Star Wars’ John Boyega to play Battlefront II in latest Mixer Xbox Live Sessions

Microsoft yesterday announced Star Wars' John Boyega as the next celebrity guest in Mixer's Xbox live Sessions

Minecraft Aquatic update to bring dolphins, water biomes, water physics and more

The next big update for Minecraft has been announced - say hello to Aquatic. Dolphins are coming!

Minecraft to add The Hive and CubeCraft to its multiplayer server line-up

Minecraft is adding 2 more mini game servers for players to take part in.

Xbox Insiders now have more options to filter by in the Store

New Xbox Store filtering options are now available for all Xbox Insiders.

Get an Xbox One X for just $348 (or less) with this method

Reduce the cost of an Xbox One X and get it for just $348 or less with this method.

Razer Phone now available at the Microsoft Store online or in-store

The Razer Phone is now available to purchase at the Microsoft Store online or in-store.

Get this free Minecraft Skin pack ahead of Minecon Earth

Ahead of all the celebration, Mojang has released a free skin pack to prepare Minecraft fans for the excitement of Minecon.

Amazon joins Microsoft and Facebook in ONNX open source AI initiative

Amazon is the latest company to join ONNX, a new open open ecosystem for interchangeable AI models that Microsoft and Facebook launched in September of this year.

Minecraft: Education Edition now boasts 2 million users

The collaborative platform for learning based on the massively popular sandbox game now has more than 2 million users across 115 countries.

Microsoft pledges to cut carbon emissions by 75 percent by 2030

The new promise sets Microsoft on the goals of the Paris climate agreement and is part of the company's ongoing commitment to using renewable energy and investing in energy efficiency.

Microsoft unveils new Skype Professional Account for remote service providers

Microsoft has just announced the Skype Professional account, a new Skype desktop client designed for all service providers conducting their online business on Skype.



天合光能为英国Knowlton Court地面电站供应11兆瓦组件

常州2014年5月14日电/美通社/ -- 天合光能近日宣布为Vogt Solar在英国坎特伯雷(Canterbury)肯特 (Kent) 的 Knowlton Court 地面电站供应11兆瓦约四万六千件光伏组件。

How to Drink an IPA, One Hop Flavor at a Time

If you're a fan of modern, American IPAs (PBR drinkers: Go stand in the corner) then you are no doubt a friendly familiar of hops, the magical bud that gives beer its bitter bite. But with hundreds up hops varieties and some brews using upwards of a dozen of them ,


美国艾柏林基督大学(Abilene Christian)大学在过去三年之中一直在研究移动设备对学生学习的影响,在iPad发布之前,该大学曾承诺将为大学新生提供iPhone和iPod Touch。

Turning a chunk of wood into something beautiful is satisfying to watch

Here is Alan Holland performing his craft: woodturning. He takes a big chunk of wood, spins it on a lathe and shaves and cuts it down into something much more detailed. It's painstaking work but it looks absolutely rewarding.


最近阿里上市创造的神话,震惊了中国的各路诸侯,巩固了马云这尊大神在 互联网 界的神位,揭示了互联网在金钱买卖业给我们这个社会带来的巨大能量 您可能也喜欢的文章: 2014中国数字营销行业峰会在京召开 程序化广告正重塑互联网广告市场 互联网大数据看餐饮未来趋势 | 199IT互联网TMT数据 | 中文互联网.

面试 Quant 时你都有哪些好的面试题来衡量候选人的水平?

同意 @nova avon 所说的要分清楚什么职位的quant。比如Quant strategist 的IT 水平要求可能就不如 IT Quant来的高。如果楼主面试英美银行,那么准备好一天的brain teaser的轮番轰炸吧,可参见一本很老的书:heard on the street。


东东推荐:产品规划是真正的产品经理需要具备的技能。许多初级产品经理其实很少涉及这一块,更多的是执行性工作,但是 […]

Watch white blood cells swarm and attack a parasite

The human body is such a magnificent thing. Just check out this video that shows how our immune system works. When a parasite finds its way inside a place where it clearly shouldn't be, white blood cells immediately start rushing to the rescue.

Could Saturn's moon Titan host an alternate type of life?

In a world first, chemical engineers have taken a different look at a question astronomers and biologists have been pondering for decades: Does Saturn moon Titan host life?Of course,

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