How Chile, With Rabid Fan Support, Made Chumps Out of Champs Spain

RIO DE JANEIRO — Midway through the second half of Spain and Chile's World Cup Group B match here at the legendary Estádio do Maracanã, the venue's public address man announced an official attendance of 74,101But it felt as it someone had taken every last one of Chile's 17 million citizens,

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16 張科技影響生活的圖,你看懂幾多 ?

科技改善了我們的生活,但同時又帶走另一樣東西..The post 16 張科技影響生活的圖,你看懂幾多 ? appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

Techno music and colors show Cricket World Cup searches in a new Power Map video

Cricket is one of the world’s most popular sports and fan bases clamor to the internet to find any information about their teams during the Cricket World Cup.

World of Tanks Blitz is now a Universal Windows 10 app

World of Tanks is already a big success on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Game developer Wargaming decided to bring the action to Windows PCs, tablets, and Windows 10 Mobile. World of Tanks Blitz is now...The post World of Tanks Blitz is now a Universal Windows 10 app appeared first on WinBeta.

Here's what it's like to plummet down the world's tallest water slide

POV footage shows it's a helluva drop so yeah, it's scary. People will pretty much plummet straight down a 168-foot 7-inch tall slide—which makes it the world's tallest water slide —at thigh burning speeds to blast over a massive hill to ride another "mini" 50 feet slide.

More Americans Watch the World Cup Than the World Series

You know that tired old narrative about how Americans will never watch soccer, how they find it dull and incomprehensible and prefer homegrown sports? It's finally, definitively dead.According to the overnight TV ratings,

来来来,一起跟着 Google 看世界杯

今早荷兰队以 5:1 干掉西班牙,范佩西和罗本各入 2 球。在 Google 上搜索这场比赛,系统在搜索结果第一条中就会返回比赛得分,但如果想观赏比赛的精彩集锦,恐怕你还得另觅他处。

Croc's World 2 lands on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, will remind you of Super Mario World

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World of Tanks available for pre-download on Xbox One

World of Tanks is a massive online multiplayer that is free-to-play and is now available with four new expansion packs in anticipation of the World of Tanks release on Xbox One July 28th. 

Germany Throws One Hell of a Party for World Cup Heroes

After beating Argentina 1-0 in the final World Cup match on Sunday, Germany returned home with the coveted gold trophy in handSee also: German Newspapers Had a Field Day With the World Cup WinAnd from the second the team's plane touched down, it has been one massive party.

10 ways to make your binge-watch as comfortable as possible

In Binged, Mashable breaks down why we binge-watch, how we binge-watch, and what it does to us. Because binge-watching is the new normal.Binge-watching is basically an endurance sport, so you need to be sure you're prepared. After all,

'SNL' game show, like everything else, is tragic for Millennials and great for Boomers

What do millennials really want? Avocado toast? Social security? Health insurance?Saturday Night Live's "Millennial Millions" sketch gives them a shot at attaining what older generations got just by showing up — with a catch.

'Saturday Night Live' unearths America's worst named people in this hilarious earthquake sketch

In "Earthquake News Report" on Saturday Night Live, a building collapse at a name change office leads to several pre–change individuals saying their increasingly silly names on air, leading to dirty puns and general hilarity. Unless, of course, your name is also Mr. Peanus. In which case,

'SNL' invented the perfect conversation stopper and this thing should be on sale like, yesterday

Sometimes Saturday Night Live's zany fake commercials are for something that really needs to be on the market already. With host Rachel Brosnahan, the show debuted the "Leave Me Alurn,

Pete Davidson and John Mulaney ranting about Clint Eastwood's new movie is already a 2019 highlight

If you're not laughing your ass off by the end of this segment, Saturday Night Live is probably not the show for you.When cast member Pete Davidson sat down for a Weekend Update segment, claiming the show's spotlight for the first time since his troubling Instagram post in the waning days of 2018,

11 times people failed hard on ice

Ice is a cruel and fickle beast.  Look, everyone loves to watch the Winter Olympics and think they could look just as fabulous as Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir gliding along to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack on the ice.

Trump's shutdown becomes a 'Deal or No Deal' gamble on 'Saturday Night Live'

On Saturday afternoon, Donald Trump tried yet again to make the case that his $5.7 billion U.S.-Mexico border wall is worth holding up paychecks for hundreds of thousands of federal employees. Hours later, Saturday Night Live turned the whole ridiculous spectacle into fodder for a cold open.

Hilarious HelloFlo Ad Is the Only Good Thing About Periods

When they say fake it 'til you make it, they rarely mean your periodIn HelloFlo's new two-minute spot called "First Moon Party," a young girl who is tired of waiting for a visit from Aunty Flo decides she can just fake it with a bottle of her finest red glitter nail polish.

The $2 Billion Terror Group in Iraq

Iraq is under siege. The radical al-Qaeda offshoot known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) has swiftly captured large swaths of territory in the north and west, taking Iraqi security forces — and western officials — by surprise.

Amazon Fire Phone Harnesses Intent to Buy

Amazon’s Fire Phone, the smartphone CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos has been working on for four years, is finally out in the open and ready to connect consumers with Amazon’s growing panoply of retail products and servicesThe all-black,

统计:摩托罗拉6个月凭借Moto G英国市占率从0涨至6%

来自统计机构Kantar Worldpanel ComTech截至今年2月份以来3个月以内的最新数据报告,摩托罗拉的Moto G智能设备帮助这家企业在6个月内在英国市场上从几乎没有市占率攀升到6%的份额。










相对游戏原画设计, 建筑设计, 工业设计, 电影概念设计等其它设计行业, UI对手绘的要求相对不高, 更多是 […]

The Trans-Arctic Internet Cable Project Made Possible by Climate Change

Running a telecom cable from London through the Northwest Passage to Tokyo was, for a very long time, impossible: The sea route was solid ice year-round. Now, thanks to rising temperatures, the ice disappears from August to October, and a Canadian telecom startup wants to thread a 10,

Robot Framework自动化测试(三)---Selenium API - 虫师

Robot Framework Selenium(webdriver) API

Facebook and Apple offer to pay for female employees’ eggs to be frozen

In a bid to attract top female talent and keep them building their careers in their prime, tech giants are now offering to stump up to keep women’s eggs on ice.Read more:


据《华尔街日报》网络版报道,两名熟知内情的消息人士称,谷歌Android移动操作系统工程副总裁希罗什·洛克海默(Hiroshi Lockheimer)现已同时负责领导Chrome操作系统的工程团队,而曾担任Chrome部门首席工程师的莱纳斯·厄普森(Linus Upson)则已离开这一岗位,表明谷歌可能会将这两个操作系统合为一体。

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