Cars: Mater-National and three more games join Xbox One Backward Compatibility

T Xbox team is adding four new titles to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility catalog today including the kid-friendly racing game Cars: Mater-National Championship.

Meltdown: Intel now asking everyone to skip flawed firmware updates

Intel is now asking PC OEMs and consumers to skip recent firmware updates, as they may introduce higher than expected reboots.

Microsoft reveals the workings of OneDrive Files Restore feature

Microsoft has finally revealed the workings of the OneDrive Files Restore feature, showing users how they can recover files accidentally deleted or compromised by malware infection.

You’ll soon be able to view and delete diagnostic data in Windows 10

It turns out that you may soon have the ability to view, control and delete diagnostic data in Windows 10

Microsoft software sales in Russia limited by new US sanctions

Thanks in large part to the back and forth posturing of the US and Russia, Microsoft has found itself restricted to whom it can sell its software to in the area.

New images of long dead Xbox Watch prototype leak

Pictures of a working prototype of Microsoft's Xbox smartwatch leaked today, giving us a first glance at the different features that Microsoft was developing for the wearable device.

London Metropolitan Police to finally migrate off Windows XP

The London Metropolitan Police happens to be one of the groups still using Windows XP, and it turns out they will be finally migrating off it soon

Minecraft Chemistry Update coming in early February for all users of Minecraft: Education Edition

With the Chemistry Update, Minecraft developer Mojang plans to introduce a fun way to explore chemistry within MinecraftEDU next month.

Fix coming soon for Xbox One X’s Blu-ray problem

Xbox One X owners are reporting issues with playing Blu-rays with their new console. Thankfully, Microsoft is on the case. Microsoft’s own Mike Ybarra (@XboxQwik) announced that in a few days, there will be an Xbox One X update “to correct raised black levels w/HDR movies, etc.

Former Microsoft employee Ben Payne heads to McLaren as director of esports

Ben Payne, a Microsoft employee previously responsible for third party marking, partnerships for Xbox EMEA, has left the company and joined McLaren as director of eSports

Windows Mixed Reality gets its own new video ad: watch it here

The company recently unleashed ads on YouTube for the Surface Book 2 and Surface Precision Mouse, but also new is a short 15-second ad for Windows Mixed Reality.






设计师常常头疼的「高大上」、「国际范儿」,也可以理解为不要「廉价感」,但设计作品中的廉价感是如何产生的,又该如 […]

Secret iOS app brings anonymous chatting to the UK

The app, which has been popular over in the States, is now available for UK iPhone users to start gossiping away.Read more:



全新 NAO EVOLUTION:更强悍的机器人搭载更全面的操作系统

巴黎2014年6月26日电 /美通社/ -- ALDEBARAN宣布推出搭载NAOqi 2.0™ 操作系统的新一代NAO机器人NAO EVOLUTION。 (浏览完整多媒体内容:

Apple TV顶盒添加新YouTube应用及四个新频道

苹果公司的Apple TV机顶盒周二开始接收一系列新频道,其中最引人注目的是全新的YouTube应用,该应用可为用户提供最新的视频内容,其设计与其他机顶盒客户端类似,能让用户更方便地使用订阅和搜索功能。

直指天际! 国内第二家圆柱玻璃结构苹果店

威锋网 1 月 7 日消息,目前苹果在重庆在建的有两家新店,其中一家位于重庆万象城,内部照片显示该店的装修已经基本完成。而另外一家则是国泰广场的店面。最近关于这家店的建设也有新的动向。  

Sql Server之旅——第一站 那些给我们带来福利的系统视图 - 一线码农




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