Google, IBM and others launch an open source API for keeping tabs on software supply chains

Thanks to containers and microservices, the way we are building software is quickly changing. But as with all change, these new models also introduce new problems. You probably still want to know who actually built a given container and what’s running in it. To get a handle on this, Google, JFrog,

Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso just raised venture funding for her new company

Sophia Amoruso famously founded the retailer Nasty Gal, growing it from an Ebay store that sold vintage items to a darling of the fashion world that was seeing $100 million in sales just six years later. Somewhere along the way, however, Nasty Gal lost its way.

Commission Impossible, part two: How enemies gathered around net neutrality

One would think that the classification of internet providers as telecoms or not, and which federal agency has authority over them, is about as in the weeds as it gets. But it is a symptom of the times in which we live that no issue, however technical, provincial, or jurisdictional,

Google Assistant is coming to older Android phones and tablets

The Google Assistant, Google’s take on Siri, Cortana and Alexa without the approachable name, has long been available on most modern phones and tablets. But given the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem,

Why content crowdfunder Patreon is halting its hated fee change

Overhauling the creative economy turns out to be quite tricky. Following massive backlash, Patreon is at least temporarily pausing its plan to change its payment processing fee stucture on December 18th from charging creators 2%-10% on the first of the next month to charging patrons 2.9% plus $0.

Aurora Flight Sciences demonstrates a fully autonomous helicopter in action

Aurora Flight Sciences is a company working on making full-scale autonomous combat craft a reality, and now some of its work is ready for prime time.

Fanchest raises $4M in seed funding to become the best gift for sports fans

Here’s a great present for a sports fan this holiday season: Fanchest is a Brooklyn-based startup that curates and sends team-themed gift boxes as gift. The boxes start at $59 and include about $80 worth of apparel and gear from whatever pro or college team you choose.

Lily raises $2M from NEA and others for a personal stylist service that considers feelings, not just

One of the reasons recently IPO’d Stitch Fix became so popular among female shoppers is because of how it pairs the convenience of home try-on for clothing and accessories with a personal styling service that adapts to your tastes over time. But often,

Toonstar lets you bring cartoon characters to life thanks to facial recognition

John Attanasio, CEO of Toonstar, said his goal is to create “a new Cartoon Network.”Attanasio and his co-founder Luisa Huang were both executives at Warner Brothers, so they both worked under the same corporate umbrella as the Cartoon Network.

AWS and Microsoft double down on deep learning with Gluon, a simplified ML model builder

AWS and Microsoft may be arch rivals when it comes to competing for business in cloud storage and services, but when it comes to breaking ground in newer areas where volumes of data make a difference to how well the services work and creating systems that are easier to use, collaboration is key.

DJI’s new interchangeable lens drone camera takes aim at film makers

DJI just introduced a new camera designed to work with drones, and in particular its Inspire 2 flyer. The camera is a “world first” in that its a super 35 digital film camera tailored for aerial cinematography – in other words, if you’re a filmmaker, documentarian or professional cinematographer,

现实派的谨慎Vs理想派的冒进 对比式剖析生鲜电商两大先驱样本


If you float the theory that "younger users don't like the feeling of being alone.

If you float the theory that "younger users don't like the feeling of being alone. They want to be tethered to their friends constantly," important venture capitalists will invest in your app. It doesn't even need to solve that problem. Read more...


除了每年如约而至的国内外明星大腕外,在今年上海电影节的各大场合里,可以看到很多基金、券商和各色自费而来的投资人 […]


据外媒报道,日前,日本航空公司宣布,将从今年7月7日起将在头等舱为乘客配备充电宝。日本知名移动设备配件生产商—Trust Technology将为这家航空公司提供硬件支持。


徒步旅行者的每一次脚跟着地都会释放足以点亮灯泡的能量。为了不浪费这种能量,一位工程师、狂热的背包客Matt Stanto发明了一种鞋垫,可以把这种能量转存成电能。


红T恤,牛仔裤,帆布鞋,雷军今天上午如约出现在小米新总部门前,周围一大批小米员工围观。按照约定,小米科技CEO雷军今天接受了ALS冰桶挑战(ice bucket challenge)。一位来自小米的实习生为雷军准备了冰桶。

如何预订iPhone 6?——信息图

如何预订iPhone 6?

AD域内DNS服务器如何解析公网域名 - JF Zhu





在今天的 CSMIC 2015 移动互联网两岸年会上,主办单位猎豹移动的董事长(亦是小米科技创办人)雷军、及猎豹移动执行长傅盛,向在场的观众分享了大陆大厂对台湾未来科技产业机会点的看法,并宣布了将会在台湾投入一亿台币,成立猎豹创业基金扶植台湾互联网与青年创业的梦想。

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