Rarest Stamp in the World May Sell for a Record $20 Million

A rare stamp from British Guiana is expected to break world records when it is sold as part of an auction of the estate of a multi-millionaire and convicted murderer on Tuesday.The "world's most famous stamp," according to Sotheby's in New York City,

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Rarest Stamp in the World May Sell for a Record $20 Million

A rare stamp from British Guiana is expected to break world records when it is sold as part of an auction of the estate of a multi-millionaire and convicted murderer on Tuesday.The "world's most famous stamp," according to Sotheby's in New York City,

How a Moth's Eye Could Help Improve the Efficiency of Solar Cells

Inspiration lies in the strangest of places—and for researchers at the Agency for Science, Technology & Research in Singapore, that includes the eye of moth. A new antireflective coating inspired by the creature's ocular faculties could help bump up the efficiency of solar cells.Read more...

Report shows QA budget is now being spent primarily on new apps, not legacy software

Companies are also spending more on quality assurance, with the realisation that in our increasingly connected world, negative word of mouth spreads fast.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/07/report-shows-qa-budget-is-now-being-spent-primarily-on-new-apps-not-legacy-software/

Windows XP has finally been laid to rest – but it will haunt us well into the future

Redmond pulled the plug on support for XP today – but it really isn’t as simple as just forgetting about the old OS. Far from it…Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/04/08/windows-xp-has-finally-been-laid-to-rest--but-it-will-haunt-us-well-into-the-future/

Slashing pirates' revenue streams, one ad at a time

ITProPortal spoke to Duncan Trigg, the man behind Project Sunblock, about the new initiative to display police warnings on illegal sites. How big is the problem, and will this have any effect?Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/29/slashing-pirates-revenue-streams-one-ad-at-a-time/

Thoughts for Your Penny: The One-Cent Piece Is Worth a Century of Type

Every few years, there are calls to retire the American penny (as cumbersome and too expensive to produce), and rebuttals to preserve it (for posterity and price stability). I don't know how or when this question will be answered. Personally, I would not miss the gobs of metal in my pockets,

Everledger Is Using Blockchain To Combat Fraud, Starting With Diamonds

The wild valuation swings of Bitcoin are something of a sideshow when compared with the potential of the underlying blockchain engine. Focusing on the utility of this distributed, consensus-based technology is exactly what London-based startup Everledger is doing. Read More

Two Leading Biologists Discuss The Next Step In Saving The Planet

Edward O. Wilson made his name by arguing that human society and the natural world are governed by the same principles. Sean B. Carroll made his name by unifying the study of humans and animals, showing that development in both is driven by the same fundamental molecular and genetic processes.

How to Save the Planet: An Interview With Two Iconic Scientists

What happens when two iconic scientists talk about saving our planet? Read on to find out what happened when E O Wilson and Sean Carroll—two giants in their field—sat down to discuss just that.Read more...

How Leather Is Slowly Killing the People and Places That Make It

Though we may consider ourselves intellectually and technologically superior to our cave-dwelling ancestors, we still adorn our bodies, transports, and homes with the skin of conquered animals. But unlike the wholly organic methods used by our forebears,

Mobiles.co.uk has announced a stack of great Black Friday SIM-free reductions

Online retailer Mobiles.co.uk has revealed a host of Black Friday deals and next in line is the highly-anticipated SIM-free sale, with reductions in prices on Google, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei handsets. Not only are all those big names included in the sale,

Tumblr iOS app removed over child pornography, users complain unrelated blogs are being purged

Chaos at Tumblr.After users reported the Tumblr iOS app disappeared from Apple’s App Store over the weekend, the microblogging platform initially stated nothing more than they were “working to resolve the issue.” Days later, with the iPhone app still MIA,

8 tech gifts that won't fail this holiday season

We get it: You're busy.So busy, in fact, that you don't have time to parse dozens of lists to find the right tech gifts for the people in your life. You just want to pick something that you know pretty much anyone would be grateful to get. And it's not cables.SEE ALSO:

There's 10% off all new Macs with the KRCS Black Friday UK sale

Let's get the awkward introductions out of the way first, in case you weren't already acquainted. KRCS is a premium reseller of Apple products and accessories, stocking a wide range of products including the Mac, iMac, iMac Pro, Macbook, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, and much more.

Samsung has launched its Black Friday UK sale with deals on mobiles, watches, TVs, and more

In today's technology market, you can pick up Samsung products from pretty much every self-respecting retailer. That's a great thing, especially for the savvy shopper that's looking to secure a great deal. Sometimes however, it's best to go to the source.

The adidas and Reebok Black Friday UK sales are stepping it up with further discounts

Over the last week, both adidas and Reebok have released voucher codes in the build up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offering customers the chance to receive free shipping and a discount all rolled into one deal.Well both retailers have stepped it up,

UK politician casually shares 'Game of Thrones' quiz result midway through a work day

You'd think that pretty much every politician in the UK would be busy these days thinking about Brexit and you know, the future of the country.  But it seems that Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Micheal Gove, has other, more pressing matters to attend to.

What We Know About the Benghazi Suspect

Just a few weeks after the deadly attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Ahmed Abu Khatallah, the suspected mastermind of the assault, could be found at a luxury hotel in the Libyan coast town,

Film Your Life Like a First-Person Shooter With This Autonomous Drone

Many gamers have fantasized about seeing the first-person, top-down view shown in many video games in real-life. Now a new autonomous camera drone promises to deliver just thatCreated by a team from France,

51 Sportacular World Cup Instagrams From the Brazil vs. Mexico Match

Brazil and Mexico met at the Estádio Castelão in Fortaleza, Brazil, on Tuesday for a physical, grueling battle of goalkeeping that ended in a draw.The two teams, which had both won their previous matches, failed to score on goalkeepers who performed flawlessly. Mexico's Guillermo Ochoa,

This Modular Toy Car Has Steering and Suspension Like the Real Thing

Toy cars are a compromise: the simple ones "drive" like a roller skate, and the really serious ones are too intricate (and expensive) to just hand over to a mere child. Modarri Cars wants to change that with fun, customizable,

The Least Crossable Streets in America

In the Boston suburb of Burlington, Massachusetts, the AMC movie theater is right across the street from the Burlington Mall. But if you're planning to travel between these two destinations on foot, you're in for quite a hike.Read more...

Fedora 21发布

Fedora项目宣布发布Fedora 21正式版本。作为 Fedora.next计划的一部分,Fedora 21提供了Cloud、Server和 Workstation三种镜像,分别适用于云端环境、数据中心和笔记本台式机。

17 impressive dads whose reflexes saved the day

Built into every father is a reflex unlike any otherThe so-called "dad reflex" is a paternal reaction that's encoded into father the moment their first child is born. The impulse is quick, impressive and has saved countless children from injuries, embarrassment, property damage and even death.

Samsung S6 尺寸曝光?MWC 前後推出機會大增

除了 LG G4 外,最近傳聞最多的,肯定首數 Samsung 將會係今年推出的新旗艦 GALAXY S6 最 …The post Samsung S6 尺寸曝光?MWC 前後推出機會大增 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

[初创展台] Neverfrost:让挡风玻璃永远都不会出现霜冻的高强度贴膜

我痴迷于各种各样的“rock”。如“摇滚乐”(Rock music)、“岩石公园”(Rock garden)以及绰号“岩石”(The Rock)的 德威恩·约翰逊(Dwayne Johnson)。

Blizzard Is Quietly Making Huge Changes To StarCraft II

Did you know that Blizzard is playing around with totally removing the major macro mechanics from StarCraft II? And that future multiplayer matches might no longer feature Chrono Boost, MULEs, or manual Larva Spawn?Read more...



Microsoft interns have great things to say about their experiences

Interning is a great way to get a feel for a company, a career, and an industry, and interning at Microsoft can be an ultimate experience for Windows fans (or anyone who wants some...The post Microsoft interns have great things to say about their experiences appeared first on WinBeta.



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