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World Cup fans stuck around to pick up trash from stadiums

Japan and Senegal recorded stunning wins at the World Cup on Tuesday, and you'd expect their fans to be out celebrating.But before all that fun, supporters stayed back to tidy up their sections of the stadiums in videos that have gone viral.SEE ALSO:

Rachel Maddow breaks down over babies being sent to 'tender age' shelters

It's hard to rattle Rachel Maddow. No matter how infuriating the news, she usually stays calm and collected. But news that the Trump administration is forcibly separating babies from their parents and sending them to "tender age" shelters was just too much. 

Protesters disrupt Kirstjen Nielsen's dinner at a Mexican restaurant, of all places

If you're behind the separation of Latino families at the U.S. border, maybe dining at a Mexican restaurant isn't the wisest of ideas.Department of Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen,

Microsoft employees demand cancellation of contracts with ICE

With pressure mounting on the Trump administration's family separation policy, Microsoft employees have joined the fold.As first reported by the New York Times, more than 100 of the company's staff have signed an open letter to CEO Satya Nadella requesting to stop working with U.S.

Canada just legalized weed, and it's looking better every day

Canada just legalized marijuana nationwide. In a historic vote on Tuesday, the Senate approved Bill C-45. Also known as the Cannabis Act, Bill C-45 legalizes weed possession and sales for adults, and allows up to four marijuana plants per household.

Everyone is comparing Trump's border policy to 'Handmaid's Tale,' even the creator

Spoilers ahead: If you haven't watched Handmaid's Tale, you've been warned. The Trump administration's forcible separation of children from their families at the U.S. border has everyone comparing it to The Handmaid's Tale — including Margaret Atwood herself.SEE ALSO:

Corey Lewandowski mocks child with Down syndrome taken from mom at border

Trump's former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, has no heart.

We're so hype for the adorable new American Girl Xbox gaming set

On Monday, American Girl revealed a brand new mini Xbox One S gaming accessory set for its dolls, and honestly, none of us were ready.Seeing the tiny gaming bundle in action immediately inspired a conflicted mixture of "WOW I NEED THIS" and also "Wait, do I Iook that dead inside while #gaming?

George Takei: Taking children from their parents at the border is worse than Japanese internment

George Takei wrote that the plight of detained immigrants at the U.S. border is worse than the Japanese internment camps he was forced into as a child "in one core, horrifying way." He wasn't separated from his family like the more than 2,000 children suffering due to Trump's zero tolerance policy.

Trump's 'Space Force' is nothing new: Here's what the military is already up to in orbit

Without warning, President Donald Trump announced on Monday that he's directing the Pentagon to form a new arm of the military called the "Space Force."Sounds pretty cool right? Well, as cool as it may sound, even if it is eventually created, the Space Force may not change very much for U.S.

Tech CEOs speak out against separating families at the border

Executives at Apple, Microsoft, YouTube, Uber, and more tech companies are joining other Americans with a conscience in speaking out against the Trump administration's practice of separating children from their families at the border. 

Autoplaying video ads are about to invade your Facebook Messenger inbox

Somehow, Facebook is still finding ways to make Facebook Messenger more annoying.Now, the company plans to bring autoplaying video ads to users Messenger inboxes as soon as Monday, according to a report from Recode.SEE ALSO:

Uber has a new plan to get its drivers to use electric cars

Uber wants to encourage its drivers to start using electric vehicles (EVs) rather than the gas-powered ones they typically use.The company launched a pilot program on Tuesday in eight North American cities (Austin, Los Angeles, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco,

Review: The AdultFriendFinder dating app is *not* what you think it is

Making friends as an adult is just as nerve-wracking as it was in middle school, and moving to a new city or working at a new job where you don't know anybody can seriously be depressing. What are you supposed to do? Go sit at the bar by yourself? And talk to strangers?

Volvo docks a yacht without any help from the captain

Even if parking your yacht is the last thing you're worried abut, it's pretty cool to see the vessel wedge into a tight space on its own.Volvo Penta's self-docking technology did just that at a demo at the Volvo Ocean Race in Sweden this weekend.

This supercut of 300 dancing scenes from movies is the perfect mood booster

The internet can be a pretty bleak place. From the 24 news cycle to online arguments, it can be daunting to find some positivity online. But if you're in need of some eyebleach after a rough day, here's some wholesome content for you.

Oppo found a really creative way to kill the smartphone 'notch'

You have to hand it to Oppo: In the somewhat stale world of smartphones, many of which are currently very alike, it really tries hard to do something different. On Tuesday, at an event in Paris, the company launched the Oppo Find X, a phone with a huge 6.

What you'll actually do when you're playing BioWare's 'Anthem'

Anthem feels like an easy game to categorize: It's BioWare's take on Destiny. That's how it's been viewed since the initial announcement at Electronic Arts' E3 2017 showcaseAnthem's subsequent appearance at E3 2018 only reinforced that thinking.

Honor 7C is here to become the king of the budget bracket

With looks that kill, and a price that won't empty your bank account (no selling your kidney jokes needed here) If you are looking for a phone that feels as sleek and premium as a flagship phone, the Honor 7C is here with a flat metal backplate and a 2.5D curved glass on the front.

Facebook fires shots at YouTube with new poll and gaming creator tools

Move over, Instagram vs. Snapchat. The fight is on between Facebook and YouTube.Facebook announced Tuesday that it's bringing new poll and game features to Live and on demand video for Facebook creators. With this new emphasis on interactivity, and with game tools that look *a lot* like HQ,

These new avocados will stay riper longer, so you might actually use them

Could there exist an avocado with a lifespan of more than four seconds?Friends, perhaps. This week, Costco unveiled a sparkly new avocado from Del Rey Avocados, a California-based company. The fruits (yes, they are fruits) are coated in a odorless, tasteless additive called Apeel,

I can't stop watching strangers go on blind dates on YouTube

This is Ode To...,a weekly column where we share the stuff we're really into in hopes that you'll be really into it, too. First up: Blind dates on camera.Throughout my tenure as a YouTube connoisseur, I've cycled through plenty of content — but there are only so many vlogs,

EliteSingles review: A dating site with curated matches, meant for a more mature crowd

There are a *lot* of online dating options these days, particularly dating apps. They all try to stand out in their own way, whether it be catering to a certain niche or type of person, or offering a special feature or service. But the one thing they all have in common:

Couple raises $5 million to help immigrant families in record-setting Facebook fundraiser

A Texas nonprofit working to help reunite immigrant families who have been separated at the U.S. border with Mexico will soon get millions in donations to help their work.

Robert Kirkman's 'Invincible' is coming to Amazon as an animated series

I've preached the gospel of Invincible to you beforeMore than once. But I'm happy to cede that sacred duty to Amazon.Robert Kirkman's long-running, now-concluded Invincible comic book is coming to Amazon in a serious way.

Donald Trump disrespects the American flag by giving it a creepy hug, again

On Tuesday afternoon, President Trump wrapped up a speech in front of the National Federation of Independent Businesses that included a 20-plus minute diatribe about immigration by waltzing over to an innocent American flag and embracing it. Literally. SEE ALSO:

'Gotti' appears to be posting fake positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

Critics hated Gotti and according to box office numbers, the movie was barely seen by anybody in its opening weekend. Yet it's received quite a lot of five-star Rotten Tomatoes reviews in the past couple days from non-critic users. Perhaps a few too many five-star reviews.This is suspicious,

Save $15 on this air fryer and see what all the fuss is about

You try your best to be healthy. You eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink at least eight glasses of water per day, and even consume a multivitamin. But let's not forget that you're human and french fries are delicious.SEE ALSO: Best air fryers right now: Could these be the next Instant Pot?

Learn MailChimp for $10 and scale your email marketing efforts

If you’re a podcast listener, you probably know MailChimp from the meme-inspiring ad that aired before every episode of Serial. But if you have no idea what we're talking about, then allow us to explain.SEE ALSO:

Kids under the age of 21 are getting their hands on JUULs

JUUL is a nicotine-filled vape created by smokers, for smokers who want to break their cigarette addiction. But non-smokers and teens have been using them. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Smoke, Addiction, Smoking, and Cigarette

'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' cuts badass lesbian reveal 'for time'

Summer movie fans, it is my somber duty to inform you: we have been robbed. In a recent interview with BUILD, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom star Daniella Pineda detailed a scene with Chris Pratt that would've established her character's sexuality. Unfortunately,

Elon Musk weighs in on Trump's immigration policy with a very uninspiring tweet

Billionaire Elon Musk has a way of kicking up a storm on Twitter from time to time, and he did it again on Tuesday morning by weighing in on Trump's widely condemned policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. SEE ALSO:

Meanwhile, Gina Rodriguez used 'Jane the Virgin' funds to send an immigrant kid to college

While the government remains complicit in a massive human rights violation along U.S. borders, at least one person in Hollywood is trying to make life better for immigrants.Gina Rodriguez, star of Jane the Virgin,

The first 'Creed 2' poster is out and... uh... wow.

The first poster for Creed II, the sequel to 2015's well-reviewed Rocky spinoff, has arrived and it's as dramatic and awesome as expected. SEE ALSO: 'Creed' review: The 'Rocky' franchise roars again with a searing jolt of adrenalineThe poster features Adonis Creed as played by Michael B.

Amazon has the UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth speaker on sale for more than $100 off

While having more music available on your smartphone than ever before is great, these devices don't always offer the best sound quality. That's where Bluetooth speakers come in, and Ultimate Ears is one of the best you can get. Thanks to Amazon,

After filming giant squids, scientists ponder what else lurks deep within the oceans

For centuries, sailors spoke about a tentacled monster called "the Kraken" that lurked in the oceans. "There were tales of them pulling ships and men to their death, which may have been partially true, although sailors tell tales," Edith Widder, a marine biologist, said in an interview.The Kraken,

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