Windows 10 news recap: Surface Book 2 pre-orders open, Surface devices arrive in the Microsoft Store

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap. We are continuing the trend of our weekly “Windows 10 news recap” series where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

Microsoft’s Surface headphones are currently $100 off

The Surface Headphones are sitting pretty at $250 at the Microsoft Store,

Microsoft has sold 176 millions copies of Minecraft worldwide, now the best-selling video game of al

The announcement that 176 million copies of Minecraft making the game the best selling game of all time according to Wikipedia. 

New Xbox One 1910 preview build brings estimated install time feature

The Xbox One OS will soon display the estimated download time for games, telling gamers when they will be able to finally play.

Azure, HoloLens, game streaming, cross platform – with Minecraft Earth, Microsoft finally puts all t

This morning Microsoft announced what could be one of its most ambitious consumer projects to date, Minecraft Earth. The Pokemon Go-like AR experience set to come to Android and iOS, backed by 90 million Minecraft players and a host of Microsoft technologies,

Last year, MineCon changed its name to MineCon Earth – now it’s MineCon Live

As everyone gets ready for the new Minecraft Earth AR game for iOS and Android coming this summer, there are other changes coming to MineCon too. Last year, MineCon was renamed MineCon Earth, now the name is changing again. This year, MineCon Earth will instead be known under a new name,

Purple-colored Xbox One S Fortnite Limited Edition leaks

A new Fortnite limited-edition Xbox One S console is in the pipeline and could be launching soon.

New Minecraft Earth AR game is official and coming in closed beta to iOS and Android this summer

Just like Pokemon Go, Minecraft Earth will be a free-to-play game, but it seems to be much more ambitious than what Niantic develivered three years ago.

Microsoft news recap: Microsoft Rewards delivers Xbox gift card discounts, Microsoft being sued over

Microsoft (MSFT) news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft Rewards adds Starbucks, Pizza Express, Debenhams and more gift cards in the UK To please Microsoft Rewards’ UK members,

Microsoft Rewards adds Starbucks, Pizza Express, Debenhams and more gift cards in the UK

Microsoft Rewards is adding a number of new rewards for UK users, adding gift cards for UK retailers, such as Marks & Spencer and Starbucks.

myTube is bringing 4K YouTube videos to Xbox One, currently in beta

myTube is adding support for 4K YouTube videos on Xbox One, currently in beta.



India Fines Google For Not Complying With Antitrust Probe

India’s competition watchdog has imposed a fine of $166,000 on Google for delay in submitting details needed as part of a two-year old antitrust probe. The probe focuses on whether Google abused its dominant position in the business of Internet search and advertising.



Vavle:2014年6月Steam平台Windows 8.x用户比例达25.11%

据来自Vavle的Steam平台硬件与软件调查数据显示,2014年6月底,Steam平台用户中微软最新操作系统Windows 8.x使用量已经达到25.11%(包括32位及62位的Windwos 8及Widnows 8.1系统),而前一个月该数据为24.98%。

Canvas的quadraticCurveTo 和 bezierCurveTo 画曲线 方法细说 - liuminghai

详细代码如下:quadraticCurveTo ExampleYour browser does not support HTML5 Canvas. context.quadraticCurveTo(cpx, cpy, x, y) 方法参数包含两个点,一个是(cpx,cpy)控制点,就是上图所示的9...

HP Goes 3D With a 'Multijet Fusion' Printer

Today, HP announced a new technology and 3D printer it thinks is going to revolutionize the industry. This massive machine isn't meant to sit in your home, but rather be a new piece of tech in the arsenal of additive manufacturing. Using a new technology that HP calls "Multijet Fusion,


产品使用过程中总会遇到一些不好的地方,比如某一次交互不合理,对于用户来也许不太会向产品方反馈,那么对于产品经理 […]


微星(MSI)为旗下的游戏笔记本新增Skylake处理器选项,用户可以根据自身选择选择Skylake Core i7处理器、DDR 4内存、GeForce GTX GPU,并添加了很多其他有趣的功能。

人血燃料灯诞生 你敢用吗?


spark处理大规模语料库统计词汇 - 腩啵兔子

最近迷上了spark,写一个专门处理语料库生成词库的项目拿来练练手, github地址:。代码实现参考wordmaker项目,有兴趣的可以看一下,此项目用到了不少很tricky的技巧提升性能,单纯只想看懂源代码可以参考w

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