Viggle app for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone rewards you for watching TV and discovering music

相关内容: Viggle points music users your shows Windows Point

Microsoft introduces new calling features for Teams

Microsoft has just announced some new calling capabilities for Microsoft Teams, all of which are designed to help meetings be a little more seamless (via ZDNet). The list of new features includes call transfer, CarPlay support, streamlined calling experience, spam reduction, and more.

The Windows Ugly Sweater is back again this year, and you can finally buy one

Microsoft is finally selling the Windows Ugly Sweater online, and the proceeds help benefit Girls Who Code.

Developers get Windows on ARM running on Apple M1 Silicon, benchmarks beat Surface Pro X

Apple’s M1 silicon continues to hail praise from the industry as being a technology marvel, however, this latest Windows 10 on ARM virtualization feat just reiterates how impressive the new chip really is. Late last week,

Microsoft Teams desktop users can now create tasks from channel or chat messages

Two months ago, Microsoft announced that the desktop version of Microsoft Teams is getting a new feature that would allow users to create tasks from their chat or channel messages. As per the company's Roadmap,

Doom Eternal is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 3

Doom Eternal, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Doom reboot, is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 3. The game has been playable with Xbox Game Pass for Console since October,

343 Industries to share some Halo Infinite news before the end of the year

If Halo fans are becoming frustrated about the lack of Halo Infinite news, 343 Industries Community Director Brian Jarrard said on Twitter that the studio is working on an upcoming year-end update.

How to set an Out of Office auto-reply using the Outlook web app

It’s the time of year when you’re getting ready to walk out of work and head home for the holidays – even if, in physical terms, they may be one and the same these days. The last obstacle to starting your festive break is setting the out-of-office reminder – here’s how to do it in […]

Office 365 admin experience further simplified with domain support and more reports

Microsoft is on a 'journey' to simplify the Office 365 admin experience and the company has unveiled a couple of new changes. Microsoft has made it easier to add new domains and provide admins with more insights so services can be monitored efficiently.

OneNote on Surface Pro 3: Microsoft offers a few useful 'magic tricks'

Microsoft is offering those who have ordered the Surface Pro 3, or are expecting to purchase the new 12-inch tablet device, a few tricks when it comes to utilizing OneNote. In the helpful video, Microsoft shows you how you can take a note, keep it with you all the time,

Xbox Music app becomes faster and Xbox Video app fixes a few bugs in latest update

Microsoft has been on a roll lately when it comes to updates to the Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps for Windows Phone. In the fifth update to the Music app for Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has addressed a few issues and made the app faster! The Video app features various improvements and fixes.

LG G3最新宣传片:相机功能最好的旗舰机

安锋网 6 月 27 日消息,LG G3 正式发布有 1 个月时间了,虽然在这 1 个月时间里该旗舰仅在韩国本土销售,但其销售成绩相当不俗,而且至今外界对其评价依旧颇高。

智能家居设备变节能“杀手” 浪费问题成焦点


世界杯狂欢之后 互联网彩票业走向何方?


Adobe 财报水平低于预期,营收严重下降

本季度总营收跌破了上季度华尔街分析师的 10.2 亿美元预期,仅达到 10.1 亿美元,较去年同期涨幅仅 1%。净利润由去年同期 8300 万美元下跌至 4470 万美元,跌幅 46%,每股收益 9 美分。Adobe 当日盘后价已下跌近 5%。



All The Ways Apple Will Probably Mess Up Its Car

Much as Apple's successes are celebrated in breathless blog posts and barely believable earnings reports, it still screws up as much as any company. Maps. Crappy battery life. Forcibly inserting Bono into your life.


最近周末想去商场逛逛,真是越来越需要鼓足勇气才行了。停车?排了半天队,好不容易才进了停车场,可是绕了好几圈也没 […]



毕业一年总结 - 水击三千


A City In Taiwan Is Demolishing an Old Mall and Turning Its Parking Lot Into a Lagoon

We’ve seen plenty of dead malls reborn as unusual things , from high schools to greenhouses. The Taiwanese city of Tainan is one-upping them all by tearing down an aging mall to create a network of sandy, shady lagoons.Read more...

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