Fix coming soon for Xbox One X’s Blu-ray problem

Xbox One X owners are reporting issues with playing Blu-rays with their new console. Thankfully, Microsoft is on the case. Microsoft’s own Mike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) announced that in a few days, there will be an Xbox One X update “to correct raised black levels w/HDR movies, etc.

Alienware Alpha Review: Close, But No Game Console

The Alienware Alpha sounds awesome. It's smaller and more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One. It doubles as an actual Windows PC! But be warned: it's not as easy to use as a game console, not as foolproof. It's not nearly the slam dunk I was hoping it would be.Read more...

No Man’s Sky preparing “The Abyss,” just in time for Halloween

The Abyss is coming to No Man's Sky, an update to the game which will be available on PS4, Steam and Xbox One arriving next week

Microsoft to hold latest Connect(); online dev event in December

The Event starts on the 4th of December at 8:30 PT

Earth Lens, the latest Microsoft Garage Project aims to improve aerial imagery with AI

Following the launch of Microsoft’s AI for Earth Program to help solve the world’s biggest environmental problems, the company has recently tasked a team of Garage Interns to improve aerial imagery with AI.

US Labor Dept scrapped almost done deal with Microsoft on pay, promotions for women, wants tougher r

The US Labor Department has been working to resolve claims that Microsoft discriminated against women on the job, but negotiations have hit a snag. The Labor Department in July nearly did a deal until they turned an about face in an undisclosed deal without admitting to claims.

Asus’ new Zen AiO 27 targets Surface Studio users, features Qi charging

Asus is looking to take on Microsoft’s recently released Surface Studio 2 all-in-on PC for artists and creators with their new Asus Zen AiO 27

Save big on Xbox One horror games during this week’s Shocktober Sale

Now that Halloween is almost upon us, Microsoft has just announced a limited-time Shocktober sale featuring many horror video games franchises.

Forza Horizon 4 to add a route creator this week, a top requested feature

Forza Horizon 4 already received a couple of bug fixes updates since launch, but the first content update for the critically-acclaimed open-world racing game will be available this Thursday, October 25.

Former Microsoft employee Ben Payne heads to McLaren as director of esports

Ben Payne, a Microsoft employee previously responsible for third party marking, partnerships for Xbox EMEA, has left the company and joined McLaren as director of eSports

Windows Mixed Reality gets its own new video ad: watch it here

The company recently unleashed ads on YouTube for the Surface Book 2 and Surface Precision Mouse, but also new is a short 15-second ad for Windows Mixed Reality.

Microsoft shows off Surface Book 2, Precision Mouse in new video ads

Microsoft is showcasing the Surface Book 2 and Surface Precision Mouse in a pair of new videos on YouTube. The Surface Book 2 video shows a scientist using the Surface Book 2 to visualize and design a robot,


Microsoft Launches Office For iPad, Available At 11am PT Today

Today at its press event in San Francisco, Microsoft unveiled Office for Apple’s iPad. The news, while expected, matters: Microsoft supporting Apple’s tablet marks an important moment for the company and its platform strategy. The code will be live at 11 am, today in the iOS App Store.

[视频]“意念控制”成真: 借助新设备 瘫痪男子重新抬起了他的右手




[原]Unity3D深入浅出 - 摄像机组件(Camera) - Tonge

在Unity中创建一个Caaera后,除了默认带一个Transform组件外,还会附带Flare Layer、GUI Layer、Audio Listener等4个组件,如下图。ClearFlags:清除标记;决定屏幕中哪部分被清除。

Google Photo Sphere Camera也進iOS系統中


传两款iPhone 6屏幕都将会是超视网膜级别

自从 iPhone 4 时代开始,视网膜(Retina)屏幕就已经成为 iPhone 产品线的一个标准。由于 iPhone 的屏幕已经不再限于 3.5 英寸,因此当初 iPhone 5 在发布时曾因为屏幕的问题引起了业界的广泛关注。

This Is the First Weekend in America With No Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday morning American broadcast TV was once animation's home field. Filling a cereal bowl with artificially colored sugar pebbles and staring at the tube was every kid's weekend plan. Not any more: For the first time in 50-plus years, you won't find any animation on broadcast this morning.

Kim Kardashian's latest job: spokeswoman for T-Mobile

Kim Kardashian has a new gig — as a spokeswoman for T-Mobile.The reality television star and wife of musician Kanye West tweeted out on Monday about her new job, starring in a commercial which will air during Conan O'Brien's show on Wednesday.See also:

Dropbox 25GB 快到期?5 步 Google Drive 轉移術

兩年前 Dropbox 曾舉行「Dropbox 空間大滿貫」活動,免費送學生 3~25GB 的空間,根據該校的參加人數而定,在本港及台灣有不少學生都有參與。不過兩年的限期將於 3 月 4 日,即下月結束。

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