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The coming electronic invoicing revolution: 5 trends to watch

Is your business ready to embrace e-invoicing?

UK firms are lacking on cybersecurity insurance

More companies are getting insured, but the insurance doesn't cover all risk, and premiums are based on wrong assumptions.

How smart integrations can fight app bloat without killing capabilities

We have too many business apps. There, I said it.

Improving physical environments and user experience with Connected Mobile Experiences technology

CMX aggregates intelligence across a specific physical environment to provide insights into how users interact with a given location.

Don’t let feature engineering stagnate your ML projects

Why are so many organisations so hot on deploying AI and ML technology if it’s so hard to prepare and use?

Spam and phishing attacks bounce back with a vengeance

Cybercriminals have been increasingly targeting banks and other financial institutions with their phishing attacks.

A third of businesses still aren't GDPR compliant

It’s been almost three months since GDPR kicked off, and businesses are still struggling to become compliant.

More and more businesses being hit by crypto-mining attacks

Firms with protective crypto vaults are being increasingly targeted.

Content concentric workflows can help transform an organisation

Stacy Leidwinger, VP of Product, Nuance Imaging Division, explains how

Don’t let feature engineering stagnate your ML projects

Why are so many organisations so hot on deploying AI and ML technology if it’s so hard to prepare and use?

Can digital transformation, IT security and GDPR compliance all be prioritised?

If your business is looking to focus on digital transformation but is short on resource, outsourcing your IT support will allow you to fully focus on transformation.

Sainsbury's launches checkout-free London store

Sainsbury's SmartShop technology will allow customers to checkout using their mobile devices.

Navigating data regulation: achieving data governance success in a post-GDPR world

Data governance can be so much more than a solution to regulation.

Huawei and ZTE to be banned from US government use

President Trump signs bill banning Huawei and ZTE's components from being used in government systems.

Cyber-Security: Preventing live chat data breaches

Whether you're employing live chat operators or chatbots, protecting your business from a data breach has never been more important.

Could a data breach be worse than a fine for non-compliance?

Although being found to be non-compliant can result in a shockingly high fine, is this worse than a damaged reputation, with all the loss of business that can ensue?

Driving user engagement and adoption of video in the enterprise

How can businesses encourage their leaders and employees to adopt video in the workplace?

From beach to breach: the risks of working on holiday

Working remotely has its benefits but only if you ensure you secure your data first.

Checklist to evaluate mobile app development companies for your dream project

Here are a few points to keep in mind while choosing the right mobile app development company.

Will AI replace human expertise in business?

In advanced industries, humans are still vital, and will be for the future. In other words, the ballooning hype around AI should be popped.

How to smoothly implement an AI project in your business and avoid AI purgatory

The good news is many of the below steps we witnessed companies struggling with can be avoided – with the right tools and platforms doing much of the heavy lifting.

Chromebooks could soon dual-boot Windows 10

Tweak could come as soon as October.

Google apps could be tracking you at all times

Report says Google isn't exactly being honest with its services.

Samsung set to suspend work at major China plant

Market saturation and pressure from the competition are doing the hard work.

AMD reveals most powerful PC processor yet

Gamers and consumers get a power update with AMD's new ThreadRipper release.

The major advantages of multi-tenant architecture in SaaS applications

Let’s first compare the multi-tenant architecture with single-tenant architecture to better understand its pros.

CoinCorner on why Google’s ban on cryptocurrency ads is a good thing

By banning ads for cryptocurrency, Google forced businesses in the space to find new ways to reach potential customers.

IoT devices could be putting your home at risk

New research reveals that cyber criminals are targeting IoT devices for cryptojacking.

Only half of UK firms feel confident in their in-house cybersecurity

Continued investment and activity are the key to staying ahead in the cyber arms race.

Advanced manufacturing for a more efficient aerospace industry

3D printing and other emerging technologies offer a number of benefits that will help the aerospace industry improve its production process.

Fax machines could be the weak link in your company's security

The ageing technology could be used to compromise your corporate network.

Automation breakthrough: A new age for date prediction

Automation and machine learning have the potential to completely transform the world of asset management.

The battle for business buy-in: Three ways to justify your IT security spend

As businesses turn to the cloud and handle even more data, IT security spending has never been more important.

Enterprise blockchain has slowed and why that's a good thing

Businesses should approach potential blockchain technology partners with the mindset of a venture capitalist.

Digital transformation – How enterprises can up their game

Achieving a successful digital transformation can be difficult, especially so without the right monitoring tools in place.

Working towards a paperless NHS

Will the NHS be able to reach its goal of being completely paperless by 2020?

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