let’s check this out” to “let’s roll this out”.

The greatest DevOps challenge - maturing processes and streamlining development

What are the bottlenecks? And how can organisations eliminate these issues and successfully drive mature DevOps activities?

Taking unique initiatives and making them universal: How tech innovations in the public sector can h

AI/machine learning, cloud, and big data analytics were the ones that could be used to bring about the most good.

Huawei defends actions, calls for time in UK govt letter

The company says it has never had a serious incident in almost two decades of international business.

Apple regains spot as top US tech company

iPhone maker retakes top spot from Microsoft.

Raspberry Pi opens first high-street store

Store aims to attract “customers who were curious about the brand”.

Google blocks 100m Gmail spam emails with TensorFlow

Finding extra 100m spam emails is quite a feat, Google says.

Microsoft joins OpenChain platform

Open sourced solutions are great for businesses, but many fear possible issues with governance.

Human voice: the next generation of data

Voice data is much harder to secure, deliver and analyse than ‘traditional data’.

2019 – The year of automation

The ongoing data generation, gathering and analysis is the fuel behind digital transformation, but if data is the fuel, and digital transformation is the vehicle, then automation is the engine.

Treading a digital path in 2019

Here are five key trends that Cognizant expects to emerge in the year ahead, as technologies continue to mature and become mainstream.

How to build an agile data pipeline

Agility and data are two of the most overused buzzwords of the business community – and for good reason.

Top 10 personal technologies to support digital business

Here are the 10 most effective technologies that technology leaders should begin to incorporate into their roadmaps and strategies.

Nine steps to building a business-oriented disaster recovery plan

The following steps will help you organise your thoughts, ask the right questions and develop a strategy for your DR plan that is closely aligned with your business.

US warns European nations to avoid using Chinese equipment

It calls Huawei an "untrusted supplier".

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