Microsoft pledges to cut carbon emissions by 75 percent by 2030

The new promise sets Microsoft on the goals of the Paris climate agreement and is part of the company's ongoing commitment to using renewable energy and investing in energy efficiency.

Meltdown: Intel now asking everyone to skip flawed firmware updates

Intel is now asking PC OEMs and consumers to skip recent firmware updates, as they may introduce higher than expected reboots.

Microsoft reveals the workings of OneDrive Files Restore feature

Microsoft has finally revealed the workings of the OneDrive Files Restore feature, showing users how they can recover files accidentally deleted or compromised by malware infection.

You’ll soon be able to view and delete diagnostic data in Windows 10

It turns out that you may soon have the ability to view, control and delete diagnostic data in Windows 10

Microsoft software sales in Russia limited by new US sanctions

Thanks in large part to the back and forth posturing of the US and Russia, Microsoft has found itself restricted to whom it can sell its software to in the area.

New images of long dead Xbox Watch prototype leak

Pictures of a working prototype of Microsoft's Xbox smartwatch leaked today, giving us a first glance at the different features that Microsoft was developing for the wearable device.

London Metropolitan Police to finally migrate off Windows XP

The London Metropolitan Police happens to be one of the groups still using Windows XP, and it turns out they will be finally migrating off it soon

Minecraft Chemistry Update coming in early February for all users of Minecraft: Education Edition

With the Chemistry Update, Minecraft developer Mojang plans to introduce a fun way to explore chemistry within MinecraftEDU next month.

Microsoft unveils new Skype Professional Account for remote service providers

Microsoft has just announced the Skype Professional account, a new Skype desktop client designed for all service providers conducting their online business on Skype.

This weeks Deals with Gold feature Verdun, Soul Axiom and WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship

Starting today, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can check out new Deals with Gold featuring up to 80% discounts on WRC 6 Fia World Rally Championship, Sonic Generations, Deadpool and many more Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles.

Dive into Star Wars Battlefront II: Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition now on Xbox One

Star Wars Battlefront II: Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition is now available to play on the Xbox One. This special version of Star Wars Battlefront II gives owners three days of early access to the new video game before it opens to the general public (i.e.

荷蘭公路測試新技術 路面夜晚會發光

荷蘭 Oss 地區附近公路一段 500 米路段,成為首段使用夜光油漆照明的公路。夜光油漆在日照時吸收陽光,就可以在晚間照明最多 8 小時,為駕駛者提供較清晰安全的路面狀況。閱讀全文

【javascript 引用类型(一)】 - Tiramisu_

javascript 的引用类型大致分为:Object 类型、Array 类型、Date 类型、RegExp 类型、Function 类型、基本包装类型和单体内置对象。这里我们着重介绍Object 类型、Array 类型和RegExp 类型。【Object 类型】创建Object 实例的方式有两种,...

360百度互诉不正当竞争 两案同日宣判



采用干泵技术后,更高的可靠性和生产力为大型钢铁生产商带来高收益 英国克劳利--(美国商业资讯)--Edwards为意大利的一家大型钢铁生产商安装了一套模块化钢脱气系统,以取代现有的一套高运行成本、高能耗蒸汽喷射器系统。

再來一部 64 bit 中階機!Lenovo Vibe Z2 正式登場

iPhone 5S 使用 64 bit 處理器之後,Android 手機那邊一時間反應不來,不過等了一年,隨著 Android L 將會支援 64 bit 處理器,配備這種處理器的新機款也應運而生。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post 再來一部 64 bit 中階機!

Ezra Miller Cast as 'The Flash' for Film, Confusing TV Fans of Grant Gustin

When Warner Bros. laid out the game plan Wednesday for 10 DC Comics films — all flying into theaters within the next six years — fans of the TV series The Flash noticed Grant Gustin wasn't listed to star in the newly announced film The Flash.Instead of Gustin,


体验过 Windows 10 技术预览版的用户不难发现,这一系统与早前的 Win7/8 都有不少细微差别。其中文件管理器中的“主页(Home folder)”就是一把双刃剑。  

视频演讲: 病毒防御云体系


第三篇:属性_第二节:控件属性在页面及源码中的表示方式 - 博客园(韩兆新)

一、属性在页面及源码中的表示方式 认真地看看页面中声明控件的代码,你会发现控件属性在页面中的表示千变万化。我们看看下面这些: 控件属性在页面源码中的表达方式 当前页面所在程序集: Hello Label! Hello TextBox!


现代生活中人与人的沟通手段越来越多,但大家却愈发封闭,需要个人空间。面对这种要求,炫酷的 Orrb 出现了。  Orrb 是一种高科技的休息舱,我们可以躲在里面,享受一个人的时光。

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