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Emilia Clarke's nude scene pressure didn't come from 'Game of Thrones'

Emilia Clarke opened up about performing in nude scenes on Game of Thrones and later projects in a recent episode of Dax Shepard's podcast Armchair Expert. In the episode,

'The Mandalorian' concept art proves Baby Yoda was always adorable

We don't know where Baby Yoda came from (yet), but The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau is willing to divulge how he first saw the adorable creature.On Tuesday, four days after the release Disney+'s second Mandalorian installment, Favreau shared the concept art for "The Child" on Twitter.

Baby Yoda is taking the internet by storm

Appearing on "The Mandolorian," the newest "Star Wars" TV series, the tiny alien made everyone fall in love with it. Read more...More about Entertainment, Mashable Video, Star Wars, Yoda, and Disney

This robotic snake can climb a tree — Future Blink

Designed by the Biometric labs at Carnegie Mellon, this robot snake can slither, climb, and move unlike other robots. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Robot, Snakes, and Future Blink

These 3D printed homes offer a sustainable future — Future Blink

Called TECLA, the project uses materials found onsite that are reusable and recyclable to build circular and affordable homes. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Environment, Housing, and Future Blink

Need a gift for a gamer? We found 35 curved monitors that are on sale.

TL;DR: Curved monitors from Samsung, LG, Dell, Sceptre, and Acer are on sale at various retailers ahead of Black Friday.You can look at retailers' pre-Black Friday sales in one of two ways: as marketing gimmicks designed to prolong the already-too-long Christmas shopping season,

Android flaw allowed attackers to spy on users through phone camera

Thanks to a security flaw, Android apps had the ability to take photos and record conversations without users knowing it. According to a bombshell report released Tuesday by cybersecurity firm Checkmarx,

Best robot vacuum deals today

You're a busy person. You don't have time to vacuum your floors when a robot could be doing that for youRobot vacuums have become pretty advanced and intelligent in recent years and actually do a good job cleaning floors,

Best gaming deals today

When it comes to gaming and gaming-adjacent deals, it’s pretty much a mixed bag. There aren’t really any hard-and-fast rules to shopping for games (either physical or digital), accessories (like controllers, headsets, etc.), or consoles.

NASA scientists swooped over Antarctica and captured a gnarly world

Antarctica is wild. Consider that as you view a fresh batch of ineffable Antarctic photos snapped by NASA scientists. Read more...More about Nasa, Antarctica, Climate Change, Ice Melt, and Science

Dude pranks San Francisco by placing AirPod stickers all over the city

Losing an AirPod has become quite the source of anxiety among Apple fans, but artist and digital creative Pablo Rochat decided to have some fun with the common fear by making life-size AirPod stickers to scatter around San Fransisco. Read more...More about Iphone, Prank, Street Art, Airpods,

Lots of gaming controllers are discounted on Amazon

Hi, gamers. We’re going to cut to the chase on this one, because the pre-Black-Friday deals are coming in hot and we know you don’t have all the time in the world to read a long-as-hell article right now. SEE ALSO:

Here's what you need to get your home ready for holiday guests

In case you haven't heard: Walmart is already celebrating Black Friday. We've started seeing tons of great deals and we're still more than a week away from actual Black Friday.Some of the sales are so great that it's worth snatching them up now rather than waiting until after Thanksgiving.

The purrfect new 'Cats' trailer leans into its happy feline death cult

Cats the musical is hard to spoil because at the absolute core of the show, barely anything happens. Buncha cats show up, they introduce themselves, and at the end one of them gets the delightful privilege of dying.

Electric toothbrushes are on sale at Walmart (*hint stocking stuffer hint*)

TL;DR: Electric toothbrushes from Oral-B and Philips Sonicare are on sale at Walmart — save up to $30, plus snag an additional rebate.While big gifts are usually the ones that someone has asked for,

Prep for holiday movie marathons with Samsung's 4K TV sale

TL;DR: Samsung 4K HD Smart TVs are up to 47% off as part of Amazon's Happy Holideals event. Black Friday may not be until next week, but it is officially Amazon Holideals season — which means it's also holiday movie marathon time. If you're not watching Home Alone 1 and 2 back-to-back,

Baby Yoda has inspired some freaking adorable memes

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Mandalorian. If wish to remain unspoiled you do, only pain will you find. The Mandalorian, Disney's live-action Star Wars TV series, is in full gear on the new streaming platform Disney+. And thanks to a brand new,

Bird hopes 'helmet selfies' will make scooter riders safer

Selfies aren't something you'd normally associate with safety, but scooter-sharing company Bird aims to change that. On Tuesday, the company introduced the "helmet selfie," and, no, it's not a helmet with a camera attached. Since Bird knows its riders can be reckless with their safety,

Stalkerware is a toxic tool for domestic abusers. This coalition wants to stop it.

Human rights and privacy groups, as well as internet security companies, are teaming up to fight stalkerware. Stalkerware is, as Mashable's own Jack Morse described it,

3 'Jeopardy!' contestants somehow failed to guess Tom Hanks

If you happened to watch Jeopardy! Monday night, you bore witness to a horrifying moment. Three (3) contestants failed to guess the easiest answer of all time: "Who is Tom Hanks?"The question came up under the category "Biopics" and was worth $200. "In A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,

13 gifts for people who love to sleep

Upping one's own pajama game is hard to make a priority. Why invest in PJs when you could spend money on clothes you actually wear outside? That's why a nice set of pajamas (or a sleep accessory) makes a delightful holiday gift. You're doing the investing for someone else,

Fresh 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' images and details are here, finally

We're one month and one day removed from the arrival of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the final chapter in a nine-movie saga that began more than 40 years ago.Now, a fresh pile of details and photos brings revelations about the story and the characters populating it,

Facebook launched a meme-making app called Whale. Here's why you haven't heard of it.

Facebook's new app Whale lets you "make your own memes" with "pro tools." So why haven't you heard about it?Well, the company apparently doesn't want everyone to know about it just yet. According to a report by The Information, Facebook's NPE (New Product Experimentation) group launched the app,

Cook up a storm with these top cookbooks on sale

TL;DR: Top cookbooks are on sale on Amazon, saving you up to 70% on list price.There is going to be a lot of eating taking place over the festive period, and probably a lot of cooking, too. Whether or not you are planning on getting your hands dirty in the kitchen,

Gain a better perspective with these PC monitors on sale

TL;DR: PC monitors are on sale on Amazon, saving you up to 34% on list price.Amazon's "Countdown to Black Friday Sale" has already dropped some really impressive deals, and is sending out all the right signals in preparation for this year's sale. It is all set to pretty special.

Adam Driver does his job in intense clip from 'The Report'

Read more...{"player":{"description":""Let’s worry about getting it right and getting it done. We can worry about changing the world later."","image":"

Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers play extremely silly rapid-fire question game

Sometimes, when people are asked questions under extreme time pressure, they can end up giving surprisingly enlightened responses.Not Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon, though. During a game of "Think Fast!" on The Tonight Show, their answers to a series of rapid-fire questions start of silly,

You need to check out this Apple AirPods deal

TL;DR: The Apple AirPods and charging case bundle is on sale for £129 on Amazon, saving you 19% on list price.Genuinely good deals on Apple products are few and far between, so we feel the need to shout when we come across something significant. 

Renewed Apple iPhones are on sale on Amazon

TL;DR: Renewed Apple iPhones are on sale on Amazon, saving you up to 15% on list price. There are many different accepted tactics when it comes to getting a good deal on Apple iPhones, with savvy shoppers capitalising on pre-orders, generous contracts, and free gift promotions.

This 'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' bundle is absolutely stacked

TL;DR: The Xbox One S Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order bundle is available for £249.99 on Amazon.Bundle deals are great because you get a console and game in one convenient package. At least, that's how it normally works.

Amazon is offering some of its best devices at seriously low prices

TL;DR: The Echo Plus is on sale for £44.99 on Amazon, saving you 68% on list price.Amazon's "Countdown to Black Friday Sale" has been pretty decent so far, without really impressing. We suppose this is to be expected,

The world's largest battery is about to get even bigger

Tesla likes big batts and they cannot lie, and while I go and sit in the corner and think about what I just wrote, here's some related news for you.The world's largest grid-scale lithium ion battery is about to get 50 percent bigger,

50 last-minute gifts that will actually arrive on time

Oops, you did it again. You waited until the last minute to get a gift. You love your parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, and other family members, but sometimes they're hard to shop for and time just gets away from you.We get it and we're not here to judge. Rather, we are here to help.

This is the one thing you should absolutely buy in November

Have you been feeling SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder, that is. It's not as uncommon as you may think. The leaves fall, the sun sets at 5 pm, and the seasonal depression begins. While there's nothing you can do to change daylight saving time, you can make your inside space a bit brighter. 

Grind your coffee — and brew it too — with this early Black Friday deal

TL;DR: Get the time-saving Chefman 4-Cup Grind & Brew Coffee Maker for $75, a 24% savings. Years from now, when we look back on the past from whatever flooded dystopia we call home, we’ll remember this moment as the age of the "OK Boomer" clap-back. 

Protect your smartphone with 20% off Defense cases and chargers

TL;DR: Save 20% off Defense cases and chargers with the coupon code 20MASHABLE for a limited time.In a mega-multitasking world, phone fumbles happen all the time. Even if you’re not walking and texting (and let’s be honest,

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