Xbox One gamers can now send each other video games digitally

The ability to gift digital Xbox One video games to other players is now active for all Xbox One users. The feature was announced on Twitter via Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra earlier today and it now seems to be functional in most regions. ICYMI:

#Love: Meeting My Real-Life Husband In Virtual Vegas

Tinder,, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid. With dozens of internet dating sites available today, it seems that much of the younger generation is comfortable with the concept of meeting their significant others online. But as a divorcee and mother of two,

Nvidia Shield Tablet Review: A Gaming Beast, But So Much More

Nvidia's Shield tablet was made for playing games. That's what it's best at. But it's also much more. In fact, it should probably be your next Android tablet no matter how much button-mashing you do.Read more...

The 12 Best Games For The PlayStation 4

You're heading to the store to get a PS4 right now, and need to know which games to get. (Keep your eyes on the road, please!) Or you're home, all set up, realizing you want more stuff to play. Or maybe you're suiting up for a battle in the console war,

Minecraft Aquatic update to bring dolphins, water biomes, water physics and more

The next big update for Minecraft has been announced - say hello to Aquatic. Dolphins are coming!

Minecraft to add The Hive and CubeCraft to its multiplayer server line-up

Minecraft is adding 2 more mini game servers for players to take part in.

Xbox Insiders now have more options to filter by in the Store

New Xbox Store filtering options are now available for all Xbox Insiders.

Get an Xbox One X for just $348 (or less) with this method

Reduce the cost of an Xbox One X and get it for just $348 or less with this method.

Razer Phone now available at the Microsoft Store online or in-store

The Razer Phone is now available to purchase at the Microsoft Store online or in-store.

Get this free Minecraft Skin pack ahead of Minecon Earth

Ahead of all the celebration, Mojang has released a free skin pack to prepare Minecraft fans for the excitement of Minecon.

Amazon joins Microsoft and Facebook in ONNX open source AI initiative

Amazon is the latest company to join ONNX, a new open open ecosystem for interchangeable AI models that Microsoft and Facebook launched in September of this year.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s recent remarks bring into question what a ‘real comptuer’ is these day

“Get a real computer” may seem like the go-to flippant response from in-bittered Mac and Windows fanboys when attempting to mitigate the impact of Chromebooks and iPads to the customary notion of personal computing workstations, however,

EA just made things worse with epic downvoted Reddit reply on Star Wars Battlefront 2 unlock issue

EA's response to a question on Reddit regarding Star Wars: Battlefront 2 player unlocks has quickly become the most downvoted post in Reddit history.

New more inclusive Xbox Avatars won’t arrive until early 2018

Xbox head of engineering Mike Ybarra tweeted earlier today that he now expects the redesigned avatars to ship in early 2018.


1796年,化学家Smithson Tennant发现钻石由碳构成。1950年代,科学家发现了用高温和高压从石墨生成钻石的方法。但当时的人造钻石又小又不完美,只能用作牙钻和钢锯。


Google的研究体现了平均订单价值(AOV)与购买前所需天数/步骤之间存在的关联。这里的步骤指的是消费者与品牌之间的互动次数。另外,AOV指的是客单价,为了便于比较,首日/步骤1 AOV的值为1。

女性玩家注意!行版粉紅色 PS Vita 將於 11 月 13 日發售

雖然 PS Vita 之前曾推出過不少其他顏色的版本,不過似乎都不太適合女性玩家。幸好今日香港 SCE 正式公佈將會推出一部全新淺粉紅/白色版的 PS Vita,並且會與日本地區同步發售。不知各位女性玩家會否考慮購買一部呢?





SQL Server调优系列基础篇 - 指尖流淌

前言关于SQL Server调优系列是一个庞大的内容体系,非一言两语能够分析清楚,本篇先就在SQL 调优中所最常用的查询计划进行解析,力图做好基础的掌握,夯实基本功!而后再谈谈整体的语句调优。



首届CES Asia亮点纷呈:大量新产品发布会,与会者来自40多个国家,多达53场会议

行业领袖探讨消费科技市场前景、移动通信在传统行业的应用、物联网之影响、机器人、城市互连等等 弗吉尼亚州阿灵顿-(美国商业资讯)--首届CES AsiaTM俨然成为一系列令人瞩目的创新成果的发布平台,这些创新成果由来自16个国家的200多家参展商推出,此次展会奠定了CES Asia作为核心展会舞台的地位,CES Asia成为专供全球企业展示其专门为亚洲市场打造的最新产品、服务和技术的舞台。



三星电子否认裁员 称只是重新安置


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