Microsoft’s Xbox One Kinect Adapter is REALLY popular on Amazon right now

The Kinect Adapter was given to many Xbox One S buyers for free for several weeks after that console’s launch but with the arrival of the Xbox One X, gamers have been forced to buy this official accessory themselves if they wish to continue using the Kinect sensor with their new console.

EU congratulates tech companies on removing hate speech

The EU has praised tech companies for removing more online hate speech.

Microsoft moves Windows 10 Insider build 17074.1002 to the Slow Ring

Just a few days after a Fast Ring release, Microsoft has moved Windows 10 Insider build 17074.1002 to the Slow Ring.

Activision announces latest Call of Duty: WWII Community Event “The Resistance”

The next Community Event for Call of Duty: WWII has been announced by Activision, called "The Resistance".

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition to be released on February 20

As of February 20, 2018, fans of the real-time-strategy (RTS) game should able to boot up the wholely remastered edition of Age of Empires on their Windows 10 PC.

Alexa is coming for “select Windows 10 PCs” in Q1 2018, sign up for more info

We should start seeing Alexa on select Windows 10 PCs from Acer, HP and Lenovo in Q1 2018, exclusively in the US.

Microsoft announces dates for next Windows Insider webcast plus upcoming meetups in Japan

The next Windows Insider webcast will air on Tuesday, January 23, and the team also announced upcoming Windows Insider meetups in Japan next month.

Office 2016 for Mac gets real time co-authoring, automatic saves with latest update

The January 2018 release introduces real-time collaborative editing in Word, Excel and Powerpoint, automatic saves for all documents stored in the cloud as well a version history feature to access earlier versions

Yes, Sea of Thieves will be Xbox One X ready with full native 4K

The pirate adventure will run in native 4K on the Xbox One X, and look nearly as good as the PC version with ultra settings.

EA buys Respawn Entertainment, makers of Titanfall

Respawn Entertainment will continue to work on a new title in the Titanfall franchise, as well as a game set in the Star Wars universe plus a VR gaming experience.

Hot Deal: $5 and $10 Xbox Gift Cards discounted at Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is offering $5 and $10 gift cards good towards games, movies, devices, and more at big discounts. The Xbox deal offers $5 gift cards for 3,600 Microsoft Rewards points, and $10 gift cards for 7,000 points. The gift cards can be used for anything from the Microsoft Store online,

Apple posts record Q2 revenue, with strong iPhone sales

Defying analyst and industry expectations, Cupertino has recorded a strong second quarter with thriving iPhone sales.Read more:

Snapchat推出Our Story功能,提供基于公共活动的图片和视频共享服务


《FIFA 15》公布最新预告片 史上最逼真情绪展示!

感谢游侠网的投递EA Sports为即将上市的足球游戏大作《FIFA 15》公布了一部全新的预告片,展示了游戏全新的情绪系统所带来的逼真情绪效果,还有为庆祝场面进行的动作捕捉场景。



Firefox 32支持 Public Key Pinning

即将发布的Firefox 32将支持防止中间人攻击的Public Key Pinning机制。Public Key Pinning允许网站详细说明网站的有效证书是哪一家CA发行的,不再随便接受Firefox证书管理器内的数百家Root CA之一发行的证书。

首发日前抢先看:Xbox One国行开箱

Xbox One国行版本将在23日正式开售,但现在已经有一些玩家拿到了Xbox One的国行真机。在早前泄漏了 […]

Google Nexus 6跌落测试:正面落地无法开机

今天我在国外视频网站 Youtube 看到一个 Nexus 6 跌落测试视频,与大家分享一下。如果你已经购买,或者即将购买 Nexus 6,相信你会对它的防跌落能力感兴趣。  

2014: Hottest Year On Record

Layzej writes Data from three major climate-tracking groups agree: The combined land and ocean surface temperatures hit new highs this year, according to the United States' National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),

[视频]CES:BMW i3自动泊车及躲避碰撞系统演示


GnuPG Gets Back On Track With Funding

jones_supa writes: Soon after the poor state of the GnuPG was unveiled, the online community has rallied to help Werner Koch. He wanted to hire a full-time programmer to work on the project alongside him and to ensure that he's not living on the brink of bankruptcy all the time.

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