CapHorn Invest raises $150 million fund to invest in B2B startups

French VC firm CapHorn Invest recently closed a new $150 million fund (€130 million). Around 250 CEOs and executives of big established companies invested in the fund as limited partners. This is CapHorn Invest’s second fund. The firm plans to focus on Series A rounds, from $600,

Is Uber selling its Southeast Asia business to Grab?

If you read the tech press, you might have seen reports that Uber is pursuing a sale in Southeast Asia that would see Grab, its Singapore-headquartered rival valued at $6 billion, acquire Uber’s business in the region. Rumors of such a tie-in have been rife for a while.

Nissan and DeNA will begin testing a self-driving taxi service in Japan next month

Nissan Motor and DeNA announced today that field tests of Easy Ride, the self-driving taxi service they developed together, will begin next month in Japan. This means that Nissan and DeNA now rank among Uber, Lyft, GM, Didi Chuxing and other companies pioneering self-driving taxi pilots,

Angry Birds maker craters on bad guidance, losing half its market value

Angry Birds maker Rovio’s stock price tanked cratered after their latest quarterly earnings report painted a dismal future for the game maker. The stock is down 50 percent after the company sent investors a warning in their latest earnings report that revenues were likely to suffer in 2018.

Apple devices are butt dialing 911 from its refurbishing facility – 20 times per day

Since October, emergency responders in Elk Grove and Sacramento County, California have received over 1,600 false alarm 911 calls coming from an Apple repair and refurbishing site in the area.

Split raises $17M for its product experimentation platform

Split announced this morning that it’s raised $17 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, with participation from Accel Partners and new investor Harmony Partners. Split has now raised a total of $26.8 million.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel got a $637 million bonus last year

Snap’s stock investors haven’t made much money since the company went public last year, but CEO Evan Spiegel still got a hefty payday. According to an SEC filing, he was granted an RSU of 37,447,817, which vested at the time of the IPO. In other words, that was worth nearly $636.6 million.

Visualizing the slave insurance industry

Similar to the way people insure their cars, houses and lives, slave-owners would sometimes insure their slaves. Read More

Southeast Asia gaming and e-commerce firm Sea ends first day on NYSE up 8%

Sea, the gaming and e-commerce company holding the first major U.S. IPO from a Southeast Asian tech firm, had a bumpy start to life on the NYSE after closing the day up around eight percent on its list price of $15. The company raised $884 million from its listing,

Crunch Report | SoftBank Vision Fund Sequels

SoftBank is planning to create $100 billion Vision Fund sequels, Chariot is temporarily paused in San Francisco and Stitch Fix shows us what a good IPO looks like. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Mozilla proposes combined WebXR standard for virtual and mixed reality in the browser

Although we may disagree on the usefulness of VR and AR today, it’s hard to argue with the idea that it should be easier to develop for and deploy — especially on the web. That’s why Mozilla is working on a combined framework that gives developers standardized,

3D Printer Lays Down Functioning Circuitry Alongside Thermoplastic

Lucas123 writes: "The Rabbit Proto is a new 3D printer attachment that can be added to a RepRap printer to create circuitry right alongside an existing thermoplastic extruder. While still in prototype, the printer head is expected to ship this summer. The creators of the Rabbit Proto,

[视频]SpaceX的Falcon 9-R火箭已完成千米高度软着陆测试

“钢铁侠”Elon Musk绝对不满足于只震撼了汽车领域(Tesla),因为他对于太空的热情亦相当高昂(SpaceX)。本周,SpaceX进行了Falcon 9-R可重复使用火箭的第二次飞行。并且在昨天的试飞中,F9R达成了1000米受控软着陆的新纪录。

GoDaddy partners with Microsoft - promotes Office 365 to small business

Every business needs a presence on the web these days -- without that it becomes difficult to survive. The problem most face is finding the right service provider, and the choices are endless. One of the biggest names in the business, thanks to its sometimes controversial ads, is GoDaddy.

John Oliver Is Leading the War Against Pumpkin Spice

The pumpkin spice obsession has gone too far. What started as a shamelessly Instagrammed beverage is now invading aisles of the grocery store it has no business in — it's even being deep fried.John Oliver, never afraid to tackle the tough issues,

明年此时,Google 地球将关闭 API

2008 年,Google 地球向开发者推出了 API 接口,开发者可以使用 JavaScript 在浏览器内开发 3D 应用程序。但是,Google 决定关闭该接口,这个决定的理由显得有些无奈。

Twitter tests new homepage to attract the 125 million users who don't log in

Twitter's parade of new products isn't over yet.The social network has begun testing a new look for its homepage, showing off some accounts and conversation topics by genre,

十年印记 点滴千里 P-MEC China将于6月举行

上海2015年4月27日电 /美通社/ -- 汇集全球制药机械先进设备技术,“第十届世界制药机械、包装设备与材料中国展”(P-MEC & InnoPack China 2015)将于2015年6月24~26日在上海新国际博览中心迎来其十周年华诞。

迪士尼研發 3D 擴增實境填色畫冊

近期坊間興起了一股塗顏色熱,讓人填顏色的畫冊全球大賣,據說有穩定心神的功效。迪士尼旗下的 Disney Research 最近公佈了最新的研發成果,填顏色畫冊配合他們的擴增實境 App,填色的卡通人物將可以 3D 方式呈現。


在我们的生活当中,常常会遇到这种情况,在你面试或向上司汇报工作时,你夸夸其谈说了五六分钟,最后人家告诉你他完全 ...

c# 委托 delegate - 幽灵过客

委托是一种存储函数引用的类型,在事件和事件的处理时有重要的用途 通俗的说,委托是一个可以引用方法的类型,当创建一个委托,也就创建一个引用方法的变量,进而就可以调用那个方法,即委托可以调用它所指的方法。 委托的使用需要以下步骤: 定义委托 delegate double ParocessDelegat

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