With A New Focus On Brokers, Nestio Is Ready To Change The Apartment Hunt

Nestio has been serving the real estate community in New York since 2011, but is today marks the company’s biggest release yet, as real estate brokers are finally being invited to the platform. After pivoting from a consumer product to an enterprise platform,

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Amazon Air cargo plane operated by Atlas crashes in Texas, killing 3 on board

An Atlas cargo plane flying on behalf of Amazon Air — Amazon’s own freight delivery service that competes with FedEx and UPS, among others — has crashed outside Houston, Texas, killing three people on board. Amazon and Atlas both confirmed the accident with short statements.

Group of employees calls for end to Microsoft’s $480M HoloLens military contract

More than 100 Microsoft employees have signed a letter sent to CEO Satya Nadella and President Brad Smith criticizing the company’s plans to build HoloLens AR tech for the military, the organizing group said Friday.

ICANN warns of “ongoing and significant” attacks against internet’s DNS infrastructure

The internet’s address book keeper has warned of an “ongoing and significant risk” to key parts of the domain name system infrastructure, following months of increased attacks. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, issued the notice late Friday, saying DNS,

Patreon’s future and potential exits

Through the Extra Crunch EC-1 on Patreon, I dove into Patreon’s founding story, product roadmap, business model and metrics, underlying thesis, and competitive threats.

Airbnb, Automattic and Pinterest top rank of most acquisitive unicorns

It takes a lot more than a good idea and the right timing to build a billion-dollar company. Talent, focus, operational effectiveness and a healthy dose of luck all play a part.

Oppo announces 5G and 10x lossless zoom handsets

Saturday afternoon is a rough time for a press conference — particularly with the official kickoff of Mobile World Congress still a few days away. That said, there are certain advantages to being an early bird.

Startups Weekly: Flexport, Clutter and SoftBank’s blood money

Plus, Pinterest is going public too, Lyft's IPO is imminent and London is home to the largest pre-seed fund ever.

Pre-Crime Startup BioCatch Raises $10M Series A

If you’ve ever seen the movie Minority Report, you’ll be familiar with the “Precognition” concept: the ability to see into the future — in the film’s case, to stop a crime before it’s actually committed. Israeli cybercrime startup BioCatch effectively does just that. Read More

Amazon’s Smartphone To Be An AT&T Exclusive, Per Report

Amazon is likely announcing its first smartphone tomorrow and all signs point to it being something special with a novel head-tracking technology. While we’ve announced most of the phone’s features over the last few months, a few questions remain including carrier support.

Spotify Courts Developers Via New Web API With Echo Nest, Metadata And More

As YouTube prepares to launch a paid tier of service to court music fans who like to listen to music online without ads, and Amazon launches its own music streaming service, Spotify is also raising its game on the web. Today the company is launching a new,


今天微软云和企业市场营销的副总裁 Takeshi Numoto 通过官网博客,发表了关于微软云服务向中国市场提供服务的消息,他表示微软是全球首个在中国提供公共云服务的供应商。


在MWC 2014上,微软宣布了富士康、金立、HTC、华为、JSR、Karbonn、联想、LG、龙旗、诺基亚、 […]

后端系统性能优化(第一季 2 找出坏代码) - 周蝌蚪

昨天开了个头 博文链接:后端系统性能优化(第一季:改掉那些坏代码) 今天,来说说 什么样的代码才是坏代码,怎么来找出这些坏代码。 不少猿在吐槽烂代码。

部分Lumia 630双卡版出现通话无声音情况

援引波兰当地媒体报道称部分双卡版诺基亚Lumia 630用户抱怨称在接收/拨打电话的时候会出现没有声音的情况,麦克风和扬声器都受到了影响。波兰受影响用户通过测试后发现导致该问题原因主要是WP 8.

Material Design:构建软件的物质世界

编者按:Google推行的Material Design已经远远超出之前Android Design的格局,视觉标准化的背后,隐藏着Matias Du...优设哥向您推荐: 围观!

为了能有原创的创新 三星在美国疯狂招聘

可以说,三星最大的恐惧是市场占有率滑落到和 LG、HTC 一样小众市场。因此三星大手笔投资自己的 Tizen 系统以及把 Android 默认界面修改成 Magazine UX,目的都是跳出谷歌的手心。可惜的是这两次尝试都告失败。

Ubisoft Claims CPU Specs a Limiting Factor In Assassin's Creed Unity On Consoles

MojoKid (1002251) writes A new interview with Assassin's Creed Unity senior producer Vincent Pontbriand has some gamers seeing red and others crying "told you so,

Beats 创始人:遇到了乔布斯 就找到了组织


Brain Patterns Give Clues To Why Some People Just Keep Gambling

Research from several UK universities , as reported by Time, indicates that the brain activity of compulsive gamblers shows a marked difference in response to pleasure-triggering behavior, which may help explain why they have trouble stopping: [The participants] took an amphetamine capsule,


产品侵权离我们貌似很遥远,但对每一款产品来说都很容易发生,越成功的产品也就越容易遭遇侵权。产品侵权事件全面考验 […]

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