Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset unboxing and quick look

Lenovo was kind enough to send their Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality headset for us to review, and here is a quick look and unboxing of the unit.

EU congratulates tech companies on removing hate speech

The EU has praised tech companies for removing more online hate speech.

Microsoft moves Windows 10 Insider build 17074.1002 to the Slow Ring

Just a few days after a Fast Ring release, Microsoft has moved Windows 10 Insider build 17074.1002 to the Slow Ring.

Activision announces latest Call of Duty: WWII Community Event “The Resistance”

The next Community Event for Call of Duty: WWII has been announced by Activision, called "The Resistance".

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition to be released on February 20

As of February 20, 2018, fans of the real-time-strategy (RTS) game should able to boot up the wholely remastered edition of Age of Empires on their Windows 10 PC.

Alexa is coming for “select Windows 10 PCs” in Q1 2018, sign up for more info

We should start seeing Alexa on select Windows 10 PCs from Acer, HP and Lenovo in Q1 2018, exclusively in the US.

Microsoft announces dates for next Windows Insider webcast plus upcoming meetups in Japan

The next Windows Insider webcast will air on Tuesday, January 23, and the team also announced upcoming Windows Insider meetups in Japan next month.

Office 2016 for Mac gets real time co-authoring, automatic saves with latest update

The January 2018 release introduces real-time collaborative editing in Word, Excel and Powerpoint, automatic saves for all documents stored in the cloud as well a version history feature to access earlier versions

Microsoft announces Black Friday deals and big savings on Surface, Xbox, more

The company is highlighting big savings on Xbox, Surface, Windows Mixed Reality, Windows 10 PCs, and more, all with the goal of helping you save some of your hard earned money as you head to the stores this holiday season

Xbox One X’s first week of UK sales matches Switch launch with 80,000 units

According to data from local retailers, Microsoft sold 80,000 units of its new console in the UK in its first week.

Xbox news recap: Xbox One X releases, Microsoft could let you buy games with Gamerscore and more

Check out our weekly Xbox news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Xbox.

Chromecast流媒体电视棒现已外销11国 支持当地视频应用


High Speed Evolution

Taco Cowboy writes: Normally, the term "evolution" implicitly refers to super-long time frames. However, in the case of lizards on Florida islands, evolution seems to have shifted into a higher gear. Researchers have documented noticeable changes in a native species over a period of just 15 years,

三星手机印度市场份额居首 扩大印度领先优势


Comedian does spot-on impressions of celebrities stuck in traffic

Would you still love your favorite celebrities if you saw what they're like in traffic? Comedian Lauren O'Brien imagines what stars like Drew Barrymore, Ellen Degeneres and the Olsen twins would act like if they were stuck in their cars. Kristen Stewart, who only expresses herself in grunts,

2015 Ad Spend Rises To $187B, Digital Inches Closer To One Third Of It

Web and mobile continue to be the platforms that get all the buzz, but when it comes to advertising dollars, traditional media continues to rule the roost. Strategy Analytics has published its latest figures for advertising spend in the U.S.,

Ask Slashdot: Pros and Cons of Homeschooling?

VorpalRodent writes: I went to a private school for about 6 years, then completed my education at the local public school, going on to get a couple undergraduate degrees and a postgraduate degree. My wife dropped out of high school and got her equivalency many years later. Now,

Mentor Graphics为其AUTOSAR设计方案提供车载以太网支持

上海2015年2月13日电 /美通社/ -- Mentor Graphics公司 (NASDAQ: MENT)今天宣布为基于AUTOSAR(汽车开放系统架构)和非AUTOSAR的电子控制单元(ECU)的网络设计提供Volcano™ VSA™产品车载以太网支持。   

Our Chemicals Are Falling On Remote Parts of Antarctica In Snow

You probably haven't heard of "cyclic volatile methylsiloxanes," but you've almost certainly rubbed them into your skin. They're widely used in lotions and cosmetics to create that smooth, satisfying feel.

android四大组件学习总结以及各个组件示例(1) - 阳阳(ysq)

android四大组件分别为activity、service、content provider、broadcast receiver。一、android四大组件详解1、activity(1)一个Activity通常就是一个单独的屏幕(窗口)。(2)Activity之间通过Intent进行通信。(3)...

如果用脑电流给 iPhone 充电,你知道要冲多久么?

我们真的可以使用脑电流给 iPhone 充电么? 显然肯定是不可以的,这只是源自于 Gizmodo 编辑一次有趣的测算。而 Gizmodo 所认为的原理是这样的。

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