Microsoft introduces new Surface accessories designed by Marimekko

Microsoft has introduced new Surface accessories designed by Finnish fashion design company, Marimekko

Delta gives up on Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone, will begin deploying iOS devices to flight cr

With even Microsoft giving up on its own Windows Phone platform, it is only expected that other companies will also. Delta, the airline, being one of them. Unfortunately for Microsoft, it seems its failed mobile efforts will also affect its Surface business,

Cloud based second wind propells Microsoft’s market value to $600 billion

Investors are so impressed with Nadella's strategy that the company is seeing a regrowth in its stock price that's fueling a resurgence in Microsoft's Market Value to the tune of $600 billion.

Microsoft funds another TechSpark iniaitive with help from the Green Bay Packers

The Packers and Microsoft will be investing upwards of $10 million into a project called Titletown Tech,

Chandler Riggs from AMC’s The Walking Dead to join the next Xbox Live Sessions

This time around, Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes on AMC's The Walking Dead, will play The Evil Within 2 on Xbox One.

Xbox teams up with Foot Locker in the EU to help gamers experience Xbox One X

On October 21st, Xbox will team up with Foot Locker EU to give gamers a chance to win an Xbox One X Project Scorpion Edition every 20 minutes.

Microsoft is giving away custom Renault Sport Formula One Xbox One S Console

Microsoft is giving Xbox fans the chance to win another custom Xbox One S console designed with the Renault Sport Formula One team in mind.

Microsoft Teams bumps the team membership limit from 999 to 2,500

Microsoft has raised the team membership limit in Microsoft Teams from 999 to 2,500, a change that will likely be very welcome at big companies using the cloud productivity suite.

Microsoft Launcher is rolling out to all Arrow Launcher users

Microsoft Launcher is now gradually rolling out to all users

Microsoft’s Edge browser is now in preview on Android, our first impressions

Edge shows up to help supplement my Microsoft only browser experiment on my Android phone as well. 

Sony’s reluctance to bring Minecraft cross-play to Playstation “not going away,” says Xbox chief

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer shared that he’s unsure if Sony will ever bring Minecraft cross-play to the PlayStation 4 version of the game.


得益于新技术(HTML 5 与 CSS 3)的发展。现代网站可以视觉与体验兼得。最新的响应式设计还能让网站自由地在不同设备上切换。在这些破竹之势般成长...

Google 面向中小企业推出 Google Domains 域名服务

Google 针对中小企业推出 Google Domains 域名注册服务,用户可以通过其买卖域名,不需要花费额外费用。每个域名下可创建 100 个邮件地址和 100 个子域名。

安全研究人员在iOS/OS X中发现SSL安全问题

威锋网 6 月 25 日消息,安全研究人员提前在 iOS 的 SSL 安全加密认证中发现了一个代码错误,它可绕过安全通信网络协议中的关键认证步骤。


尽管谷歌已经发布Android wear智能手表操作系统,各个厂商相应的Android智能手表也开始上市,但是摩托罗拉似乎还没有准备好去攻占市场。

Chimpanzee Intelligence Largely Determined By Genetics

As reported by National Geographic, intelligence in chimpanzees appears to be strongly heritable, according to research led by William Hopkins, a primatologist at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Atlanta, Georgia,

javascript 中的数据驱动页面模式 - sai.zhao


QQ for Mac 4.0.2 体验版发布

感谢N软网的投递Mac版QQ迎来更新,版本号为v4.0.2;QQ for Mac 紧跟Yosemite系统风格,采用了全新的设计理念,进行了集聊天与功能一体化的大面板改造。



蛇叔:「打中國平價機 ? 」- 超細部 Android 機仔 Samsung Galaxy J1 初步評測

一講平機好多人都只會想起「X 米、N 族」,但事實大廠都有唔少入門選擇,正如 Samsung 較早前推出 Galaxy J1,售價只是 $1,398,但支持 4G LTE 及雙卡雙待,唔知實際使用感覺會差幾多呢?(以下有更多資料。


纽约--(美国商业资讯)--富瑞集团有限公司(Jefferies Group LLC)今日宣布,4月份从FXCM手中收购的Faros Trading现已完全并入富瑞外汇业务,公司将继续实施外汇经纪业务扩展计划。  

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