OnLive Is Now Streaming Top-Tier Games To The Wikipad Gaming Tablet

Remember OnLive? Despite a messy sale to escape a dark and stormy financial picture, the company lives on, and in March it launched its new CloudLift subscription gaming service. Today, it’s partnering with Wikipad, maker of the dedicated Android gaming tablet,

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Inside the pay-for-post ICO industry

In a world where nothing can be trusted and fake news abounds, ICO and crypto teams are further muddying the waters by trying – and often failing – to pay for posts. While bribes for blogs is nothing new,

iRobot i7+ initial impressions

After its go around my apartment, the i7+ is “still learning.” It’s fitting sentiment for the new Roomba, which iRobot is positioning as much as a platform as a robotic vacuum. Like a smartphone, it’s designed to learn new tricks over the life of the product, through over the air updates.

Instagram will promote mid-term voting with stickers, registration info

Facebook is getting ready to purposefully influence the U.S. mid-term elections after spending two years trying to safeguard against foreign interference.

Rent the Runway opens physical store in San Francisco

Rent the Runway, the fashion startup that began as a rental service for special occasions and has since evolved over the last couple of years into a service for people also looking to spice up their everyday wear, just opened up its fifth physical, standalone location. The new location,

Behold Ubisoft’s gloriously ridiculous Assassin’s Creed Amazon Echo

The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Echo Plus is a limited edition, which will no doubt make fans want the thing that much more. It’s a standard Amazon device that Ubisoft dressed up in a Spartan helmet, to be given away in small quantities through the company’s site.

Spire Health Tags are now on Apple’s shelves

Spire’s Health Tags, the dark and tiny devices you stick on your clothes to gather all sorts of health data from your steps, heartbeat and stress levels is now available at your local Apple Store.

Maison Me nabs $1M from Google’s Assistant fund and more for made-to-order clothes

Amazon’s focus on using its camera-enabled Echo devices to help you figure out what to wear everyday has highlighted how the tech world sees a big opportunity in building fashion-related tools and services beyond the now-ubiquitous but still quite basic business of e-commerce,

The CreoPop Pen Is The Easiest Way To Get Into 3D Art

If you’re looking to get into 3D art, the CreoPop pen is the closest thing you can get to a “beginner’s option.” Unlike 3D printing, which requires creating a model in a CAD-like application and sending it to an expensive printer like those made by Makerbot,

Three Senators Decry The House’s NSA Bill, Citing “Watered Down” Reform

A trio of Senators wrote an op-ed for the LA Times calling for NSA reform and decrying the bill that passed the House recently as insufficient for the protection of the privacy of U.S. citizens.The Senators, Rand Paul, Mark Udall and Ron Wyden, come from both parties.

eBay Launches “eBay Valet,” An iPhone App That Does The Selling For You

EBay today is expanding its lesser-known “eBay Sell For Me” service to mobile with the launch of a new app called “eBay Valet” that promises to let eBay do the selling for you. That is,



jQuery源码分析系列(36) : Ajax - 类型转化器 - Aaron.

什么是类型转化器?jQuery支持不同格式的数据返回形式,比如dataType为 xml, json,jsonp,script, or html但是浏览器的XMLHttpRequest对象对数据的响应只有 responseText与responseXML 二种所以现在我要定义dataType为jso...

Clime Sensors Are Tiny Tags That Tell You When Things Are Heating Up

Why do you need a tiny climate sensor? Who knows, but Clime is making them.

苹果iOS 8 beta 4更新内容盘点 内置使用教程

苹果已推送了iOS 8 的第四个测试版。此次苹果带来许多受欢迎的改变,在这里我们跟大家一起来盘点iOS 8 beta 4 的更新内容。


上海2014年8月13日电 /美通社/ -- 冰冷的电子产品给不了孩子想要的陪伴,粗糙的玩偶圆不了孩子的玩具梦,呆板的婴儿用品使孩子的成长变得无趣。让温暖的泰迪来陪伴孩子一起成长!

【Android的从零单排开发日记】之入门篇(六)——Android四大组件之Broadcast Receiver - cpacm




Jquery源码中的Javascript基础知识(三) - Yanger90

这篇主要说一下在源码中jquery对象是怎样设计实现的,下面是相关代码的简化版本: 1 (function( window, undefined ) { 2 // code 定义变量 3 jQuery = function( selector, context ) { 4 ...

Morrissey turns down the chance to one-up the Queen's Christmas speech

LONDON — Morrissey has revealed that he rejected an offer to record a rival message to the Queen's annual Christmas Day speech.On his fan site, True To You, the singer wrote that he had "politely declined" the offer from broadcasters Channel 4,


12月17日消息,据外媒CRN报道,主导分拆业务的市场研究机构近日预计亚马逊将在明年分拆其云服务Amazon Web Services(AWS)。

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