AWS and Microsoft double down on deep learning with Gluon, a simplified ML model builder

AWS and Microsoft may be arch rivals when it comes to competing for business in cloud storage and services, but when it comes to breaking ground in newer areas where volumes of data make a difference to how well the services work and creating systems that are easier to use, collaboration is key.

Is Uber selling its Southeast Asia business to Grab?

If you read the tech press, you might have seen reports that Uber is pursuing a sale in Southeast Asia that would see Grab, its Singapore-headquartered rival valued at $6 billion, acquire Uber’s business in the region. Rumors of such a tie-in have been rife for a while.

Nissan and DeNA will begin testing a self-driving taxi service in Japan next month

Nissan Motor and DeNA announced today that field tests of Easy Ride, the self-driving taxi service they developed together, will begin next month in Japan. This means that Nissan and DeNA now rank among Uber, Lyft, GM, Didi Chuxing and other companies pioneering self-driving taxi pilots,

Angry Birds maker craters on bad guidance, losing half its market value

Angry Birds maker Rovio’s stock price tanked cratered after their latest quarterly earnings report painted a dismal future for the game maker. The stock is down 50 percent after the company sent investors a warning in their latest earnings report that revenues were likely to suffer in 2018.

Apple devices are butt dialing 911 from its refurbishing facility – 20 times per day

Since October, emergency responders in Elk Grove and Sacramento County, California have received over 1,600 false alarm 911 calls coming from an Apple repair and refurbishing site in the area.

Split raises $17M for its product experimentation platform

Split announced this morning that it’s raised $17 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, with participation from Accel Partners and new investor Harmony Partners. Split has now raised a total of $26.8 million.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel got a $637 million bonus last year

Snap’s stock investors haven’t made much money since the company went public last year, but CEO Evan Spiegel still got a hefty payday. According to an SEC filing, he was granted an RSU of 37,447,817, which vested at the time of the IPO. In other words, that was worth nearly $636.6 million.

Visualizing the slave insurance industry

Similar to the way people insure their cars, houses and lives, slave-owners would sometimes insure their slaves. Read More

DJI’s new interchangeable lens drone camera takes aim at film makers

DJI just introduced a new camera designed to work with drones, and in particular its Inspire 2 flyer. The camera is a “world first” in that its a super 35 digital film camera tailored for aerial cinematography – in other words, if you’re a filmmaker, documentarian or professional cinematographer,

Target expands partnership with Google on voice shopping, Google Express

Target announced today an expanded partnership with Google that, among other things, will now allow consumers to shop Target across the U.S. via Google Express, including by voice. The deal will also see the two companies working together more closely in the future in a number of areas,

Spotify launches an app for artists with real-time streaming data, audience demographics

In the music streaming era, access to data is king. Artists want to know how their music is being discovered, who’s listening, where, how many have streamed their release, and what else their fans are into, among other things. Today,

Reddit To Give 10% Of Its 2014 Ad Revenue To Non-Profits Picked By Its Users

Do you block the ads on sites you love? Would you be less likely to do that if you knew a chunk of ad revenues were going to a good cause?



ISS-Above Tells You When the International Space Station is Overhead (Video)

It's a device, and quite a small one, based on the Raspberry Pi. It tells you when the ISS is visible from your part of the world and when it will soon be visible so you can grab the kids and dogs and run outside to wave at the astronauts.

关于Broadwell你该知道的 或带来15小时续航


Letters, Ranked (by Futurists of 1900)

Do you like the letter C? Have any particular attachment to the letter X? How about the letter Q? Well, back in the year 1900, some people thought we'd be rid of them by now. And while they haven't actually disappeared,

新的Andriod Gradle插件可自动移除无用资源

近日,Android Gradle插件的新版本发布,最值得关注的改进实现了自动移除无用资源的功能。该版本不仅能够移除开发者自己代码中的无用资源,还能够移除开发项目中所引用libraries的无用资源。 By 李士窑

John Waters encourages graduates to 'horrify us with new ideas'

John Waters has finally reached the pinnacle of mainstream success:



唐言無忌:跪低 vs 從善如流

Apple Music 在用戶試用期間會繼續向音樂人支付版稅;而 IATA 則認為行李大小對旅客 影響所以收回成命。有報導說 Apple 和 IATA「跪低」,與其說兩間大機構「跪低」,我認為「從善如流」更加貼切。

Bursting Balloons in a Sand Box Reveals the Origin of Mysterious Craters

When we think of craters, asteroid collisions are often what come to mind. But now, thanks to scientists who exploded balloons in a sand box, we have a better idea of other ways craters can be formed, like underground methane explosions, for instance.Read more...

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