It’s The End Of The Email Address As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Facebook is putting an end to its email project, which means your life will probably go on exactly as it had been with no discernible changes whatsoever. For future reference, don’t email me at, unless you want to receive no response,

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It’s The End Of The Email Address As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Facebook is putting an end to its email project, which means your life will probably go on exactly as it had been with no discernible changes whatsoever. For future reference, don’t email me at, unless you want to receive no response,

Memeoirs Raises $300K To Turn Your Facebook Conversations Into A Book

You've been able to convert a lot of your social media into a book for a while now. Back in 2012 founder Helen Spaul created Walnuts (still working) which allowed you to create a personalised book of your favourite Facebook memories in under two minutes and buy it. However,

How to Really Stop Checking Your Email Constantly

“Don’t check your email all the time!”You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again as a way to improve your productivity and stop being a slave to your inbox.Obviously, though, that’s way easier said than done. Many of us receive hundreds of emails per day (even hour!),

Every Email Should Be 5 Sentences or Under. Trust us.

There’s probably not a professional in America who doesn’t feel like email is taking over his or her life, and who hasn’t spent the better part of an hour crafting an important message. Sound familiar?Well, we’re big fans of keeping emails short and productive,

The Dark Legacy Of Addresses: They Poisoned iOS Contact Sync

Facebook may be killing off its email address feature, but their uselessness will live on in iOS contact books around the world. You see, right before iOS 6 and its Facebook contact sync feature came out, Facebook forcibly hid the real email addresses everyone shared with its friends.

Check your Kindle account for your credit from the Apple ebook settlement

Customers who bought agency-priced ebooks between 2010 and 2012 are receiving credits for those books as a result of the publishers' settlements with the states. Kindle customers appear to be the first to get those credits.    

8 Apps to Help You Get More Done in Less Time

We've all heard of the illusory work/life balance that books, blogs and the busiest of professionals tell us is attainable — but actually achieving it doesn't feel so simple. It all seems like a classic catch-22: In order to achieve a manageable work/life balance,

How to keep technology from mocking your broken heart

After 16 years of marriage, the text from Lisa Arends’ husband read: “I’m sorry to be such a coward leaving you this way but I’m leaving you and leaving the state.”She collapsed to the floor. And never received any communication from him again.

Outlook for Web business users getting Likes and @Mentions

Taking a play out of the social media playbook, the Outlook web app for Office 365 business customers will soon be getting Likes and Mentions features. We’ve already become accustomed to using these kinds...

12 Ways Marketers Can Make the Most of Gmail's Tabbed Inbox

Email marketing, either to promote business or share the latest announcement, is a staple for many companies. It’s still the best way to reach warm leads quickly and with minimal fuss. However,

Memory raises $5M to bring AI to time tracking

Memory, a startup out of Norway and maker of time tracking app Timely, has raised $5 million in further funding. Leading the round is Concentric, and Investinor, with participation from existing investor SNÖ Ventures. The company had previously raised $1 million in 2016 from 500 Startups, and SNÖ.

European late-stage FinTech startups get a boost with new Corviglia fund

In a boost to late-stage funding for FinTech startups looking to scale-up without having to leave Europe, what claims to be the largest growth equity fund for Fintech in Europe launches today.

An interactive MTV Real World is coming to Facebook Watch

The world’s first hit reality show “The Real World” is being reimagined for Facebook Watch 26 years after it debuted on cable. Come Spring 2019,

Roborace to replace F1 racing drivers with robots at Disrupt

Formula E is so 2017. This year, it's all about Roborace, an upcoming F1-style competition. And the big new thing is that it's all about self-driving cars. I'm excited to announce that Roborace CEO Lucas DiGrassi will come to TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin to talk about this crazy idea.

Samsung acquires network analytics startup Zhilabs to help its transition to 5G

Samsung Electronics is betting that acquiring Zhilabs, a real-time networks analytics startup based in Barcelona, will ease its transition from 4G to 5G technologies. Financial details of the deal, which was announced today, have not been disclosed. Zhilabs will be fully owned by Samsung,

Scribd and The New York Times announce a joint $12.99 subscription

If you want to subscribe to both Scribd and The New York Times, you can now do it for a combined price of $12.99 per month — particularly impressive when you consider that a standard NYT digital subscription costs $15.99 on its own. You sign up and pay through Scribd, but once you do, you’ll […]

YouTube has been down for more than an hour

No, it’s not just you. As of Tuesday evening Pacific Time, YouTube was down for many users. The outage appears to have begun some time around 6:15 p.m.,making this a pretty long outage for such a major site. Thanks for your reports about YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music access issues.

Know Thy Selfie

When you're mad, or happy, or looking into the eyes of your sweetie, do you know what your face looks like? Probably not, according to Dr. James Kilner, neuroscientist at the University College London.Kilner holds that you know very little about what your face looks like most of the time,

Moviefone Is Killing Off Its Namesake Phone Number

Hello, and welcome to Moviefone!! The early 90’s was a strange time. Computers were becoming fairly commonplace, but the Internet still wasn’t. We pumped out new technology that defined our lives for a week, only to be forgotten the next.

It’s Not Magic, It’s Talent And Sweat. Ha, If Only Silicon Valley Worked That Way

That HBO Silicon Valley show has a new trailer out, which you can watch here. Anyway. This time we learn a little bit more about what's happening with the group of nerds engineers in the show. For instance,

【IT 领袖峰会】软硬结合,便宜最关键

软硬件谁领风骚?在 2014 中国(深圳)IT 领袖峰会的分论坛上,ARM 吴雄昂、金山软件张宏江、迅雷邹胜龙、摩托罗拉系统蒋浩、科通康敬伟齐聚一堂,讨论它未来的发展。 对于软硬件未来的发展,是软件胜出,还是硬件更强。

LG G3手机保护套图片曝光更多设备细节信息

数码设备领域,产品泄露的方式有很多,除了掉在酒吧,设备本体或渲染图的谍照曝光,还可以来自这款设备的周边产品,像是手机保护壳,这次要曝光的是LG G3的手机套。

Pre-Owned Kids Clothing Startup Percentil Raises €1M

If you’ve had kids (or are a proud uncle multiple times over, like me) you’ll know those little bundles of joy grow up fast. Really fast. And with those unstoppable growth spurts comes a lot of outgrown clothing and a large hole in your pocket to boot. Read More

Of Course the First Object Ever Recovered From Orbit Was for Spying

In the early days of the U.S. satellite surveillance program, our orbital cameras employed state-of-the-art technologies to get the physical film back to Earth for development and analysis. They shot it back into the atmosphere like 300-pound bullets,



C#基础--Attribute(标签) 和 reflect(反射) 应用 - 我有一颗四叶草

1.Attribute的定义与作用: 公共语言运行时允许你添加类似关键字的描述声明,叫做attributes, 它对程序中的元素进行标注,如类型、字段、方法和属性等。Attributes和Microsoft .

How Charlie Hebdo created the cover that made them a terrorist target

Back in 2006, Jérôme Lambert and Philippe Picard made this short documentary showing the creative process behind the first cover that made the fanatics to target Charlie Hebdo, a magazine that I used to read when I was a student in France.

Female-Run Companies Often do Better Than Male-Run Ones (Video)

Today's interviewee, Viktoria Tsukanov, is one of the executives at predictive marketing company Mintigo who did a study in January, 2015 that seemed to show that large companies with female CEOs "achieve up to 18% higher revenue per employee than male CEOs." The study,

Kantar: Windows Phone market share eroding in some, expanding in other countries

At this point, it is no real secret anymore: Windows Phone is dead. If there is any movement, it is that of a zombie shuffling; and the latest figures from Kantar confirm this. The real question is at this point, can Windows 10 Mobile succeed where Windows Phone failed?

不止能吃,螺旋藻也能照明:Living Things

螺旋藻,看到这个词,你的第一反应是什么?一种绿色的微型藻类?百度一下你会发现,这是一种具有35亿年悠久历史的生 […]

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