How Chile, With Rabid Fan Support, Made Chumps Out of Champs Spain

RIO DE JANEIRO — Midway through the second half of Spain and Chile's World Cup Group B match here at the legendary Estádio do Maracanã, the venue's public address man announced an official attendance of 74,101But it felt as it someone had taken every last one of Chile's 17 million citizens,

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16 張科技影響生活的圖,你看懂幾多 ?

科技改善了我們的生活,但同時又帶走另一樣東西..The post 16 張科技影響生活的圖,你看懂幾多 ? appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

Techno music and colors show Cricket World Cup searches in a new Power Map video

Cricket is one of the world’s most popular sports and fan bases clamor to the internet to find any information about their teams during the Cricket World Cup.

World of Tanks Blitz is now a Universal Windows 10 app

World of Tanks is already a big success on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Game developer Wargaming decided to bring the action to Windows PCs, tablets, and Windows 10 Mobile. World of Tanks Blitz is now...The post World of Tanks Blitz is now a Universal Windows 10 app appeared first on WinBeta.

Here's what it's like to plummet down the world's tallest water slide

POV footage shows it's a helluva drop so yeah, it's scary. People will pretty much plummet straight down a 168-foot 7-inch tall slide—which makes it the world's tallest water slide —at thigh burning speeds to blast over a massive hill to ride another "mini" 50 feet slide.

More Americans Watch the World Cup Than the World Series

You know that tired old narrative about how Americans will never watch soccer, how they find it dull and incomprehensible and prefer homegrown sports? It's finally, definitively dead.According to the overnight TV ratings,

来来来,一起跟着 Google 看世界杯

今早荷兰队以 5:1 干掉西班牙,范佩西和罗本各入 2 球。在 Google 上搜索这场比赛,系统在搜索结果第一条中就会返回比赛得分,但如果想观赏比赛的精彩集锦,恐怕你还得另觅他处。

Croc's World 2 lands on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, will remind you of Super Mario World

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World of Tanks available for pre-download on Xbox One

World of Tanks is a massive online multiplayer that is free-to-play and is now available with four new expansion packs in anticipation of the World of Tanks release on Xbox One July 28th. 

Germany Throws One Hell of a Party for World Cup Heroes

After beating Argentina 1-0 in the final World Cup match on Sunday, Germany returned home with the coveted gold trophy in handSee also: German Newspapers Had a Field Day With the World Cup WinAnd from the second the team's plane touched down, it has been one massive party.

Shop this Gryphon wireless router sale

Home is where the WiFi is. And when there's WiFi, there's a wireless router.You never really think about your router unless your connection becomes unbearably spotty. In which case,

Gain access to millions of books, audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers for an entire year

We're living in the age of digital subscriptions. But between Netflix, Audible, Kindle, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and a host of other services you're currently paying recurring fees to, you might be draining your checking account more than you think. On top of that,

Harry and Meghan are expecting a baby and yes we are screaming right now

You can always rely on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to bring out some good news when everything else is burning down around us. And they've gone and done exactly that. This morning the royal couple announced on Twitter that they're expecting a baby in spring 2019. SEE ALSO:

7 of the most heart-crushingly sad moments from 'BoJack Horseman' Season 5

Warning: Contains spoilers for BoJack Horseman Season 5.BoJack Horseman is a funny and consistently entertaining show, but I'd be lying if I said those were the qualities I love most about it.Nope: it's the heart-shredding poignancy I can't get enough of. Don't ask me why,

Two 'Bachelor: Vietnam' contestants who fell in love on the show are now a couple

When two contestants on The Bachelor: Vietnam fell in love and wanted to run away from the show together last month, there wasn't really a happily ever after — one contestant returned to the show.But maybe now, they've found it.SEE ALSO:

U.S. Embassy apologises after cat picture mistakenly sent out

We'd never get you to say sorry for sending an adorable cat picture.But the U.S. Embassy in Canberra, Australia has apologised on behalf of the Department of State who did just that, accidentally sending a test email featuring a photo of a cat dressed in a Cookie Monster costume.SEE ALSO:

Trump tells '60 Minutes' that climate change will 'change back again'

In a seemingly rare instance, Donald Trump was pressed about his views on climate change on Sunday in an interview with 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl.Although Trump stepped back from his previous claims that climate change is a hoax, he stopped short of acknowledging that it is a manmade problem,

Hilarious HelloFlo Ad Is the Only Good Thing About Periods

When they say fake it 'til you make it, they rarely mean your periodIn HelloFlo's new two-minute spot called "First Moon Party," a young girl who is tired of waiting for a visit from Aunty Flo decides she can just fake it with a bottle of her finest red glitter nail polish.

The $2 Billion Terror Group in Iraq

Iraq is under siege. The radical al-Qaeda offshoot known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) has swiftly captured large swaths of territory in the north and west, taking Iraqi security forces — and western officials — by surprise.

Amazon Fire Phone Harnesses Intent to Buy

Amazon’s Fire Phone, the smartphone CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos has been working on for four years, is finally out in the open and ready to connect consumers with Amazon’s growing panoply of retail products and servicesThe all-black,

为 PSV 让路,索尼即将在日本停售 PSP

分类: 游戏产品长江后浪推前浪,这是电子市场中亘古不变的真理。即使你再经典,也总有褪去荣耀光辉的那一刻。今天在这里,即将从人们视野中淡出的主角,就是曾给许多掌机玩家带来无数美好回忆的 PSP。

Android开发之ViewPager实现多页面切换及动画效果(仿Android的Launcher效果) - Jamy Cai



作为东芝旗下的子公司,OCZ Storage Solutuions在今年的CES 2015大展上正式宣布将推出其新一代固态硬盘SSD的主控芯片产品“JetExpress”,由其自主研发设计的JetExpress将内建原生SATA、PCIe/NVMe等接口的控制单元,支持M.2、2.

战争机器Xbox One重制版泄密者遭微软封机惩罚

就在昨天,游戏测试服务公司VMC发表了一份声明,称参与泄露《战争机器》Xbox One重制版的测试员遭到了微软的惩罚,他们的Xbox Live账号遭到永久冻结(机器上的其他账号也遭临时冻结),而且微软让他们的机器完全无法使用。

已有13万名网友请愿要求Reddit临时CEO Ellen Pao卸任

那边还在跟老东家打着官司,这边又遭到网友们的质疑,看起来Ellen Pao现在的日子并不好过。日前,一群网友在Change.

创业低谷时别哭!来看看拉里·佩奇的 20 条箴言!(上)

Google 的联合创始人拉里·佩奇曾经在各种场合发表过自己对创业、对科技圈、对人生事业的种种看法。本文集合了他最具力量的 20 条箴言,并逐一给出了分析。



Windows Insiders in France get special deals on Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

French Windows Insiders can currently get a 10% discount on a brand new Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 plus a free Surface Dock.The post Windows Insiders in France get special deals on Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 appeared first on WinBeta.



I know more about Taylor Swift's Fourth of July than my own

July 5, the Summer Swiftmas, is the greatest holiday of them all — the day we obsessively scrutinize Taylor Swift's celebrity-filled Fourth of July weekend-long party. When Swift dated Conor Kennedy back in October 2012 after a summer on the Cape,

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