Southeast Asia gaming and e-commerce firm Sea ends first day on NYSE up 8%

Sea, the gaming and e-commerce company holding the first major U.S. IPO from a Southeast Asian tech firm, had a bumpy start to life on the NYSE after closing the day up around eight percent on its list price of $15. The company raised $884 million from its listing,

Lyft gets approval to test self-driving cars on public roads in California

Lyft is the latest company to be added to the ever-growing list of those permitted to test their self-driving technology on California state public roads. The California Department of Motor Vehicles added Lyft to the list recently (via Axios),

PacketZoom lands $5M Series A investment to speed up mobile apps

PacketZoom, a startup that helps app developers speed up and optimize app delivery on mobile devices, announced a $5M Series A today. The round was led by Baseline Ventures with participation from First Round Capital, Tandem Capital and Arafura Ventures.

Uber data breach “raises huge concerns”, says UK watchdog

The fallout from Uber’s disclosure yesterday of a massive data breach affecting 57 million users and drivers that it concealed for a year continues:

Facebook’s ad system shown failing to enforce its own anti-discriminatory policy

Results from a new ProPublica investigation suggest the tech giant is failing at even simple self-policing. Read More

Announcing our Disrupt Berlin Hackathon judges and the third release of free hack tickets

The third time could be the charm if you haven’t yet scored your free tickets to the Disrupt Berlin Hackathon. Today, we’ve released a third batch of tickets to the most exciting, grueling, 24-hour test of a developer’s chops. Tickets are available on a first-come-first-served basis,

Ten years on: Seedcamp outs new £41M seed fund and says it’s ready to invest in tokens

The London-based VC firm recently sold its first two funds to Draper Esprit, and today is announcing the first close of a new £41 million fund, double the size of its last. This year the VC is also celebrating its 10 year anniversary. Read More

New York attorney general slams the FCC for ignoring net neutrality comments investigation

If the FCC’s refusal to acknowledge the vast public outcry against its plan to gut net neutrality isn’t enough of an outrage, its total disinterest in investigating how that same comment system may have been gamed by fake users posing as real Americans adds a bit more insult to injury.

Crunch Report | SoftBank Vision Fund Sequels

SoftBank is planning to create $100 billion Vision Fund sequels, Chariot is temporarily paused in San Francisco and Stitch Fix shows us what a good IPO looks like. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Mozilla proposes combined WebXR standard for virtual and mixed reality in the browser

Although we may disagree on the usefulness of VR and AR today, it’s hard to argue with the idea that it should be easier to develop for and deploy — especially on the web. That’s why Mozilla is working on a combined framework that gives developers standardized,

Robert Scoble has allegedly continued to sexually harass women after going sober

Venture capitalists Dave McClure, Jason Caldbeck and Chris Sacca, SoFi CEO Mike Cagney, and a top Uber engineer have all been accused of sexual impropriety in the last six months as a growing number of women have come forward about the harassment they have endured by those in power.However,

Will a Nasal Strip Help California Chrome Win the Triple Crown?

NFL players wear them to help them breathe, and so will racehorse California Chrome on June 7, when he attempts to win the Triple Crown.But there was some doubt as to whether the horse would be allowed to wear a nasal strip at the Belmont Stakes,


当83岁的Mary Margaret Vojtko去年九月去世时,她几乎身无分文无家可归。这件事之所以成为新闻,原因是她是一名法语教授。大学教授这个职业被普遍认为是一份中产职业,他们应该会有漂亮的住宅和汽车。


杭州2014年11月10日电 /美通社/ -- 2014年第五届全球公共采购(中国·武汉)论坛暨公共采购博览会于11月7日 - 9日在湖北武汉举行,九好集团作为后勤领域的代表企业参加了此次博览会。

數碼營銷專家分享獨門秘笈 「從 Big Data 到 Big Social – 挑戰、機會、優勢」講座 

隨著 Facebook 一再修改 News feed 的演算方法,各大品牌想要利用社交媒體 (Social media) 進行營銷就變得愈來愈困難。

iPhone 6C:小屏果粉的最爱

并不是所有人都喜欢使用大屏手机,很多iPhone使用者如是。而屏幕尺寸从iPhone 5到iPhone 6的“巨大”飞跃,显然是让这些“小屏”爱好者们措手不及。

Excitement erupts as NASA probe zips by Pluto in historic encounter

LAUREL, Maryland — American flags waved and people cheered as a baby grand piano-sized spacecraft flew by Pluto in an historic first.

Alibaba Hires Goldman Sachs Veteran To Grow Its International Business

Alibaba is continuing its international push after hiring former Goldman Sachs vice president Michael Evans as its new president in charge of global business. Read More


虽然 政府在全力救市(今天 又发布了新的公告),但是中国的股票市场正走向崩盘。 中国股市已经动荡了一段时间了,最新的暴跌进一步证明,政府试图重新控制住股市滑坡的政策宣告失败。


一个重要但纯粹的自然科学发现,在社会化媒体上能产生多大的热度?“引力波”在春节假期中制造了一个爆点,果壳网微信账号11日深夜推送的文章《今晚的“大新闻”到底说了个啥》,发布不到24小时,阅读数达到 200万,点赞近2万。果壳网微博主账号的同题推送累计转发超过13万次,评论超1万,赞超4万,总浏览近3000万,总涨粉6万左右。作为一个基础科学前沿话题,这篇“引力波”文章的发酵速度前所未见。一位身在海外的年轻天文学者甚至激动地电话我,表达对这个数据的惊喜。那么,这样的“百万+”又是怎么生产的呢?1、积累:创新以“吃老本”为基础1月中旬,果壳网开始进入“引力波”这个选题。


VR 行业这么热,那要加入这个热门行业到底需要什么技能呢?我们也找了一些过来人分享下他们的经验。  诺亦腾项目经理邓思渊这么说  虚拟现实(Virtual Reality)快要成为现在科技行业里最火的词汇。自从 Fac ... ...

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