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With A New Focus On Brokers, Nestio Is Ready To Change The Apartment Hunt

Nestio has been serving the real estate community in New York since 2011, but is today marks the company’s biggest release yet, as real estate brokers are finally being invited to the platform. After pivoting from a consumer product to an enterprise platform,

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Watch Nvidia unveil the RTX 2080 live right here

Nvidia is taking advantage of the Gamescom in Germany to hold a press conference about its future graphics processing units. The conference will start at 6 PM in Germany, 12 PM in New York, 9 AM in San Francisco. Just a week after the company unveiled its new Turing architecture,

RDMD attacks rare diseases with data mined from health records

You wouldn’t expect a medical app to get its start as a Snapchat competitor. Neither did video chat startup TapTalk’s founder Onno Faber. But four years ago he was diagnosed with a rare disease called Neurofibromatosis Type 2 that caused tumors leading Onno to lose hearing in one ear.

Minecraft: Education Edition is coming to iPad

Microsoft announced this morning it’s bringing Minecraft: Education Edition to the iPad for the first time. The game, which first launched to the public in late 2016, has been previously available in schools on Windows 10 devices and on macOS.

With Charge 3, Fitbit blurs the smartwatch line

Fitbit’s ability to start righting the ship can largely be credited with its dive into the smartwatch category. Ionic was a bit of a mess, to be sure, but the Versa has proven a bona fide hit. But while smartwatches represent a rare bright spot in the stagnant wearable space,

Korea’s Naver backs Southeast Asia-based e-commerce startup iPrice

iPrice, an e-commerce aggregation service in Southeast Asia, has landed a strategic investment from Naver, the Korean internet giant valued at over $21 billion, as part of a follow-on to the startup’s $4 million Series B from May. There’s actually a strong connection around that recent round.

Farfetch files for IPO to trade on NYSE as FTCH; has nearly 1M active users of its luxury goods mark

Farfetch, the UK-based marketplace for high-end fashion and other luxury goods, has confirmed its plans to go public. According to an F-1 form filed with the SEC, the company plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker FTCH.

Apple cracks down on gambling apps in China

Apple is cracking down on illegal content in China after it removed potentially thousands of apps related to gambling. The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. phone-maker purged as many as 25,000 apps — that’s a figure that was first cited by state-owned broadcaster CCTV [link in Chinese].

Pre-Crime Startup BioCatch Raises $10M Series A

If you’ve ever seen the movie Minority Report, you’ll be familiar with the “Precognition” concept: the ability to see into the future — in the film’s case, to stop a crime before it’s actually committed. Israeli cybercrime startup BioCatch effectively does just that. Read More

Amazon’s Smartphone To Be An AT&T Exclusive, Per Report

Amazon is likely announcing its first smartphone tomorrow and all signs point to it being something special with a novel head-tracking technology. While we’ve announced most of the phone’s features over the last few months, a few questions remain including carrier support.

Spotify Courts Developers Via New Web API With Echo Nest, Metadata And More

As YouTube prepares to launch a paid tier of service to court music fans who like to listen to music online without ads, and Amazon launches its own music streaming service, Spotify is also raising its game on the web. Today the company is launching a new,

Aussie Attorney General's War On Encrypted Web Services

Bismillah writes "If Attorney-General Brandis gets his way in the process of revising Australia's Telecommunications Interception Act, users and providers of VPNs and other encrypted services will by law be required to decrypt government intercepted data. Because,

传HTC One M8将推高配版 或配2K屏

HTC One M8不仅与三星GALAXY S5是冤家对头,而且似乎在高级版本方面也似乎准备捉对厮杀一番。根据爆料大神evleaks在推特上披露的消息称,“忘掉HTC One M8 Ace吧,也许HTC One M8 Prime更值得等待。


自去年11月在纽约证券交易所挂牌之后,Twitter一直在不遗余力地推进商业化的进程,提升其广告收入,先后收购了Namo Media、TapCommerce等广告公司,推出了Promoted Video、CPAC等全新的广告产品。



沟通,你都做了什么 - AntLog

标签(空格分隔): 杂谈 效率更好的阅读体验:[沟通,你都做了什么](https://www.zybuluo.com/AntLog/note/64929)----![沟通](http://images.cnitblog.com/blog/404392/201501/222152475788764.j...

Sony expands 'Ghostbusters' to male-led movie with Channing Tatum

LOS ANGELES — Sony is crossing the gender streams.Before it even gets its all-female Ghostbusters movie into production, the studio revealed on Monday that it's setting up Ghost Corps, a production company led by original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman and star Dan Aykroyd,


成都2015年3月25日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年3月23日,由中国酒业协会主办的“2015中国国际酒业博览会年度最佳新产品发布颁奖典礼”在泸州举行,丰谷推出的特曲系列新成员“特曲·老酒”,在本次评选中脱颖而出,荣膺“2015中国国际酒博会最佳新产品奖”。


chapter1隐秘的数据收集链  随着Android、iphone等智能手机的流行,智能手机的第三方应用程序APP处于高速增长阶段,并受到越来越多消费者的追捧。但在众多让人炫目的APP应用背后,却隐藏着许多陷阱。


2015,友盟从提供工具、数据、服务的综合性移动开发者服务平台,调整为提供更多基于数据的一站式解决方案。CSDN专访友盟新任CEO 叶谦,听他畅谈对移动互联网、大数据、物联网的见解,以及对友盟未来的整体规划。

Google 推出 360 度 YouTube 廣告

VR 虛擬現實技術開始普及,Google 是當中的推手之一,不但推出價格低廉的頭戴式 VR 裝置 Cardboard,亦積極將技術應用於 YouTube 之上。除了支援播放用戶以 VR 技術拍攝的短片,最近還讓廣告商刊登 360 度 VR 技術的 YouTube 廣告。

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