Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset unboxing and quick look

Lenovo was kind enough to send their Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality headset for us to review, and here is a quick look and unboxing of the unit.

May’s Games with Gold titles appear in unlisted video, include Super Mega Baseball 2 and Metal Gear

May's Games with Gold have cropped up in an unlisted video, showing off what can be expected to arrive for free in May.

Microsoft reveals all the features coming with Xbox One May update, including 120Hz support

Big features coming in the Xbox One May update include 120Hz support, the ability to organize pinned apps into groups, and more.

Windows 10 Redstone 4 build 17134 is now available for Slow and Release Preview Insiders

After rolling out the Windows 10 Redstone 4 build 17134 to Fast Ring Insiders earlier this week, this same build is now available for Insiders in the Slow Ring.

Xbox is reportedly testing several ways to let gamers gain experience with new “Career” system

Microsoft's Xbox Career system is still in active development, and there could be several ways for gamers to earn EXP.

Microsoft adds six new Progressive Web Apps to the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has quietly added six more PWAs to the Microsoft Store this week, but these all seem to be basic web wrappers.

Google’s Project Zero outs Microsoft for security flaw in Windows 10 S

After waiting out the 90-day deadline for a fix to be published, Google's security team has publically documented a "medium" security vulnerability in the Windows 10 S operating system.

Windows 10 Redstone 4 build 17134 for HoloLens is now rolling out to Insiders

Just a few days after release to PCs, Microsoft is now rolling out Windows 10 Redstone 4 build 17134 to HoloLens headsets

Microsoft announces Black Friday deals and big savings on Surface, Xbox, more

The company is highlighting big savings on Xbox, Surface, Windows Mixed Reality, Windows 10 PCs, and more, all with the goal of helping you save some of your hard earned money as you head to the stores this holiday season

Xbox One X’s first week of UK sales matches Switch launch with 80,000 units

According to data from local retailers, Microsoft sold 80,000 units of its new console in the UK in its first week.

Xbox news recap: Xbox One X releases, Microsoft could let you buy games with Gamerscore and more

Check out our weekly Xbox news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Xbox.

Thoreau Warned Us About Ellen’s Oscar Selfie

Since the very beginning of electronic communication, we were warned about the light-speed cultural wasteland we were stringing together. When Henry David Thoreau first heard about the telegraph, he surmised,

六道JavaScript测验题 - Yanyd

1、找出数字数组中最大的元素(使用Match.max函数)1 var a=[123,23432,345,3,34];2 console.log(Math.max.apply(null,a));2、转化一个数字数组为function数组(每个function都弹出相应的数字)1 var a=[123,...



Tensions rise after bloody hostage standoff in Istanbul courthouse

ISTANBUL, Turkey — The tragic and bloody end to an hours-long hostage standoff inside an Istanbul courthouse on Tuesday has raised the tensions that still linger in Turkey nearly two years after nationwide anti-government protests put the country’s divisions in stark relief.See also:

[图]前惠普CEO宣布竞选美国总统 网友用悲伤符号“纪念”被其裁掉的员工

上个月外媒报道,称惠普前CEO Carly Fiorina将在本月宣布竞选美国总统的消息。今日,Fiorina在个人Twitter发布短视频正式宣布了该消息,她在视频中说道--“我们需要让每位美国人重获个人价值,无论他们处在怎样的环境下。

mac 桌面美化 - luckymore

官网:Übersicht 先来大图: 当然,,,我自己的这个还不成型,去官网看看吧,有大神们做好的各种主题可选哦~ ...

Xbox One 也迎来更新,可最多 12 人一起群聊了

紧接着 PlayStation 4 的重大更新,微软在一天之后,也宣布了将会为 Xbox One 加入新功能的消息。据 Major Nelson 介绍,厂方已经根据玩家要求,将群聊人数的限制由 8 人提升到了 12 人(适用于 Xbox One 和 Windows 10 上的 Xbox 应用)。

Rockstar Hospitality Group宣布成立

梦幻与精致兼具的最新型酒店公司 纽约--(美国商业资讯)--Rockstar Hospitality Group隆重宣布成立。该全面服务型公司将在全球范围内购置、开发并管理酒店资产,为客户提供与众不同的酒店风格并为客户营造难以忘怀的体验。

An Up-Close Look at The Exclusive Engine for The Next Airbus

Rolls-Royce Holdings has just released this cool factory photograph of their newest large turbofan aircraft engine, the Trent 7000. It’s the seventh generation of their Trent family, and built exclusively for the upcoming Airbus airliner, the A330neo. Read more...


12月18日消息,据英国每日邮报报道,一份报告称在英国应该开始对转基因昆虫进行田间试验。由于安全隐患,在欧盟从未在实验室外进行了这类测试,但一份上议院委员会的报告认为应该在英国开始这样的试验。 报告认为创造转基因蚊子可以帮助根除致命的热带疾病,例如疟疾和登革热。

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