Star Wars’ John Boyega to play Battlefront II in latest Mixer Xbox Live Sessions

Microsoft yesterday announced Star Wars' John Boyega as the next celebrity guest in Mixer's Xbox live Sessions

EU congratulates tech companies on removing hate speech

The EU has praised tech companies for removing more online hate speech.

Microsoft moves Windows 10 Insider build 17074.1002 to the Slow Ring

Just a few days after a Fast Ring release, Microsoft has moved Windows 10 Insider build 17074.1002 to the Slow Ring.

Activision announces latest Call of Duty: WWII Community Event “The Resistance”

The next Community Event for Call of Duty: WWII has been announced by Activision, called "The Resistance".

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition to be released on February 20

As of February 20, 2018, fans of the real-time-strategy (RTS) game should able to boot up the wholely remastered edition of Age of Empires on their Windows 10 PC.

Alexa is coming for “select Windows 10 PCs” in Q1 2018, sign up for more info

We should start seeing Alexa on select Windows 10 PCs from Acer, HP and Lenovo in Q1 2018, exclusively in the US.

Microsoft announces dates for next Windows Insider webcast plus upcoming meetups in Japan

The next Windows Insider webcast will air on Tuesday, January 23, and the team also announced upcoming Windows Insider meetups in Japan next month.

Office 2016 for Mac gets real time co-authoring, automatic saves with latest update

The January 2018 release introduces real-time collaborative editing in Word, Excel and Powerpoint, automatic saves for all documents stored in the cloud as well a version history feature to access earlier versions

Minecraft: Education Edition now boasts 2 million users

The collaborative platform for learning based on the massively popular sandbox game now has more than 2 million users across 115 countries.

Microsoft pledges to cut carbon emissions by 75 percent by 2030

The new promise sets Microsoft on the goals of the Paris climate agreement and is part of the company's ongoing commitment to using renewable energy and investing in energy efficiency.

Microsoft unveils new Skype Professional Account for remote service providers

Microsoft has just announced the Skype Professional account, a new Skype desktop client designed for all service providers conducting their online business on Skype.

电梯调度 结对项目开发跟踪2 - 雨夜星辰


Ukraine's 'Gas Princess' Joins 'Dr. Iron Fist' and 'Chocolate King' in Presidential Race

KIEV, Ukraine — In case she didn’t make it clear when she returned from medical treatment in Germany last week when she tweeted, “Good day. I’m back. In every way,” Yulia Tymoshenko, the former Ukrainian prime minister with the trademark blonde braid,

New Method For Analyzing Fingerprints Uses Tiny Patterns of Sweat

Fingerprints, as most of us know, are composed of whorls, loops, and arches. But keep zooming in, and you'll find tiny, tiny sweat pores arranged in patterns equally unique. Scientists in Korea have found a new way to map those pores that could help identify decade-old fingerprint fragments.

用户抱怨漏洞多 iOS 7.1.2将会在本月发布?

我们今早才报导过,安全专家 Andreas Kurtz 在苹果的移动操作系统当中发现了一个邮件加密的新漏洞,即原生邮件应用程序当中的附加邮件并没有受到加密系统的保护。

陈冠希做电商:产品数量有限制,我的 T 恤不是 60 元

题图:陈冠希请你吃“热狗”明星做潮牌不是什么新鲜事,但是最出名的要数陈老师的 CLOT,创立之初,就给自己定下“中国第一潮牌”的格调。除了开分店,在互联网大潮面前,CLOT 也打起了电商的主意。

[原创]ActionScript3游戏中的图像编程(连载二十七) - iloveas

2.2Photoshop投影样式在Flash基本滤镜中的体现 作为上帝的另一个化身,Flash在图层样式方面自然也不甘示弱,不过在Flash里面,它有另外一个名字——滤镜(仅仅从概念上说,Flash的滤镜包含了Photoshop里的图层样式和滤镜)。

windows 下搭建git服务器,及问题处理。 - spsh68



广州2014年8月26日电 /美通社/ -- 8月21日,由惠州市质量技术监督标准与编码所、惠东县质监局、惠东县中小企业局主办,SGS协办的“鞋类企业的春天 -- 欧美鞋类产品RSL受限物质新指令速递”研讨会在惠东县吉隆粤东国际鞋材市场成功举办。


当产品基础框架开发完成,进入成熟期后,产品的周期化迭代就变得非常重要。所谓产品迭代,就是在一定时间内,对该产品 […]


威锋网讯,iPhone 6 在苹果大陆官网的售价分别是 5288,6088 和 6888 元。即使是在运营商处购买 1 年或者 2 年的合约计划,价格也只是比裸机价格贵上一点,但近日国外一档估价格的节目就出现了下面这一幕。    

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