Amazon Brings Free, Ad-Supported TV Episodes To iOS, Plus HBO Content

Amazon may have denied earlier reports that it would launch a free, advertising-supported TV and music video service, as a departure from Prime Instant Video, but it has at least begun dipping its toe in to the waters of ad-supported TV, it seems. In the most recent example,

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Cloudflare reportedly gearing up for a $3.5 billion IPO next year

Cloudflare is reportedly preparing for an initial public offering with a potential valuation of more than $3.5 billion. According to Reuters, the IPO would take place in the first half of 2019 and be led by Goldman Sachs. This year is expected to be a strong one for cybersecurity stock debuts,

Amazon Alexa goes AWOL for many users

Some Amazon Alexa users are currently having problems reaching the voice assistant. Instead of reacting to commands, Alexa simply says “sorry, something went wrong.” Amazon hasn’t commented publicly yet on the issue. Based on tweets and Down Detector,

FCC puts gigabit Wi-Fi on the roadmap by opening up new wireless spectrum

More and more, the internet is delivered wirelessly, but as bandwidth demand grows in each home — multiple TVs, smart devices, tablets and phones — current Wi-Fi standards are starting to fall short. Fortunately the FCC and wireless industry are prepared for this,

Smart marketplaces bridge the implicit and complex

Marketplace businesses are intrinsically linked to the technologies that enable them. As enabling technologies have evolved, marketplaces have become able to facilitate increasingly complex exchanges in new environments and industries. The next level? They will get smart.

Teamable, the Tinder for hiring, raises $5M and acquires Simppler

Teamable, a provider of hiring software that leverages employees’ social networks, has brought in $5 million from new investor Foundation Capital and existing backers True Ventures and SaaStr Fund.

Vocal Tesla short seller has reversed course, driving shares higher

Citron Research, an influential short-seller that has been an staunch critic of Tesla, reversed its position on the electric automaker. The about-face, which Citron Research outlined in a research note Tuesday, helped pushed Tesla shares up 12.7% to close at $294.14.

PlusOneCoin made a cryptocurrency for upvotes

A team of developers have made something called PlusOneCoin, a clever cryptocurrency that essentially allows owners to upvote content on two financial sites, ADVFN and Investorshub. The idea – to reward people for accessing content and, more importantly,

BrewDrop Brings Sweet Booze Right To Your Home

It’s 11pm: do you know where your microbrews are? Matt and Andrew Bell know. As the creators of BrewDrop, they want to make it easy to order booze using a simple app. Read More

Rakuten’s Video Service Wuaki Confirms UltraViolet And European Rollouts

One year after launching video streaming services in the UK, Wuaki, the streaming video service owned by e-commerce giant Rakuten, has confirmed  to TechCrunch that it has picked up 250,000 users in the UK,

Pluggy Lock Finds (Yet) Another Use For Your Phone’s Headphone Jack

The 3.5mm headphone jack has a thriving double life supporting hardware extensions for the bog standard slab smartphone these days. More complex additions extend the capabilities of the phone by adding new sensors into the mix (like, for example, the Thermodo thermometer).

Fan TV网络机顶盒开放预订 已与时代华纳有线达成协议

Fanhattan和设计师Yves Behar于去年发布的Fan TV网络机顶盒,已经与时代华纳有线(Time Warner Cable)达成了协议,并且敞开了预购的大门。

谷歌I/O 2014:我们期待看到的10件事

毫无疑问,距离我们最近的重大科技事件就是将于6月25日举行的谷歌I/O 2014开发者大会了。那么,谷歌会发布什么新产品呢?虽然现在还没有确切消息,但根据一些传闻和线索,以下10个产品是我们可以期待的:1. Android 4.5或5.


北京2014年4月30日电 /美通社/ -- 完美世界有限责任公司(NASDAQ:




据外媒报道,芯片制造商博通(Broadcom Crop)表示,该公司正在退出手机基带芯片业务,并且预计当前季度的利润会远低于预期。尽管本周一,该公司的股价上涨了13个百分点。

How Open Government Data Saved New Yorkers Thousands On Parking Tickets

jfruh (300774) writes "Ben Wellington is a New Yorker and city planner with an interest in NYC Open Data, the city's online open government initiative. One thing he noticed in this vast dataset was that just two fire hydrants in the city generated tens of thousands of dollars a year in tickets.



苹果为商户推出地图信息录入服务 Maps Connect

如果你是中小商户,在城市犄角旮旯开了一家甜品店或者手工艺品店,可能你已经将自己的信息提交给大众点评、美团网 / Yelp、OpenTable 之类的服务了。


前段时间微信官方发布了一本名为《微信思维》的书,并通过微信售卖,其实在此书售卖前就已经知道书的大致内容,很多人 […]

iOS七大手势之(平移、捏合、轻扫、屏幕边缘轻扫)手势识别器方法 - Running2snail


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