Antisocial media?

As Facebook finds itself publicly on the hook for enabling Russian agents to spread divisive propaganda via its platform, be it in the form of fake news, ‘dark ads’, issue pushing Facebook pages, and even political rallies organized using its Event tools,

The Short, Serendipitous Life & Untimely Death Of Antisocial Photo-Sharing App, Rando

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote a piece about a new random photo-sharing app called Rando, built by a London app & design studio, ustwo -- an app that prefigured the current preoccupation for apps and services to offer users more anonymity.

Listen Carefully

There are lessons to be drawn from how people are talking about the technology services they are interacting with. Not just in general terms — whether they like or dislike a service and so on; but what more subtle linguistic signifiers might be expressing on their behalf.

Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

What a week. I’m about to go spend my weekend with extended family and old friends. What a weekend. What’ve you got lined up?Read more...

The way the Internet has changed the way we communicate

Oh Internet, where would we be without you? We certainly wouldn't be instant messaging someone we met at Machu Picchu six years ago. Or trawling through an album of a girl we went to primary school with entitled 'OMG! It's a Boy!' We wouldn't be able to craft a sentence using only emojis,

How to Watch Tonight's GOP Debates (Besides Stoned)

Sure, some people might be watching the presidential debates in VR but to truly experience tonight’s GOP circus in Boulder, Colorado you should be rolling a doobie before you tune in. Here’s how. To watch, not roll a doobie.Read more...

The Mattress Gets Reinvented and Stuffed in the Trunk of Your Car

Mattress shopping can be a major pain in the ass. Something that Casper, a newly launched sleep startup, wants to remedy. The supposed solution? One single, painstakingly engineered mattress for the masses.Read more...

UK beach's ban on Borat-style mankinis is helping its reputation

LONDON — There ain't no party like a mankini party, but the mankini parties...must stop.Police in Newquay, a town in Cornwall, England, have said that outlawing the bathing suits has helped contribute to overall improved behaviour and a boost to the economySee also:

In the first episode of 'Backstrom,' Rainn Wilson is just another savant

The following review discusses plot points from the first episode of 'Backstrom.' Do not read on if you have not watched the episode.You've likely heard this one before: Brilliant but antisocial ____________ is called back on the job for his expertise in ____________ field,

Business Insider Writer Says He Was Assaulted for Wearing Google Glass

This past Friday, Business Insider's Kyle Russell (above) covered an anti-eviction protest that targeted a high-ranking Google exec. While walking home, Russell put on his Google Glass , at which point he says it was torn off his face and smashed to bits.Read more...

Brewer Blasts Beer Censors With 'Sorry Not Sorry' Letter

There are contrite and carefully-measured responses crafted by brands in the face of public relations problems. And then there's the press release issued Monday by BrewDog.The 6 year-old Scottish brewer on Monday wrote a blistering NSFW response after Portman Group,

Lyft gets approval to test self-driving cars on public roads in California

Lyft is the latest company to be added to the ever-growing list of those permitted to test their self-driving technology on California state public roads. The California Department of Motor Vehicles added Lyft to the list recently (via Axios),

PacketZoom lands $5M Series A investment to speed up mobile apps

PacketZoom, a startup that helps app developers speed up and optimize app delivery on mobile devices, announced a $5M Series A today. The round was led by Baseline Ventures with participation from First Round Capital, Tandem Capital and Arafura Ventures.

Uber data breach “raises huge concerns”, says UK watchdog

The fallout from Uber’s disclosure yesterday of a massive data breach affecting 57 million users and drivers that it concealed for a year continues:

Facebook’s ad system shown failing to enforce its own anti-discriminatory policy

Results from a new ProPublica investigation suggest the tech giant is failing at even simple self-policing. Read More

Announcing our Disrupt Berlin Hackathon judges and the third release of free hack tickets

The third time could be the charm if you haven’t yet scored your free tickets to the Disrupt Berlin Hackathon. Today, we’ve released a third batch of tickets to the most exciting, grueling, 24-hour test of a developer’s chops. Tickets are available on a first-come-first-served basis,

Ten years on: Seedcamp outs new £41M seed fund and says it’s ready to invest in tokens

The London-based VC firm recently sold its first two funds to Draper Esprit, and today is announcing the first close of a new £41 million fund, double the size of its last. This year the VC is also celebrating its 10 year anniversary. Read More

New York attorney general slams the FCC for ignoring net neutrality comments investigation

If the FCC’s refusal to acknowledge the vast public outcry against its plan to gut net neutrality isn’t enough of an outrage, its total disinterest in investigating how that same comment system may have been gamed by fake users posing as real Americans adds a bit more insult to injury.

Stop what you are doing and watch Nathan for You’s brilliant Uber episode right now

If you have not yet had the pleasure of being introduced to Nathan for You, you’re in for a treat! The man behind the show, Nathan Fielder, is so wonderfully awkward in his delivery he might just make you pee your pants from laughing so hard.Last week’s episode “Andy vs.

Redesigning the TechCrunch app

Over the last two years we have been working hard to improve the experience of TechCrunch products for our readers. Our tiny-but-mighty product team launched the brand new TechCrunch mobile app earlier this month and we couldn’t be more excited.

CapHorn Invest raises $150 million fund to invest in B2B startups

French VC firm CapHorn Invest recently closed a new $150 million fund (€130 million). Around 250 CEOs and executives of big established companies invested in the fund as limited partners. This is CapHorn Invest’s second fund. The firm plans to focus on Series A rounds, from $600,




据外媒报道,好莱坞露天剧场将在9月迎来为期3天的特殊演出--《辛普森占领剧场(The Simpsons Take the Bowl)》。届时,除了剧中演员之外,还将有管弦乐队到场。

17 Creepiest Things That Happened While Home Alone

The line between your imagination and reality are never more blurred than when you're home aloneWho hasn't thought to themselves: "Are those footsteps in the attic? Is the door knob rattling? There's definitely someone outside my window." The fear is real,

Cyanogen 回应媒体: Rom 漏洞报道失实,毫无专业性

英国科技资讯网站 The Register 发布了一篇文章,指出 Cyanogen 的当家产品 CyanogenMod存在一个容易遭到中间人攻击的漏洞。Cyanogen 公司今天对该报道做出了公开回复,指出该报道严重失实、失准。

Visitors in Lake Tahoe Are Taking Too Many Bear Selfies

Conventional wisdom stipulates that upon seeing a wild bear, one should not near said bear. One should also avoid taking a picture of oneself with said bear.Visitors to Lake Tahoe this month laugh in the face of conventional wisdom, though.




本文根据蚂蚁金服首席战略官陈龙在2014中国微金融发展论坛暨微金融50人论坛成立大会(12月6日,北京)的分享整理。   今天我只是代表我自己。



Rugby player tackles enthusiastic streaker

While running around naked during a sporting event might seem like a great idea, there's been some pretty compelling evidence recently as to why it's notDuring Saturday's Aviva Premiership rugby match, a fan made the unfortunate decision of parading his bare butt across the field.

中国大型武器核心技术攻克 曾高超音速下"失明"


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