Few UK workers believe AI will threaten their jobs

New research has revealed that most UK workers see AI as a threat to their children's employment and not their own.

UK and France team up for major AI partnership

New digital conference will help promote collaboration on areas such as AI development.

Kaspersky seeks return to US government networks

Security firm issues injunction at the US Department of Homeland Security.

Google boosts China push with Tencent partnership

Patent agreement gives Google a significant entry to growing Chinese market.

Nokia signs 5G supply deal with NTT DoCoMo

Partnership could look to power the networks for 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

WhatsApp targets small businesses with new UK app launch

WhatsApp Business available now for Android users for organisations of all sizes.

What is PSD2? Everything you need to know

New rules have come into force governing banking across Europe - here is everything you need to know.

The adoption of containers in the IT industry

A disconnect has emerged between the interest being shown in containers and actual adoption.

Questions to ask your global WAN provider

A global wide area network (WAN) should guarantee your company a consistently high-quality user experience anywhere in the world.

Big and small: That’s how the future of VPNs will evolve

In the end, the VPN market will still be divided between big players and small players (niche players).

Cisco announces $1bn program to fund smart cities

Networking giant also upgrades its own smart cities platform.

Soundwave Adds Chrome Browser Extension To Let You Track Your Desktop Music Listening

Soundwave, the music discovery app that tracks the listening habits of you, your friends and other users you follow, has enabled desktop tracking in the form of a Chrome browser extension so that a plethora of desktop web-based music services can send listening data to the app. Read More


1、大部分人已经开始停止讲大数据了 今年我们去美国的大数据的时候,你会发现大部分人已经开始停止讲大这个词了,那创造了一个词叫Data,这个词是非常有意思的,我们把数据工程化,里面必须要有一个标准要出现,而且在有标准要出现之后,还有一些楼层要出现。



Almost the Entire State of California Is Now in 'Exceptional Drought'

Just when Californians thought it couldn't get worse, the three-year drought that has enveloped the state intensified a little over the past week. Scratch that; it intensified a lot.

California police can use surveillance drones without a warrant

Privacy advocates have expressed their disappointment at the decision to veto a bill requiring the authorities to obtain a warrant before using drones for surveillance operations.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/30/california-police-can-use-surveillance-drones-without-warrant/

微软:Windows 10 File Explorer用户体验将更优秀

File Explorer是微软在Windows系统中推出的一个文件管理功能。伴随着新系统Windows 10的即将到来,这家公司希望能为用户提供更加优质的File Explorer。

惠普推大波显示器 5K、4K、21:9虚拟现实都有

威锋网 1 月 6 日消息 CES 一直是显示器大放光彩的最佳舞台,今年也不例外,惠普发布了多款超主流标准的旗舰级显示器,5K 和 4K 分辨率均有,而且还有曲面屏幕和支持虚拟现实技术的屏幕等等。  



Intensifying Typhoon Dolphin closes in on Guam

Typhoon Dolphin, which as of Thursday morning eastern time was a strengthening Category 2 storm with maximum sustained winds of 105 miles per hour, is forecast to bring strong winds, heavy rains and a potentially destructive storm surge to Guam and the far southern Mariana Islands on Friday,

SpaceX Still Doesn't Know Why Its Falcon 9 Rocket Blew Up

On Sunday, Elon Musk’s SpaceX saw another rocket explode —this time only minutes after launch. And following what must’ve been a fun night of review for the SpaceX team, the verdict on what went wrong is in: They don’t have a clue.Read more...

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