Microsoft Rewards adds Starbucks, Pizza Express, Debenhams and more gift cards in the UK

Microsoft Rewards is adding a number of new rewards for UK users, adding gift cards for UK retailers, such as Marks & Spencer and Starbucks.

Minecraft Aquatic update to bring dolphins, water biomes, water physics and more

The next big update for Minecraft has been announced - say hello to Aquatic. Dolphins are coming!

Minecraft to add The Hive and CubeCraft to its multiplayer server line-up

Minecraft is adding 2 more mini game servers for players to take part in.

Xbox Insiders now have more options to filter by in the Store

New Xbox Store filtering options are now available for all Xbox Insiders.

Get an Xbox One X for just $348 (or less) with this method

Reduce the cost of an Xbox One X and get it for just $348 or less with this method.

Razer Phone now available at the Microsoft Store online or in-store

The Razer Phone is now available to purchase at the Microsoft Store online or in-store.

Get this free Minecraft Skin pack ahead of Minecon Earth

Ahead of all the celebration, Mojang has released a free skin pack to prepare Minecraft fans for the excitement of Minecon.

Amazon joins Microsoft and Facebook in ONNX open source AI initiative

Amazon is the latest company to join ONNX, a new open open ecosystem for interchangeable AI models that Microsoft and Facebook launched in September of this year.

myTube is bringing 4K YouTube videos to Xbox One, currently in beta

myTube is adding support for 4K YouTube videos on Xbox One, currently in beta.

Microsoft’s Xbox One Kinect Adapter is REALLY popular on Amazon right now

The Kinect Adapter was given to many Xbox One S buyers for free for several weeks after that console’s launch but with the arrival of the Xbox One X, gamers have been forced to buy this official accessory themselves if they wish to continue using the Kinect sensor with their new console.

Yes, Sea of Thieves will be Xbox One X ready with full native 4K

The pirate adventure will run in native 4K on the Xbox One X, and look nearly as good as the PC version with ultra settings.






OpenSSL v1.0.1到1.0.1f中发现了一个非常严重bug(CVE-2014-0160),该bug允许攻击者读取存在bug的系统的64kb处理内存,暴露加密流量的密钥,用户的名字和密码,以及访问的内容。

谷歌从Facebook口中抢走无人机生产商Titan Aerospace

上个月,硅谷还传闻Facebook拟斥资6000万美元收购无人机生产商Titan Aerospace。以小扎对未来、前沿毫不吝啬的大手笔作风来说,这收购似乎是板上钉钉的事。没想到后来杀出谷歌,也许以更高的价格拿下了Titan。

男人的私密空間 – Kakureya

當你在打電腦、做模型、聽歌、做功課、溫書,有無經歷過女友或母親大人叫你暫停呢? 此時就可出動這個 GNO 001,細小的「隱藏屋子」Kakureya。閱讀全文

Skip the Gnome and Put a Fallen AT-AT On Your Lawn

The exact reason why people feel the need to adorn their lawns and gardens with ceramic gnomes may never be known, but maybe it's a not-so-secret way to show their allegiance towards a race of tiny human-like fantasy creatures? If that's the case,


Algorithmia 致力打造算法的交流平台,它鼓励学术界的算法研究人员公开自己的研究成果,方便开发者将其应用在实际当中。

Kohana框架ORM类的基本使用 - beiqiao


winform做的excel与数据库的导入导出 - 梦醒心晴

闲来无事,就来做一个常用的demo,也方便以后查阅先看效果图中间遇到的主要问题是获取当前连接下的所有的数据库以及数据库下所有的表在网上查了查,找到如下的方法首先是要先建立一个连接_connMaster = new SqlConnection( String.


链家用一封公开信划清了和搜房的界限,在这封写给全体链家经纪人的信件中,链家指出搜房转型为交易平台后带来的种种隐忧:当搜房深入线下,代表着搜房开始要卖房,成一家真正经纪公司,成为链家竞争对手。这种竞 ... .

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