myTube is bringing 4K YouTube videos to Xbox One, currently in beta

myTube is adding support for 4K YouTube videos on Xbox One, currently in beta.

Lumia 950 review

The Lumia 950 was released on November 20, 2015, and as part of our testing and a full coverage of the new Windows 10 Mobile device, we have incorporated input from several WinBeta writers...The post Lumia 950 review appeared first on WinBeta.

Microsoft’s FY18 Q4 report shows its very much still a consumer focused business

Let's skip those metrics and go straight to the relatable stuff about Microsoft's FY18 Q4 earnings such as, how the company did with its expanding Surface hardware line, Xbox gaming division and how exactly is Windows doing for the company.

Windows 10 Microsoft Store updated to look more like web version

Microsoft has started rolling out a new design for the Windows 10 Microsoft Store that more closely aligns with the web version, which as also got a fresh coat of paint recently.

Microsoft to kick off “Summer of PUBG” with custom VW Bus you can win

Microsoft is kicking off the “Summer of PBG” sweepstakes with a number of prizes, including a Xbox One X, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), and much more. As noted in an Xbox Wire post, one very lucky winner will win a custom VW Bus decked out in the latest Xbox and PUBG gear,

Microsoft’s PowerShell Core app comes to Ubuntu and Linux as a snap package

The Ubuntu team today announced Microsoft has delivered their PowerShell Core app to Linux as a Snap package. This should make life easier for system administrations and technical users on Linux as it will help them automate and manage their cloud assets.

Microsoft’s OneDrive desktop client will be better for your computer’s battery life with these new u

Senior OneDrive PM Stephen Rose yesterday highlighted some new features for the OneDrive client, and battery life happens to be the main focus.

Microsoft’s new “Modern Life Services” initiative suggests a narrowed focus on “professional consume

With its new "Modern Live Services" initiative, Microsoft wants to help "prosumers" be more productive with its various apps and services.

Microsoft, Google, and others join forces to help consumers move data between online services

A quartet of tech giants today announced the Data Transfer Project (DTP,) which is a new way to help consumers move their data between online services.

Microsoft’s Xbox One Kinect Adapter is REALLY popular on Amazon right now

The Kinect Adapter was given to many Xbox One S buyers for free for several weeks after that console’s launch but with the arrival of the Xbox One X, gamers have been forced to buy this official accessory themselves if they wish to continue using the Kinect sensor with their new console.

Yes, Sea of Thieves will be Xbox One X ready with full native 4K

The pirate adventure will run in native 4K on the Xbox One X, and look nearly as good as the PC version with ultra settings.

EA buys Respawn Entertainment, makers of Titanfall

Respawn Entertainment will continue to work on a new title in the Titanfall franchise, as well as a game set in the Star Wars universe plus a VR gaming experience.

This DIY Device Turns Your Table Into a Psychedelic Music Maker

It's not so simple to become an electronic musician. The equipment is expensive. There's not a good how-to book. It's sometimes a little unclear what exactly electronic music is. That's why the Contact musical interface is so intriguing. Read more...    



Poachers Can Use Your Geotagged Safari Photos To Hunt Down Rhinos

Oof, here's one unexpected negative effect of ubiquitous smartphones—a sign asking people to turn off geotagging when they take pictures of endangered rhinos so that poachers can't figure out where they are.Read more...

Samsung's Galaxy S5 comes crashing down to earth

Hammered by falling smartphone sales, Samsung is reportedly eyeing major changes for its senior leadership.Samsung's sales for its flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone came in well below expectations, moving 12 million units compared to 16 million for the Galaxy S4. So far,


Overhead Cost(上头成本这种翻译是第一次听说)是管理会计(旧称成本会计)的概念,有Variable Overhead Cost和Fixed Overhead Cost。Sunk Cost是商业决策中使用的概念,经济学中也用。两者不是同一个维度中的概念。

WWDC 不会有新一代 Apple TV 了

此前,种种迹象表明新一代 Apple TV 将在下周举行的苹果全球开发者大会(WWDC)上发布,但最新报道显示,我们也许在本次 WWDC 大会上看不到新一代 Apple TV 的身影。《纽约时报》记者布莱恩·陈(Brian X. Chen)透露… Read More

UML-用例 - 心如直水



编者按:终于要开聊这个话题了!前两篇聊的都是专业单反如何拍美食,今天@马也–美食摄影师 也给同学们分享一点手机拍摄的技巧,主打构图和灯光,教程以随时、...


旗下绿色智能品牌源宿酒店进驻中国银川 中国银川2016年1月21日电 /美通社/ -- 喜达屋酒店与度假酒店国际集团(纽约证交所股票代码:HOT)宣布近日与宁夏民生置业有限公司签订协议,将旗下绿色生态品牌源宿酒店首次引入宁夏回族自治区省会城市 -- 银川。喜达屋集团近年来一直保持在大中华区强劲的发展态势,目前喜达屋集团旗下品牌已涉足大中华区32个省、自治区以及港澳台地区。银川滨河源宿酒店预计将于2021年上半年竣工,届时喜达屋酒店与度假酒店国际集团将正式进驻中国银川市。

Hannibal's Bryan Fuller is Producing the New Star Trek TV Show

This is the best possible choice. Bryan Fuller—who worked on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager back in the day, before going on to create Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls and Hannibal—is masterminding the new Star Trek TV show.Read more...

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