Amazon Makes Pitch to App Developers Ahead of Rumored Smartphone Launch

Amazon may not have a new smartphone yet, but it already seems to be making a not-so-subtle pitch for developers to build apps for one.The ecommerce giant announced Monday that its Appstore for Android devices and the Kindle Fire now has more than 240,000 apps,

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Ahead Of Smartphone Launch, Amazon Announces Its Appstore Has Tripled Year-Over-Year To 240,000 Apps

Ahead of a press conference this week where Amazon is expected to introduce its first-ever Amazon smartphone, the company is making a point to call out how much its mobile app ecosystem has grown in recent months. According to news released by the company this morning,

Amazon Android Appstore triples app selection, but still can't touch the Google Play Store

Amazon can make a great Android device, as demonstrated by the Kindle Fire HDX tablets and Fire TV media box. However, there has been a significant lack of apps.Read more:

Amazon Appstore to arrive on BlackBerry

BlackBerry and Amazon have announced that beginning with version 10.3 BlackBerry users will be able to shop for apps in Amazon’s Appstore.Read more:

Amazon ‘Unlocked’ Will Give Away Paid Apps For Free

Amazon has been working hard to build up the popularity of its Android-based Appstore with consumers and developers — borrowing from the well-thumbed Amazon playbook of deep discounts to drive usage. Now,

Amazon Makes Pitch to App Developers Ahead of Rumored Smartphone Launch

Amazon may not have a new smartphone yet, but it already seems to be making a not-so-subtle pitch for developers to build apps for one.The ecommerce giant announced Monday that its Appstore for Android devices and the Kindle Fire now has more than 240,000 apps,

Amazon’s New Ad Platform Lets App Developers Target Android And Fire Users

Amazon announced this morning the launch of a new advertising platform for mobile app developers who distribute their Android apps by way of Amazon’s Appstore or even Google Play. Called “Advertise Your App with Amazon,

With the Fire phone launch looming, Amazon is experiencing an influx of apps

Nintendo has Mario. No matter how much more powerful Xbox One or PlayStation 4 are over the Wii U, neither console has Nintendo's Italian mascot. And so, if you want games featuring Mario...Read more: http://www.itproportal.

BlackBerry Turns To Amazon To Fix BlackBerry’s App Problem

BlackBerry has partnered with Amazon in a deal that will bring Amazon’s Android Appstore to BlackBerry devices. Why? As BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen tells the WSJ, he simply doesn’t have time, energy and money to build a proper app ecosystem, which is about right.

Amazon's Appstore is Coming to BlackBerry

BlackBerry users will soon have access to a lot more apps.The Waterloo-based company announced Wednesday it would be brining Amazon's Appstore, which includes more than 200,000 Android apps, to its platform.See also: BlackBerry:

Google Play Quarterly App Revenue More Than Doubled Over Past Year, Thanks To Games, Freemium Apps

How well the Android app marketplace on Google Play is performing is the subject of a new report from recently expanded app analytics firm App Annie, out today ahead of this week’s Google I/O 2014 developer conference.

Black Friday 2018: Best Instant Pot deals and where to get the cheapest price

Step aside, Xboxes and giant TVs: Instant Pots are taking up space on page one of Black Friday ads now. These little multi-cookers have been dominating the kitchen gadget conversation for the past year or so,

How the environment is connected to economic growth — and how to boost both

Earth’s natural resources largely determine the global economy’s ebb and flow. As such, the effects of climate change continue to cause concern among economists and environmentalists alike. In 2018,

Michael B. Jordan demonstrates how fast he can move his hands and it's pretty fast

Having starred in two Creed movies and probably endured some pretty rigorous physical training, Michael B. Jordan is pretty quick on his feet — and fast with his hands. On The Late Late Show, Jordan demonstrated to host James Corden just how quick he can actually move them.

George RR Martin hints there may be some Westeros 'erotica' in his new book

If you were wondering what exactly is contained within George RR Martin's new 736-page epic Westeros history Fire and Blood, we now have a few more clues.We already knew there were going to be dragons,

James Corden tries to impress Eddie Redmayne with muggle magic, fails

James Corden, though a very funny and talented host, is just a muggle. But that's not stopping him from trying to get licensed to do magic in the U.S. In a sketch on The Late Late Show, Corden showed up to a magic licensing test in his best muggle magician outfit,

Black Friday 2018: Save $80 on the latest Apple iPad at Walmart

Sometimes, Black Friday deals are on older products that retailers are trying to push out of their inventory. These products are still very good, but not necessarily the latest and greatest. This isn't one of those deals.Walmart has the newest model of the Apple iPad on sale for just $249,

Pinch us, we're dreaming: The 8-quart Instant Pot LUX is on sale for $59 for Black Friday

If you missed out on Walmart's great deal on the 6-quart Instant Pot LUX back in July, we'll do you one better: The 8-quart model is on sale for Black Friday and it's only $59.The 6-in-1 Instant Pot LUX usually goes for $99.99, which means you'll be saving $40 on the largest model in the LUX line.

Google Names Glass Partners for Medical, Advertising Apps

Google named four developer partners on Monday for Glass apps from the medical, media and sports industries.The partners include APZ Labs, which makes Skylight, a business software app for Glass; AugMedix, which markets a service for doctors; CrowdOptic,

Grocery Delivery Startup Instacart Brings Home $44 Million in Funding

That's a lot of leafy greens.Instacart, the same-day grocery delivery startup, has raised $44 million in a Series B funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. Box CEO Aaron Levie and Y Combinator president Sam Altman also pitched in.See also:

Exoplanets Explay Why the 'Dark Side' of the Moon Has No Face

Heat radiating from the young Earth could help solve the more than 50-year-old mystery of why the far side of the moon, which faces away from Earth, lacks the dark, vast expanses of volcanic rock that define the face of the Man in the Moon as seen from Earth, researchers say.

四个数字说明 WhatsApp 的估值:4.5,32,1,0

AllThingsD 曾用低调的巨人来形容 WhatsApp,没错,这家公司服务数亿活跃用户,帮助他们沟通,在功能上已经接近全球运营商的短信业务。

苹果发布 MacBook Air SMC更新解决耗电快的问题

苹果周一为 MacBook Air 系列便携笔记本电脑发布了新的系统管理控制器(SMC),针对某些 2013 年中的机型出现的电池消耗出奇地快这个问题。据简短的发布说明,苹果的 MacBook Air SMC 更新 2.

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今晚 10 點再佔 HKTV,睇《警界線》未公開刪剪片

為了再進行流量測試,HKTV 將於今晚舉行「點播頻道測試」,將播出《警界線》絕密的刪剪片段,大家今晚記得用盡所有手上平台,齊齊睇片喇。The post 今晚 10 點再佔 HKTV,睇《警界線》未公開刪剪片 appeared first on UNWIRE.

Strategy Analytics:2014年Q3 LG北美市场占有率达16.3% 为历史最高

得益于旗舰机型G3的强劲表现,LG已于2014年3季度斩获历史最高的北美市占率。根据美国市场分析公司Strategy Analytics公布的最新数据:今年3季度,LG北美市占率环比增长了16.3%,与去年同期(7.4%)相比翻了一番。

This High-Altitude Overlook Perfectly Frames a Volcano

It takes some work to get to Ecuador's Quilotoa Lake. Visiting the collapsed volcano requires hiring a bus or truck to navigate the steep roads, and a hardy constitution to endure its 12,000-foot altitude.


威智网12月25日消息,根据外媒 Neowin 最新报道,微软今天早些时候在自家官方博客上发布了联合谷歌等几家公司提供《刺杀金正恩》电影付费网播服务的消息。

Facebook Reveals Final Piece In Scalable Data Center Vision

Facebook revealed the final piece in its scalable data redesign today, one that completes its vision of redefining traditional hardware and software to make it more flexible to meet the needs of Facebook’s scale.To that end, they announced a new open-source modular switch platform called 6-pack.


“微软疯了吗?”日前,微软Azure首席技术官马克·罗西诺维奇(Mark Russinovich)在加州圣克拉拉举行的ChefConf 2015大会上表示,未来版本的Windows有可能开源。


我的领域我来答〜现存的能源总是有限的,所以才会出现所谓的能源危机。这个可以从两个方面着手解决。1 号召大家减少能源消耗。举个简单的例子,目前汽车数量急剧上升,所消耗的油气也是大幅度增加。

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