With A New Focus On Brokers, Nestio Is Ready To Change The Apartment Hunt

Nestio has been serving the real estate community in New York since 2011, but is today marks the company’s biggest release yet, as real estate brokers are finally being invited to the platform. After pivoting from a consumer product to an enterprise platform,

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E-moto startup Alta Motors reportedly powers down

Brisbane, California based e-motorcycle startup Alta Motors has ceased operations, TechCrunch has confirmed.  Earlier today Asphalt and Rubber — and several subsequent outlets — reported the company stopped operating this morning, fired its staff, and may be looking for a buyer.

The space pen became the space pen 50 years ago

Everyone knows about the space pen. NASA spent millions on R&D to create the ultimate pen that would work in zero gravity and the result was this incredible machine. Well, no.

Knotch launches Blueprint to help marketers find the best publishers of sponsored content

When I last wrote about Knotch, the company had just patented its color-based feedback system that helps advertisers measure the effectiveness of their sponsored content. Since then, it’s added a competitive intelligence product and now Blueprint,

Amazon says it will add 1,000 more employees in the UK, bringing the total to 28,500, bucking the Br

A lot of uncertainty hangs over the UK as continues its slow march out of the European Union, but today one of the world’s biggest companies announced plans to expand its presence in the country. Amazon today said it would add another 1,000 workers in the UK,

Disruptive technology and organized religion

At a recent Vatican-sponsored conference, I learned that disruptive technology and organized religion have more in common than not.

6D.ai opens up its beta

After wrestling with the development of a technology that would create a three dimensional map of the physical world for over a decade, the team at 6D.ai is finally ready to open up its toolkit to developers that the company says has done exactly that.

MoviePass is under investigation for securities fraud in New York state

More bad news for MoviePass . At the direction of New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, MoviePass parent company Helios and Matheson is now the subject of a fraud probe in New York state. “We’ve launched a securities fraud investigation into ⁦@MoviePass⁩’ parent company,

Pre-Crime Startup BioCatch Raises $10M Series A

If you’ve ever seen the movie Minority Report, you’ll be familiar with the “Precognition” concept: the ability to see into the future — in the film’s case, to stop a crime before it’s actually committed. Israeli cybercrime startup BioCatch effectively does just that. Read More

Amazon’s Smartphone To Be An AT&T Exclusive, Per Report

Amazon is likely announcing its first smartphone tomorrow and all signs point to it being something special with a novel head-tracking technology. While we’ve announced most of the phone’s features over the last few months, a few questions remain including carrier support.

Spotify Courts Developers Via New Web API With Echo Nest, Metadata And More

As YouTube prepares to launch a paid tier of service to court music fans who like to listen to music online without ads, and Amazon launches its own music streaming service, Spotify is also raising its game on the web. Today the company is launching a new,

领先Google 150年的数据可视化和“不务正业”的超级计算机


Rover Curiosity Discovers Australia-Shaped Rock On Mars

astroengine writes: "NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has begun science operations in a new area of study nicknamed 'the Kimberly' after the Western Australian region. But in a new image uploaded to the Mars Science Laboratory raw image archive,


UI最重要组建之一就是图标,随着扁平化设计的发展趋势,越来越注重图标的简洁与寓意表达,平面图标已占主导地位。每 […]

少侠你骨骼略精奇 刺客信条奇葩BUG欣赏

《刺客信条:大革命》在玩家群体里早就臭名昭著,海量的 BUG 简直是令人发指。面对各路笔诛墨伐,育碧也终于打算做些什么了。  

iOS小技巧 - 为按钮设置不同状态下的背景色 - 山坡上的人们





投资本来就是个25岁以上的年轻人该学习且该了解的课题。这篇我贴出一份自己一些年来的微薄心得,或许也能对大家有些帮助。  1.


上海2015年7月8日电 /美通社/ -- 全球共享服务与外包网络(SSON)日前发布2015年中国共享服务市场研究报告。



Ex-Apple CEO and Beats designers create sleek budget Android phones

2015 will be remembered as the year budget Android smartphones stopped being junk and started being pretty damn good.The $199 Obi Worldphone SF1 and $129 SJ1.5 are the two latest budget Android phones to shake things up on the low end of the mobile scene.See also: OnePlus 2:

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