Samsung Has Reportedly Explored Acquiring Company That Powers Siri

Siri, can you say "complicated"?Nuance Communications, a software company that develops speech recognition tools and powers Apple's Siri personal assistant, has talked with multiple companies about a possible sale, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. One of those,

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Samsung Has Reportedly Explored Acquiring Company That Powers Siri

Siri, can you say "complicated"?Nuance Communications, a software company that develops speech recognition tools and powers Apple's Siri personal assistant, has talked with multiple companies about a possible sale, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. One of those,

Will Apple Lose Siri's Core Tech To Samsung?

An anonymous reader writes Apple bought Siri in 2010, but its core technology is owned by Nuance, maker of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Now Samsung is looking to buy Nuance. From the article: "This past June, Nuance and Samsung began merger talks, but nothing came of it. At the time,

The end of Apple: Can rivals smell blood in the water?

There was a time when Apple was the undisputed king of mobile, but since Steve Jobs’ death, Apple’s competitors have been getting bolder. Is this the end of Apple?Read more: http://www.itproportal.

iOS 9 May Be Getting an All-New Siri

Technology is filled with all kinds of rumors, real and fabricated. It gives us a look at might be and will be. BitStream gathers these rumors all in one place to divine what the future has in store.Read more...

Apple Says First HomeKit-Enabled Devices Land Next Month

Apple has been relatively quiet on HomeKit, the protocol it announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference last year for connecting its devices to third-party smart home gadgets and accessories, but that changed today.

Apple’s iWatch won’t go on sale until 2015

While the much talked about smartwatch might be set to launch the week after next, it’s still months away from hitting shelves…Read more:

Why We Need Apple

It's no secret that I'm an Android guy. I worked for two years at an Android-focused site and I own multiple devices with "Nexus" in the name. Still, I couldn't be happier about Apple's announcements yesterday. Why? Because what Apple does affects us all.Read more...

iPhone 6s Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

How do you make the best iPhone ever even better? That’s the perennial question, one that’s inevitably easier to answer as Apple releases innovative new products. This year, the fan boy universe finds a plethora of clues in the company’s wearable computer. The iPhone 6s, these clues suggest,

From 'Revolutionary' to 'Beautiful:' How Apple’s language has evolved

With the launch of the new iPad just around the corner, and the iPhone 6 launch still glinting in our rear view mirror, Pete Miller takes a look back at how Apple's product language has evolved.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

In case you missed it: Windows 9 in focus, Windows 8.1 August Update coming soon, and more

This week has been quite interesting in the world of Microsoft. We've covered a lot over the past week and chances are you most likely missed an important piece of news. Let's recap the week in our weekly "In case you missed it" post.

We've become normalized to Trump's tweets. Not this one.

Nowadays, it takes a lot for Americans to become incensed about Trump's tweets. We need at least one World War threat or nuclear weapon tangent to wake up and realize we're seconds away from doomsday.The President still has that magical ability to completely eviscerate our joy.

'This Is Nigeria' masterfully reframes Childish Gambino's epic video for a different audience

Folarin Falana, better known as the Nigerian rapper Falz, did something with Childish Gambino's incisive "This Is America" music video that no one else has managed: He deconstructed it and rebuilt it for his home audience."This Is America" presents a picture of life in modern-day black America,

Starbucks will somehow feature rapper Common during its anti-bias training

Starbucks is planning to have multiple special guests appear in a racial bias training video on Tuesday, among them celebrated socially conscious rapper Common. The chain will be shutting down 8,000 stores on May 29th for an anti-bias training. SEE ALSO: New Starbucks policy:

'Ibiza' is the perfect movie to kickstart your summer

A few years ago, every movie studio wanted the next Bridesmaids. Last year they chased the success of Rough Night and Girls Trip. Netflix's Ibiza will be compared to all three, but it also reveals the secret: There will never be enough of these movies.Directed by Alex Richanbach,

It doesn't have to be assault to be bad, Morgan Freeman

Recently, celebrities accused of sexual misconduct have started to issue a new kind of defense: at least they didn't commit sexual assault.Morgan Freeman adopted that reasoning for his second apology this weekend, after eight women accused him of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior,

Lo-fi video game about New York City's subway woes spells out a fix

Did Elon Musk secretly make this video game?A simple, new browser game from called MTA Country (from Everyday Arcade) offers a very pro-business solution for fixing New York City's beleaguered subway system: Hand its management over to private interests.SEE ALSO:

Jeff Bezos personally announced that Amazon saved 'The Expanse' and the crowd went wild

Another day, another streaming service swooping in to rescue a TV series that couldn't cut it on cable.For weeks, fans of Syfy's The Expanse have been held in suspense over the show's abrupt cancellation and subsequent hints of a pickup, a la Brooklyn Nine-Nine. That suspense is now at an end,

Rio Police Fire Live Rounds at World Cup Protest

SAO PAULO, Brazil — Witnesses in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro say police fired live rounds in two separate incidents at Sunday's anti-World Cup protest, held approximately one mile from the city's famous Maracanã stadium during a match between Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Move Over, Siri; Domino's 'Dom' Really Delivers

Domino's added a virtual assistant feature that brings Siri-like functionality to its iOS and Android apps Monday.The feature, nicknamed "Dom," allows users to browse the menu and add items to their cart by speaking to the app.See also:

Harrison Ford's Injury May Keep Him Out of 'Star Wars' for 8 Weeks

"I got a bad feeling about this," Han Solo said several times, first in the trash compactor scene in Star Wars. It's a phrase Harrison Ford could reuse right now, as his ankle injury appears to be quite serious.The injury the Han Solo actor sustained Thursday on the set of Star Wars:

How Secure Are Your Favorite Websites?

Heartbleed is a scary thing. Aside from the violent-sounding name, the vulnerability in OpenSSL security protocols spans the entire internet and affects most of the sites we know, love, and use on a daily basis. Even outside of Heartbleed, not all security protocols are created equal.

[图]今年秋季发售 程守宗亲自展示两款黑莓新机



威锋网讯,在越狱界里面可能没有人不认识 George Hotz,他也叫 geohot,也就是我们非常熟悉的神奇小子。在 2007 年他 17 岁的时候就成为了世界上第一个成功破解 iPhone 的人。

Jawbone Looks At UP Data To See How Many Were Woken Up By The Napa Earthquake

Jawbone has shown one of the more interesting ways data gathered on its platform might be used for large-scale population studies:



Ezra Miller Cast as 'The Flash' for Film, Confusing TV Fans of Grant Gustin

When Warner Bros. laid out the game plan Wednesday for 10 DC Comics films — all flying into theaters within the next six years — fans of the TV series The Flash noticed Grant Gustin wasn't listed to star in the newly announced film The Flash.Instead of Gustin,

No Time to Sew? A Clip-On Button Is the Perfect Temporary Fix

Just because your collared shirt came with a couple of spare buttons hanging off a tag doesn't mean you always have time to sew a replacement back on when the need arises.

双重体验: 集电源和扬声器于一身的保护壳

为 iPhone 配备保护壳、扬声器和移动电源是再常见不过的事了,威锋网 12 月 23 日消息,近日有一个来自加州的设计团队就为用户打造出这样一个双重体验的背夹式扬声器移动电源——Peri Duo。  

「更新」一加手机即将发布定制版 ROM

一加手机员工 Brandon H 刚刚在一加官方英文论坛发布消息称,一加将于 2 月 12 日正式发布独立设计的定制 ROM,海外命名为 Oxygen OS,在国内则命名为H2 OS。



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