Microsoft Studios is working on multiple Windows Mixed Reality games

Following the launch of Minecraft VR and Halo: Recruit in the Microsoft Store, Microsoft recently confirmed that it has Windows Mixed Reality games in the pipeline.

Minecraft Aquatic update to bring dolphins, water biomes, water physics and more

The next big update for Minecraft has been announced - say hello to Aquatic. Dolphins are coming!

Minecraft to add The Hive and CubeCraft to its multiplayer server line-up

Minecraft is adding 2 more mini game servers for players to take part in.

Xbox Insiders now have more options to filter by in the Store

New Xbox Store filtering options are now available for all Xbox Insiders.

Get an Xbox One X for just $348 (or less) with this method

Reduce the cost of an Xbox One X and get it for just $348 or less with this method.

Razer Phone now available at the Microsoft Store online or in-store

The Razer Phone is now available to purchase at the Microsoft Store online or in-store.

Get this free Minecraft Skin pack ahead of Minecon Earth

Ahead of all the celebration, Mojang has released a free skin pack to prepare Minecraft fans for the excitement of Minecon.

Amazon joins Microsoft and Facebook in ONNX open source AI initiative

Amazon is the latest company to join ONNX, a new open open ecosystem for interchangeable AI models that Microsoft and Facebook launched in September of this year.

Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset unboxing and quick look

Lenovo was kind enough to send their Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality headset for us to review, and here is a quick look and unboxing of the unit.

Microsoft announces Black Friday deals and big savings on Surface, Xbox, more

The company is highlighting big savings on Xbox, Surface, Windows Mixed Reality, Windows 10 PCs, and more, all with the goal of helping you save some of your hard earned money as you head to the stores this holiday season

Xbox One X’s first week of UK sales matches Switch launch with 80,000 units

According to data from local retailers, Microsoft sold 80,000 units of its new console in the UK in its first week.

Is Traffic Congestion Growing Three Times As Fast As Economy?

cartechboy writes "Math watch time: For many traffic analysts, INRIX is considered the gold-standard. This week the company says traffic congestion surged in 2013 and grew over three times as fast as the American economy. The bad news: If true,

NASA Ready to Build Asteroid-Bound Spacecraft

NASA gave the go-ahead to start construction of the first asteroid-bound spacecraft on Wednesday, which is scheduled to launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida during the Fall of 2016.OSIRIS-REx will land on an asteroid named Bennu, which comes close to Earth in 2018.



Brazil looking defensively strong at FIFA World Cup with US security robots in place

US-developed bomb-disposal robots are present across 12 World Cup stadiums in Brazil to assist security operations during the tournament.Read more:

北京万余公交车开通免费WiFi 全车覆盖无死角


苹果发布重要安全补丁 建议Mac用户都安装

威锋网讯  苹果周一发布了一个非常重要的安全补丁,用来修复Network Time Protocol(NTP: 网络时间协议 )存在的一个漏洞。 网络时间协议(NTP)是一种通过因特网服务于计算机时钟的时间同步协议。



传 Google 将分离照片分享、存储服务,分享至 Facebook、Twitter 会变得更简单

Bloomberg Business 日前报道称,在即将到来的 I/O 2015 大会上,Google 会从现有的 Google+ 平台上将基于网页的照片分享、存储功能分离出来,并把它作为独立的服务来运营。

浙江省工商局联合阿里 严打网售假货


真是贴心:微软新建平台让用户吐槽Win 10

目前,喜欢微软 Windows 10 操作系统的人不在少数,但是同时也有人对这个操作系统充满了抱怨。为了方便用户对 Windows 10 进行抱怨,或者提供建设性的批评,微软特意建立了一个专门的平台。  Windows 10 用户只需要在微软商店中下载 Feedback Hub 这款软件,就能够将自己对 Windows 10 系统的不满发送给微软公司。目前,这款软件支持桌面系统和手机系统。  据了解,Feedback Hub 目前仍然处于测试阶段,只有 Windows Insiders 用户可以使用,但是对于微软公司来说,对用户开放的举动已经是一个非常显著的进步了。  

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