Cars: Mater-National and three more games join Xbox One Backward Compatibility

T Xbox team is adding four new titles to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility catalog today including the kid-friendly racing game Cars: Mater-National Championship.

Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition is just $6 with this week’s Deals with Gold

One of the best shooters of 2016 is more affordable than ever thanks to this week’s Deals with Gold.

Video game downloads now show in the Guide on Xbox One

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has confirmed via a tweet on his personal account that video game and app downloads on Xbox One consoles are now viewable within the popup Guide. Previously the progress of downloads were only viewable within the My games & apps screen and on the main Dashboard.

Xbox One’s Sea of Thieves is one of the top games on Twitch right now

Sea of Thieves has only been out for a few hours now and it’s already holding second place in Twitch’s ranking of most-viewed game streams. Currently over 94,000 Twitch users are viewing a stream of Sea of Thieves, falling just behind Fortnite which is at around 104,000 viewers.

Microsoft makes changes to its Service Agreement, to take effect May 1st

Microsoft is making some changes and update to its Microsoft Services Agreement and for the next month you may want to familiarize yourself with

Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update also gets a fix for the PDF bug in Microsoft Edge

The latest Patch Tuesday Update for Windows 10 Mobile version 1703 has finally fixed the PDF bug in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft reduces “offline time” for Windows 10 featured updates to an average of 30 minutes

Microsoft has worked on the phases of Windows Update in order to help reduce the "offline time" between Windows 10 featured updates to an average of 30 minutes

Sea of Thieves and more: check out these new games for Xbox, coming this week

In addition to Sea of Thieves, eight other games will be released on the Xbox One this week including R.B.I. Baseball 18, Attack on Titan 2 and MX vs ATV all Out.

Fix coming soon for Xbox One X’s Blu-ray problem

Xbox One X owners are reporting issues with playing Blu-rays with their new console. Thankfully, Microsoft is on the case. Microsoft’s own Mike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) announced that in a few days, there will be an Xbox One X update “to correct raised black levels w/HDR movies, etc.

Former Microsoft employee Ben Payne heads to McLaren as director of esports

Ben Payne, a Microsoft employee previously responsible for third party marking, partnerships for Xbox EMEA, has left the company and joined McLaren as director of eSports

Windows Mixed Reality gets its own new video ad: watch it here

The company recently unleashed ads on YouTube for the Surface Book 2 and Surface Precision Mouse, but also new is a short 15-second ad for Windows Mixed Reality.

嘀嘀和快的补贴超过 4 个亿,财务上是怎么做账的?

谢马总( @唐僧同志)邀。估计面对这个问题,会计小能手也会变成会计小苦手了……由于使用打车软件客户端是司机的个人行为,出租车公司在其中并不参与,也没有合作。

Digital TV Research:预计2018年全球可连接网络智能电视规模为7.59亿部

在报告中,BI Intelligence研究人员详尽分析了智能电视的现状、未来趋势、影响因素、关键竞争厂商等方面。


据国外媒体报道,雅虎宣布,将不再支持使用 Facebook 和谷歌帐号登录其多种服务,包括 Fantasy Sports 和照片分享服务 Flickr。

Gartner: 2014年全球移动广告支出达180亿美元


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北京2014年7月30日电 /美通社/ -- “2014中国快乐投资论坛”是由中关村股权投资协会、快乐投资学院联合举办于8月16日在北京召开。本届论坛以“五年后,谁主资本江湖沉浮?

Anonymous Email App Under Fire for Creepy PR Stunt

The creators of an app that helps people send anonymous emails are coming under fire for a PR stunt that didn't quite go as planned.Over the last couple days, Leak, a new service that allows people to send anonymous emails,

以Apple Pay改变中国移动支付格局?没那么容易

苹果出手NFC支付,瞬间就改变了整个美国支付行业的方向和未来。但在中国NFC支付链条中,银联、运营商和苹果等手机公司都想占主导,银联和中移动刚刚统一了NFC技术标准,现在苹果Apple Pay标准又出来了,商家莫衷一是。

HBO To Offer Online Streaming Without TV Subscription

An anonymous reader writes By now, everyone not living in total isolation knows that HBO has announced plans to offer content streaming in 2015 with no TV subscription requirements. Many wonder what took HBO so long to make this transition.

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