Russia and Crimea companies gain Microsoft software despite US sanctions

Despite recent US sanctions, companies in Russia and Crimea were still able to get their hands on Microsoft software. According to Reuters, the Microsoft software was sold via a third party which is why it was so easy for the Russian companies to gain access.

Rocket League video game to get Justice League cars in March

Fans will now get their hands on the full roster of DC superhero-laden customization options that include Batmobiles, Lantern Corp trucks and SUV's as well as a sweet new Wonder Woman racer.

Microsoft Edge on iOS picks up plenty of improvements based on user feedback

A new update for Microsoft Edge on iOS adds in a find in page option, the ability to choose the content region for the news feed on New Tab page, and more.

Google’s Project Zero outs another yet to be patched Windows 10 security flaw

With this latest saga, the search engine giant revealed an Elevation of Privilege flaw in Windows 10 which allows a normal user to gain administrator privileges.

Bill Gates appears on The Ellen Show, dances, and also guesses grocery store prices

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates appeared on the Ellen Show. The Billionaire broke out into a dancing session, and also guessed Grocery Store Prices.

Poll: What do you use for your computing needs?

Microsoft is moving closer to introduce what it hopes will be a new category of personal computer, the “Always Connected” Windows on ARM lightweight laptop with LTE connectivity. How these new devices will be received,

85% of Windows 10 PCs are now running the Fall Creators Update, says AdDuplex

The Fall Creators Update rolled out much faster compared to the Creators Update, which peaked at 74,8% back in October.

Alex Kipman promises exciting innovation coming for HoloLens and AR/VR in 2018

Kipman opines over what he believes are the exciting trends augmented reality will see in the coming year as well what's in store for those waiting on exciting HoloLens news.

Microsoft teams up with Amazon again, this time on “Gluon” machine learning tech

Amazon and Microsoft will be working together on "Gluon," a new open source deep learning interface.

Microsoft’s Office 365 customer adoption is running a year ahead of schedule

Microsoft's Office 365 is running ahead of projected adoption numbers according to company executives. 

Story Remix will have some exclusive content for Office 365 subscribers

The latest update to Story Remix shows that you’ll need an Office 365 subscription to unlock all 3D effects, music and text styles.

HTC Goes “Blah Blah Blah” In The First HTC One M8 Ad

Frankly, the only way this ad could be more effective is if it was a "let me google that for you" link. HTC is right here. Dead right. In the first video ad for the new HTC One, Gary Oldman advises viewers to turn to the Internet to learn about the new phone.

Windows 8.1市场占有率超过Windows 8

2014年5月,Windows 8.1的市场占有率终于超过了Windows 8,而Windows XP至今仍然占据了四分之一的市场。Net Market Share的数据显示,XP的市场占有率为25.27%,比前一个月下降一个百分点;Windows 7占50.06%,比前一个月增加0.79%;Windows 8占6.

该来的还是来了 VR眼镜给你虚拟女碰友

自从虚拟现实技术被开发出来以后,在玩家们为更逼真的游戏体验欢呼的同时,很多人也开始 YY 更加邪恶的目的,比如说虚拟女友,现在这样的游戏果然来了。  

Apple Pay风光背后:日本十年前已有移动钱包

在本周召开的产品发布会上,苹果公司发布了Apple Pay移动支付服务,这项服务被有些业界人士盛赞为将可永久性改变购物者的消费习惯。

14 essential steps to take before you leave on your next vacation

You're on your way to the airport for that long-anticipated summer vacation and you suddenly realize — you didn't take out the trash, and you'll be coming home to a house that smells like fish. Or, worse yet,

Microsoft's hackathon draws to a close but what did it achieve?

Microsoft’s 2015 //oneweek Hackathon has just drawn to a close and participating developers have now finished their inspiring, and often ambitious, projects. Among some of the cooler projects explored over the event’s past three days were;

來自 Wizard 巧手的硬派監聽耳機, Noble Audio CLASSIC 5 類客製耳機動手玩

耳道耳機市場百家爭鳴,在高階產品品牌內,有不少是品牌原本的背景是來自聽力保健以及舞台監聽,諸如 ACS 、 UE 、 Westone 、 JH Audio ,而今天所要介紹的美國品牌 Noble Audio CLASSIC 5 類客製耳機,亦是由具備聽力保健相關背景、人稱 Wizard 的音樂發燒友 Dr.


苹果公司联合创始人史蒂夫·沃兹尼亚克(Steve Wozniak)几乎总是直言不讳,他最近发表的一番言论可谓是他到目前为止最为让人脑洞大开的。  

Show Your Office Secret Santa You Sort Of Care With This $22 BBQ Tool Set

Nothing says “generic gift” quite like a barbecue set, and that’s okay! Chances are, you’ll need a handful of generally-agreeable and non-controversial gifts for random cousins or office secret santas this holiday season anyway, so go ahead and knock them off your list for $22.

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