Former Microsoft employee Ben Payne heads to McLaren as director of esports

Ben Payne, a Microsoft employee previously responsible for third party marking, partnerships for Xbox EMEA, has left the company and joined McLaren as director of eSports

Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition is just $6 with this week’s Deals with Gold

One of the best shooters of 2016 is more affordable than ever thanks to this week’s Deals with Gold.

Video game downloads now show in the Guide on Xbox One

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has confirmed via a tweet on his personal account that video game and app downloads on Xbox One consoles are now viewable within the popup Guide. Previously the progress of downloads were only viewable within the My games & apps screen and on the main Dashboard.

Xbox One’s Sea of Thieves is one of the top games on Twitch right now

Sea of Thieves has only been out for a few hours now and it’s already holding second place in Twitch’s ranking of most-viewed game streams. Currently over 94,000 Twitch users are viewing a stream of Sea of Thieves, falling just behind Fortnite which is at around 104,000 viewers.

Microsoft makes changes to its Service Agreement, to take effect May 1st

Microsoft is making some changes and update to its Microsoft Services Agreement and for the next month you may want to familiarize yourself with

Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update also gets a fix for the PDF bug in Microsoft Edge

The latest Patch Tuesday Update for Windows 10 Mobile version 1703 has finally fixed the PDF bug in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft reduces “offline time” for Windows 10 featured updates to an average of 30 minutes

Microsoft has worked on the phases of Windows Update in order to help reduce the "offline time" between Windows 10 featured updates to an average of 30 minutes

Sea of Thieves and more: check out these new games for Xbox, coming this week

In addition to Sea of Thieves, eight other games will be released on the Xbox One this week including R.B.I. Baseball 18, Attack on Titan 2 and MX vs ATV all Out.

Windows Mixed Reality gets its own new video ad: watch it here

The company recently unleashed ads on YouTube for the Surface Book 2 and Surface Precision Mouse, but also new is a short 15-second ad for Windows Mixed Reality.

Microsoft shows off Surface Book 2, Precision Mouse in new video ads

Microsoft is showcasing the Surface Book 2 and Surface Precision Mouse in a pair of new videos on YouTube. The Surface Book 2 video shows a scientist using the Surface Book 2 to visualize and design a robot,

Star Wars’ John Boyega to play Battlefront II in latest Mixer Xbox Live Sessions

Microsoft yesterday announced Star Wars' John Boyega as the next celebrity guest in Mixer's Xbox live Sessions

开源BitTorrent应用Popcorn Time挑战Netflix

合法视频服务如Netflix、亚马逊和Hulu的流行降低了消费者的BitTorrent文件共享服务的需求,但如今BitTorrent社区发起了反击,一群开发者推出了一款基于BitTorren的免费开源视频应用Popcorn Time,支持Windows、Mac和Linux,提供了一个没有广告界面清爽播放操作简单的高清视频点播服务,其中的电影多数都是720p或1080p格式。

[图表]三星S5遭HTC M8紧逼:渠道报价不断走低

4月15日消息,2014年度最受关注的两款旗舰新机于近日在国内上架,HTC One(M8)与三星GALAXY S5最终均以5299元的首发售价现货开卖。

好久不见:Jolla Phone本月将登陆香港市场

安锋网 8 月 1 日消息,早在去年的上半年,Jolla 公司就发布了旗下的第一款搭载 Sailfish OS(旗鱼)的手机 Jolla Phone 但该机发售过程似乎不是那么的顺利,一直到去年的年底才正式在欧洲开始销售,而近日 Jolla 的官方推特表示,Jolla Phone 将会在本月的 12 日正式登陆香港市场,由通讯商 Three 独家发行。  

Magnitude 6.0 Quake Hits Northern California, Causing Injuries and Outages

As numerous sources report, an earthquake of magnitude 6.0 struck California early Sunday morning, with an epicenter about 9 miles south of Napa. According to the San Francisco Chronicle's account, Some power lines down in western Contra Costa County, but Bay Area bridges appeared to be fine,

富士康谷歌都在抢着使用机器人 阿里还会远吗?




应用内广告平台 Lootsie 完成 350 万美元种子轮融资

应用内广告平台 Lootsie 今天宣布,已完成 350 万美元种子轮融资。这家创业公司允许开发者在其游戏和其他应用中增加积分兑换机制。

Windows 10技术预览版现已可用最新通用版Office

微软最新Office套件出现在Windows 10技术预览版中。Word、Excel和PowerPoint最新的通用版本,为台式机、触摸屏和移动设备等平台进行了优化。

AdDuplex:Windows Phone市场回升 低端及微软设备占据主流

权威市调机构AdDuplex日前发布了最新的Windows Phone市场统计报告,显示上月WP设备销量已经有了明显改善。

8点1氪:Apple Watch今日开启预订,买么?

Apple Watch开始预定,调查显示大部分人购买意愿较低1. Apple Watch将在今天下午3点开放预订,4月24日正式发售,首发市场包括美国、加拿大、澳大利亚、中国、日本、中国香港、法国、德国以及英国。

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