What Life Is Like for the People of Baghdad

Editor’s Note: Farhad Jaff, 34, works in a government ministry in central Baghdad. He lives with his wife, son and mother near Palestine Street. As radical fighters from an al-Qaeda offshoot known as ISIL swiftly advance toward the capital, people are preparing for the onslaught.

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What Life Is Like for the People of Baghdad

Editor’s Note: Farhad Jaff, 34, works in a government ministry in central Baghdad. He lives with his wife, son and mother near Palestine Street. As radical fighters from an al-Qaeda offshoot known as ISIL swiftly advance toward the capital, people are preparing for the onslaught.

U.S. to 'Relocate' Some Personnel from Baghdad Embassy

With militants knocking on Baghdad's door, the massive U.S. Embassy will temporarily relocate some staff to facilities in Basra and Erbil as well as to Amman in Jordan, the State Department announced SundayState Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement that additional U.S.

'Homeland' Episode 7: The one where they stop underestimating Carrie

It’s the Episode of the Living Dead in "Oriole,” Homeland’s seventh seg in its fifth season — whether that Living Dead is an Iraqi man who shouldn’t have survived a Baghdad attack years ago, or our very own Carrie Mathison, who should have been assassinated on Allison’s covert orders.

Jaw-dropping video shows Virgin Galactic pilots blasting into space

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Stolen Tesla leads police on chase after owner finds it with Tesla app

Criminals might want to think twice before stealing Tesla. A man led police on a chase through Riverside, California, after stealing a Tesla from a parking garage. The moment the Tesla was moved from its parking spot, the owner knew that his car was on the move and that he wasn't driving it,

Uber wants to be the 'Amazon of transportation.' BMW and Daimler might do it first.

Two major car makers just out "Ubered" Uber. Last year, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said he wanted the app to do it all: individual rides, carpools, food deliveries, electric bicycles, e-scooters, self-driving vehicles, and even flying taxis. He wanted Uber to become "the Amazon of transportation.

Twitter cofounder Ev Williams is leaving the company's board

One of Twitter's cofounders is taking a major step back from the company: Ev Williams is leaving the company's board.“It’s been an incredible 13 years, and I’m proud of what Twitter has accomplished during my time with the company.

Period tracking app says it will stop sharing health data with Facebook

After The Wall Street Journal reported that popular period-tracking app Flo had been secretly sharing some of its users' most personal health data with Facebook, Flo is promising to make some changes.Along with a number of other popular health apps,

Drivetime trivia app turns your daily commute into a gameshow

Drivetime commuter trivia app$Free download on App Store or Google PlayView ProductThe GoodInteractive without being distracting • Designed knowing you are at the wheel • You might actually learn something • Available to play anytimeThe BadLimited content with a focus on current events • For heavy drivers • only 30 minutes of trivia per day • Meant for solo • adult drivers • so doesn't work well for carpooling • passengers • or young kids • Can be hard for app to pick up

This cat opening a door by himself is truly impressive

Videos of cats opening doors are always good, but here is a particularly good one.It was taken by Twitter user @steeleio_, who couldn't figure out why her roommate's cat was always able to break out of their bathroom. So she set up a camera on a shower shelf, shut the cat in the bathroom,

YouTube Natives Next to Crash Emmy's TV Party — Is 2014 the Year?

YouTube creators the Fine Bros. aren’t sweating the 66th Primetime Emmys, despite that they're on the nomination ballots, which are due back Friday. Too busy cranking out three videos a week to think about much else.But if the makers of popular shows like Kids React sneak in, they'll make history.

The Lessons Learned After Spending 13 Years Making One Game

What happens when you spend literally half your life working on one game? This burden was carried by one developer as he spent 13 years trying to develop "the game he had always wanted to make."Adam Butcher started working on his game Tobias and the Dark Sceptres when he was 14 years old.

U.S. Employees: Work-Life Balance Is Non-Existent in Connected Age

If you're having trouble finding that perfect work-life balance, you aren't alone.U.S. employees continue to struggle with the nuances of working as hard as they can, while also ensuring they're taking a enough time for themselves, according to a new study from Randstad.

下一代iPad Air再曝光

大量果粉都在翘首期盼9月发布的iPhone 6,不过对于苹果来说,iPad家族同样是值得重视的产品。今年6月中旬,媒体率先曝光了疑似下一代iPad Air真机照片,从中我们看到了单排扬声器孔、Touch ID等新元素的加入。




编者按:字体设计基础入门篇!今天阿里的同学把字体设计的嫁接技术分享给大家,不仅有超赞的实例演练,而且改造过程清晰明了,包学包会 >>>...


编者按:今天的教程是绘制一枚质感逼真的的播放器图标。教程难度中下,适合有基础的同学进阶学习,重点依然是图层样式的运用,练手戳 >>>.


香港--(美国商业资讯)--通过旗下子公司和相关推广实体(作为贵宾厅博彩推广公司与合作者)开展经营的Iao Kun Group Holding Company Limited(简称“IKGH”,NASDAQ: IKGH)今日宣布了截至2015年3月31日未经审计和审核的第一季度财务业绩。

Maker Faire上的微软:将技术与工具带给Maker才是关键

Windows 10 IoT Core系统可运行与树莓派上,在配合目前微软的Universal Apps和统一的硬件驱动,Maker们可以完全可以把Windows系统、PC、Xbox、开发板组合成作品的一部分。





数据显示Windows 10已成为第二大桌面操作系统

数周前,来自StatCounter的统计数据显示Windows 7即将成为Windows 10进阶为桌面操作系统支配地位道路上的唯一障碍,即将赶超Windows 8.1成为全球第二大桌面操作系统。而现在来自多家市场调查机构的统计数据显示微软已经于2016年1月获得该成就,微软此前曾许下豪言,称Windows 10系统在三年内装机量有望突破10亿台,如果按照现在的趋势,这个目标也有可能完成。


自维珍澳洲航空一架航班禁止好莱坞影星罗素·克劳(Russell Crowe)的孩子携带电动平衡车登机后,由于考虑到电动平衡车采用的锂电池存在起火隐患,不少航空公司也都紧随其后禁止携带或托运电动平衡车。 然而,近日全地形电动平衡车Kiwano的设计者Juan Contreras却表示,他们采用三星电池及配件的产品相当安全,不会发生爆炸。

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