Carlypso Could Change Everything About How We Buy And Sell Used Cars

Let’s say you’ve got a used car that you’d like to get rid of. You’ve basically got two options: Sell it to a used car dealer, or sell it yourself. The potential perils of getting ripped off by taking the first route have been well-documented with decades of “used car salesman” jokes.

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Cloudflare reportedly gearing up for a $3.5 billion IPO next year

Cloudflare is reportedly preparing for an initial public offering with a potential valuation of more than $3.5 billion. According to Reuters, the IPO would take place in the first half of 2019 and be led by Goldman Sachs. This year is expected to be a strong one for cybersecurity stock debuts,

Amazon Alexa goes AWOL for many users

Some Amazon Alexa users are currently having problems reaching the voice assistant. Instead of reacting to commands, Alexa simply says “sorry, something went wrong.” Amazon hasn’t commented publicly yet on the issue. Based on tweets and Down Detector,

FCC puts gigabit Wi-Fi on the roadmap by opening up new wireless spectrum

More and more, the internet is delivered wirelessly, but as bandwidth demand grows in each home — multiple TVs, smart devices, tablets and phones — current Wi-Fi standards are starting to fall short. Fortunately the FCC and wireless industry are prepared for this,

Smart marketplaces bridge the implicit and complex

Marketplace businesses are intrinsically linked to the technologies that enable them. As enabling technologies have evolved, marketplaces have become able to facilitate increasingly complex exchanges in new environments and industries. The next level? They will get smart.

Teamable, the Tinder for hiring, raises $5M and acquires Simppler

Teamable, a provider of hiring software that leverages employees’ social networks, has brought in $5 million from new investor Foundation Capital and existing backers True Ventures and SaaStr Fund.

Vocal Tesla short seller has reversed course, driving shares higher

Citron Research, an influential short-seller that has been an staunch critic of Tesla, reversed its position on the electric automaker. The about-face, which Citron Research outlined in a research note Tuesday, helped pushed Tesla shares up 12.7% to close at $294.14.

PlusOneCoin made a cryptocurrency for upvotes

A team of developers have made something called PlusOneCoin, a clever cryptocurrency that essentially allows owners to upvote content on two financial sites, ADVFN and Investorshub. The idea – to reward people for accessing content and, more importantly,

Front Is A Shared Inbox App That Makes Email Suck Less

Meet Front, a service to collaborate, comment, assign and reply to those pesky emails that you receive on your support@, jobs@ or contact@ email addresses. Launching today, Front is part of Y Combinator‘s current batch.“With Front,

Doozers Become Real Thanks To These Cement-Laying Minibuilders

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona is working on a set of robots that will soon be able to build complex structures by extruding layers of concrete, a process that might be a bit slow but that will allow strange,

The Most-Liked Instagram Photo In The World Took 4 Days To Edit

Remember the time that Kim Kardashian proved that social media popularity has very little to do with talent by posting the most liked photo of all time? It was a photo of her and her brand spankin’ new husband Kanye West kissing at their wedding,



在微软 Build 2014 大会上诺基亚不仅发布了两款最新的 Windows Phone 8.1 手机 Lumia 630 和 Lumia 930,还为开发者准备了一套名为 SensorCore 的 SDK。

索尼就电池过热警告Vaio Fit 11A用户

索尼警告Vaio Fit 11A消费者立即停止使用笔记本,原因是笔记本电池存在过热问题,可能有起火的风险。Vaio Fit 11A笔记本今年2月发售,至今共售出25905部,其中中国市场为2088部。

Wireless Industry Lobbying Hard to Keep Net Neutrality Out

Taco Cowboy writes: The net neutrality issue has become a hot topic recently, but on the mobile side, net neutrality rules are absent. Why? The wireless companies successfully convinced regulators four years ago to keep mobile networks mostly free of net neutrality rules.

宝宝投资收益率整体小幅回升 余额宝回升至4.1490%







根据国外媒体报道,定于2016年推出的宝马7系车型将迎来不少科技功能,包括智能手机无线充电技术、集成Wi-Fi热点,以及Bowers & Wilkins高级音响系统。  

Jolt Awards:2015最佳编程工具Cloud9 IDE夺冠

Jolt Awards奖是计算机软件领域的一系列奖项,类似于电影领域的奥斯卡奖。每年的奖项都代表了当年的技术创新和走向。


四季度,中国共有11家企业成功上市,融资总额14亿美元。上市数量环比增长10%,但是由于三季度阿里巴巴的强势影响而导致融资总额环比急剧下降。 相比2013年,企业上市数量上浮60%,融资总额增长83%。

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