Former Microsoft employee Ben Payne heads to McLaren as director of esports

Ben Payne, a Microsoft employee previously responsible for third party marking, partnerships for Xbox EMEA, has left the company and joined McLaren as director of eSports

Meltdown: Intel now asking everyone to skip flawed firmware updates

Intel is now asking PC OEMs and consumers to skip recent firmware updates, as they may introduce higher than expected reboots.

Microsoft reveals the workings of OneDrive Files Restore feature

Microsoft has finally revealed the workings of the OneDrive Files Restore feature, showing users how they can recover files accidentally deleted or compromised by malware infection.

You’ll soon be able to view and delete diagnostic data in Windows 10

It turns out that you may soon have the ability to view, control and delete diagnostic data in Windows 10

Microsoft software sales in Russia limited by new US sanctions

Thanks in large part to the back and forth posturing of the US and Russia, Microsoft has found itself restricted to whom it can sell its software to in the area.

New images of long dead Xbox Watch prototype leak

Pictures of a working prototype of Microsoft's Xbox smartwatch leaked today, giving us a first glance at the different features that Microsoft was developing for the wearable device.

London Metropolitan Police to finally migrate off Windows XP

The London Metropolitan Police happens to be one of the groups still using Windows XP, and it turns out they will be finally migrating off it soon

Minecraft Chemistry Update coming in early February for all users of Minecraft: Education Edition

With the Chemistry Update, Minecraft developer Mojang plans to introduce a fun way to explore chemistry within MinecraftEDU next month.

Windows Mixed Reality gets its own new video ad: watch it here

The company recently unleashed ads on YouTube for the Surface Book 2 and Surface Precision Mouse, but also new is a short 15-second ad for Windows Mixed Reality.

Microsoft shows off Surface Book 2, Precision Mouse in new video ads

Microsoft is showcasing the Surface Book 2 and Surface Precision Mouse in a pair of new videos on YouTube. The Surface Book 2 video shows a scientist using the Surface Book 2 to visualize and design a robot,

Star Wars’ John Boyega to play Battlefront II in latest Mixer Xbox Live Sessions

Microsoft yesterday announced Star Wars' John Boyega as the next celebrity guest in Mixer's Xbox live Sessions

Is the Spider-Man and X-Men Movie Team-Up for Real?

Spider-Man and the X-Men — together at last on the big screen? Well, sort of.Word came down Wednesday that the post-credits “stinger” at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2 featured Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence, fighting a group of soldiers alongside some fellow X-Men.SEE ALSO:

三年IT感悟 - paseo


Facebook 的 60 万人秘密实验:情绪可在 SNS 间传染

坐拥 12 亿活跃用户,Facebook 这个社交王国在数据科学家的利用下,成为了绝佳的心理学实验平台。

Francis Maude pushes for UK government to "go digital"

Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude has re-emphasised the “digital by default” agenda, claiming it will lead to cheaper and better services.Read more:

Instagrammer Creates Snap, Crackle Pop Art With Rice Krispies

Emoji, sneakers, pizza, a cover of Harper's Bazaar — you name it, Jessica Siskin can make it out of Rice KrispiesSiskin is the sole proprietor of Misterkrisp, a dessert shop that, at the moment, operates exclusively through the Instagram account @mister_krispSee also:


TIOBE 2014 年 12 月编程语言排行榜今天发布,前三名仍然没有变化,C、Java、Objective-C。R 和 Swift 成为了今年 TIOBE 年度语言的候选者,这一结果将在明年也就是2015年的1月份宣布。

數學課變英文課! 教你全英文說數學!

"二的八次方怎麼念?" "(3+7)/2=5"又要怎麼說呢? 超實用的數學算式英文說法, 讓你在數學課彷彿置身於英文課中! 在簡報呈現上有數字或公式的地方也能夠專業表達! 閱讀全文

[视频]Blesh推谷歌“Physical Web”平台首款Beacon硬件

为进一步同苹果的iBeacon平台竞争在今年10月推出了早期测试项目--“Physical Web”,让每个智能设备用URL来标识自己,然后用户按照自己的需要通过URL和设备进行交互。



简单的几个Boost定时器 - 两仪清风

boost 的asio库里有几个定时的器,老的有 deadline_timer, 还有三个可配合 C++11 的 chrono 使用的 high_resolution_timer、steady_timer和 system_timer。 老的 deadline_timer我不太想用了,因为用起来...

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