Windows Mixed Reality gets its own new video ad: watch it here

The company recently unleashed ads on YouTube for the Surface Book 2 and Surface Precision Mouse, but also new is a short 15-second ad for Windows Mixed Reality.

Take A First Look At Ernest Cline's Armada... And Win A Signed Copy!

Ernie Cline took the world by storm with his video game epic Ready Player One. Now he’s back with a brand new novel Armada — with a premise that will sound very familiar to fans of The Last Starfighter. Read the first chapter, right here — and if you’re quick,

East of Palo Alto’s Eden

What if Silicon Valley had emerged from a racially integrated community? Would the technology industry be different?  Would we? And what can the technology industry do now to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past?

No Man’s Sky preparing “The Abyss,” just in time for Halloween

The Abyss is coming to No Man's Sky, an update to the game which will be available on PS4, Steam and Xbox One arriving next week

Microsoft to hold latest Connect(); online dev event in December

The Event starts on the 4th of December at 8:30 PT

Earth Lens, the latest Microsoft Garage Project aims to improve aerial imagery with AI

Following the launch of Microsoft’s AI for Earth Program to help solve the world’s biggest environmental problems, the company has recently tasked a team of Garage Interns to improve aerial imagery with AI.

US Labor Dept scrapped almost done deal with Microsoft on pay, promotions for women, wants tougher r

The US Labor Department has been working to resolve claims that Microsoft discriminated against women on the job, but negotiations have hit a snag. The Labor Department in July nearly did a deal until they turned an about face in an undisclosed deal without admitting to claims.

Asus’ new Zen AiO 27 targets Surface Studio users, features Qi charging

Asus is looking to take on Microsoft’s recently released Surface Studio 2 all-in-on PC for artists and creators with their new Asus Zen AiO 27

Save big on Xbox One horror games during this week’s Shocktober Sale

Now that Halloween is almost upon us, Microsoft has just announced a limited-time Shocktober sale featuring many horror video games franchises.

Forza Horizon 4 to add a route creator this week, a top requested feature

Forza Horizon 4 already received a couple of bug fixes updates since launch, but the first content update for the critically-acclaimed open-world racing game will be available this Thursday, October 25.

Microsoft shows off Surface Book 2, Precision Mouse in new video ads

Microsoft is showcasing the Surface Book 2 and Surface Precision Mouse in a pair of new videos on YouTube. The Surface Book 2 video shows a scientist using the Surface Book 2 to visualize and design a robot,

Star Wars’ John Boyega to play Battlefront II in latest Mixer Xbox Live Sessions

Microsoft yesterday announced Star Wars' John Boyega as the next celebrity guest in Mixer's Xbox live Sessions

Minecraft: Education Edition now boasts 2 million users

The collaborative platform for learning based on the massively popular sandbox game now has more than 2 million users across 115 countries.




婺源2014年5月27日电 /美通社/ -- 为进一步加大江西生态旅游的文化输出,以婺源、庐山、三清山和景德镇古窑等江西境内的国家5A 级景区率先联合,组团到客源地市场开展一系列的推广活动,活动形式新颖,市场影响力巨大,深受当地市民的喜爱。




Pressy,那个创新的Android防尘塞按钮,已经发货了。 它是一个长得有点像钉子的东西,可以被塞到And […]


“电视已经是中老年人的专属,年轻人早就不看电视了。” 很久以前,你应该就已经听过这样的说法。而最近,收视调查机 […]

Price tag on Obama's budget: $4 trillion

WASHINGTON — President Obama sent Congress a record $4 trillion budget Monday that would boost taxes on higher-income Americans and corporations, pushing past tight federal spending caps to fund an ambitious public works program and provide middle-class tax relief.Obama's budget,



MIT教授:摩尔定律已无意义 科技未来靠创新

新手福利:Apache Spark入门攻略

本文聚焦Apache Spark入门,了解其在大数据领域的地位,覆盖Apache Spark的安装及应用程序的建立,并解释一些常见的行为和操作。

深入评论 | 同性婚姻合法化与同性恋者的健康

2015-08-24 Elbert Chang  美国最高法院于2015年6月26日以5:4的投票结果裁定,同性婚姻合乎宪法。至此,美国50个州的同性情侣都将有步入合法婚姻的权利,14个州对同性婚姻的禁令随之撤销。

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