Pick up a Harman Kardon Invoke for only $99 during Microsoft’s Black Friday sale

While we've already pointed to the Xbox, Surface, and Windows 10 PC themed deals, Microsoft is also discounting the Harman Kardon Invoke later this month.

Minecraft Aquatic update to bring dolphins, water biomes, water physics and more

The next big update for Minecraft has been announced - say hello to Aquatic. Dolphins are coming!

Minecraft to add The Hive and CubeCraft to its multiplayer server line-up

Minecraft is adding 2 more mini game servers for players to take part in.

Xbox Insiders now have more options to filter by in the Store

New Xbox Store filtering options are now available for all Xbox Insiders.

Get an Xbox One X for just $348 (or less) with this method

Reduce the cost of an Xbox One X and get it for just $348 or less with this method.

Razer Phone now available at the Microsoft Store online or in-store

The Razer Phone is now available to purchase at the Microsoft Store online or in-store.

Get this free Minecraft Skin pack ahead of Minecon Earth

Ahead of all the celebration, Mojang has released a free skin pack to prepare Minecraft fans for the excitement of Minecon.

Amazon joins Microsoft and Facebook in ONNX open source AI initiative

Amazon is the latest company to join ONNX, a new open open ecosystem for interchangeable AI models that Microsoft and Facebook launched in September of this year.

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones now on sale online at the Microsoft Store

Several months after announcing the sale of Samsung Galaxy S8 phones in their US retail stores, Microsoft will also be discounting the Android devices online for Black Friday

Xbox One X is having an “amazing first week,” says Aaron Greenberg

Xbox Marketing chief Aaron Greenberg highlighted today “great initial results” for the Xbox One X across Europe as well as an “amazing first week” in North America.

Microsoft Studios is working on multiple Windows Mixed Reality games

Following the launch of Minecraft VR and Halo: Recruit in the Microsoft Store, Microsoft recently confirmed that it has Windows Mixed Reality games in the pipeline.

苹果发布iOS安全白皮书 深度解析Touch ID

苹果公司今天发表了一份有关iOS安全的白皮书。其中详细介绍了iPhone 5s上Touch ID指纹识别系统的功能和运行过程。





Android用DialogFragment实现iphone样式的圆角对话框 - 思,无邪


Google’s New Nexus Player Talks A Big Game But Isn’t A Winner Yet

I’m addicted to TV. Well, screens in general, but TV definitely takes a close third behind my laptop, which hangs out behind my iPhone. So, when it comes time to review a new media player, my hand goes up like a rocket. I’ve tried ‘em all,

欧朋发布流量报告 揭秘你所不知的双十一

随着移动互联网的飞速发展,今年双十一,各电商纷纷推出针对移动端购物的优惠政策,力拔头筹,移动端大战愈演愈烈。经过一天的比拼,各家电商 App 在今年双十一当天收获几何?

让BI告诉你:圣诞老人去哪了? - 王凯旋

刚看到一篇关于圣诞节BI分析的文章,觉得很有意思,特来翻译了下和大家一起分享(可惜的是文章发布的时间有点久)。伴随着圣诞节即将到来的日子,POWER BI团队来回答大家最为关注的一个问题:圣诞老人到哪去了?

FIghting Sexism In Silicon Valley

The scenarios depicted in the Newsweek story were disturbing, but frankly they remained somewhat abstract for me until I taught my class at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business several hours later. Read More

PlayStation Mobile平台惨淡 索尼宣布停运告终

PlayStation Mobile是索尼曾推出的充满抱负的移动游戏交易平台,旨在为PSV及部分安卓手机提供高质量独立游戏的发售平台。


18K 金定制版 Apple Watch 的定价让很多人吐槽,不过如果这些人看了苹果为定制版 Apple Watch 推出的 AppleCare+ 服务收费标准之后,可能会吐槽得更厉害。

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