Russia and Crimea companies gain Microsoft software despite US sanctions

Despite recent US sanctions, companies in Russia and Crimea were still able to get their hands on Microsoft software. According to Reuters, the Microsoft software was sold via a third party which is why it was so easy for the Russian companies to gain access.

Delta gives up on Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone, will begin deploying iOS devices to flight cr

With even Microsoft giving up on its own Windows Phone platform, it is only expected that other companies will also. Delta, the airline, being one of them. Unfortunately for Microsoft, it seems its failed mobile efforts will also affect its Surface business,

Cloud based second wind propells Microsoft’s market value to $600 billion

Investors are so impressed with Nadella's strategy that the company is seeing a regrowth in its stock price that's fueling a resurgence in Microsoft's Market Value to the tune of $600 billion.

Microsoft funds another TechSpark iniaitive with help from the Green Bay Packers

The Packers and Microsoft will be investing upwards of $10 million into a project called Titletown Tech,

Chandler Riggs from AMC’s The Walking Dead to join the next Xbox Live Sessions

This time around, Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes on AMC's The Walking Dead, will play The Evil Within 2 on Xbox One.

Xbox teams up with Foot Locker in the EU to help gamers experience Xbox One X

On October 21st, Xbox will team up with Foot Locker EU to give gamers a chance to win an Xbox One X Project Scorpion Edition every 20 minutes.

Microsoft is giving away custom Renault Sport Formula One Xbox One S Console

Microsoft is giving Xbox fans the chance to win another custom Xbox One S console designed with the Renault Sport Formula One team in mind.

Microsoft Teams bumps the team membership limit from 999 to 2,500

Microsoft has raised the team membership limit in Microsoft Teams from 999 to 2,500, a change that will likely be very welcome at big companies using the cloud productivity suite.

Microsoft teams up with Amazon again, this time on “Gluon” machine learning tech

Amazon and Microsoft will be working together on "Gluon," a new open source deep learning interface.

Microsoft’s Office 365 customer adoption is running a year ahead of schedule

Microsoft's Office 365 is running ahead of projected adoption numbers according to company executives. 

Story Remix will have some exclusive content for Office 365 subscribers

The latest update to Story Remix shows that you’ll need an Office 365 subscription to unlock all 3D effects, music and text styles.


為什麼 Discovery 頻道可以持續一直不斷地推出新節目,不斷地播放重複播放過的動物特輯,正是因為大自然的奧秘不是我們一時半刻可以理解參透的,有些動物知識我們可以歸為常識,好比說睡鼠冬眠時間長達 6 個月、翻車魚一次產卵 3 億顆、章魚智商很高、海豹除了吃魚也吃企鵝和海豹(自相殘殺就是了)、蚯蚓其實就是蠕蟲的一種等等,如果你已經被上面的知識震懾住了,那接下來本篇的豆知識你可能也會有非常強烈 "原來如此" 的感受。


福州2014年5月29日电 /美通社/ -- 平安人寿高度重视客户服务,1996年11月,平安在保险业界首创寿险“客户服务月”活动,引起极大轰动,被称为开创了保险服务的崭新局面。

Men’s Style Startup Dash Hudson Raises $400K Led By Former Groupon CTO Paul Gauthier

Dash Hudson, a startup aiming to make twentysomething men a little less clueless about style, is announcing that it raised $400,000 in seed funding. More impressive than the amount of funding was who participated — co-founder and CEO Thomas Rankin said the round was led by Paul Gauthier,

Egnyte Integrates Its Hybrid Cloud Storage Service With EMC’s On-Prem Hardware

Egnyte, a company that sells a hybrid cloud storage product, today announced integration with EMC’s VNX line of on-premises data storage hardware.The deal means that companies that have invested heavily into EMC hardware can use Egnyte on top of their current hardware stack,

那些年我们踩过的坑之表单reset - 古德God



冬天總是令人想在被窩裡懶洋洋的過一天,如果可以一邊拿著軟綿綿的鬆弛熊手機套,一邊在被窩裡煲劇,你說是多好呢!The post 軟綿綿的鬆弛熊手機套 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

终于不是中国了 :苹果的后院也有新店要开


最新Surface Pro 3宣传视频:轻快明了

微软最新的 Surface Pro 3 宣传广告刚刚在官方 YouTube 频道上线了。

Gawker Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself, Talks Ferguson on Jimmy Kimmel | io9 Why Announcers' V

Gawker Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Himself, Talks Ferguson on Jimmy Kimmel | io9 Why Announcers' Voices Sound So Much Different Than They Used To | Jalopnik Is This The Worst Automotive Facelift On A Vehicle You'll Never Own? | Lifehacker Four Ways to Make Difficult,


每个人都应该过了这样一种经历,当你曾经在自己的电脑上搜索过某件事或某件物后,很长一段时间里,你登陆所有的网站所 […]

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