The Perfect Gifts for Anyone Still Stoked About the Future

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Everything you need to know about shopping at Amazon Go

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This little gadget will end the bedtime blanket tug-o-war

Tired of your bed mate stealing the covers every night? The 'Cover Clamp' is here to keep your share of the blanket locked to your side of the bed. Read more...More about Gadgets, Mashable Video, Bed, Sleep, and Bedroom

Cute baby aardvark is fussy about being weighed

This bald wrinkly baby, named Winsol, lives with his mother at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Read more...More about Animals, Mashable Video, Baby Animals, Cincinnati Zoo, and Real Time

Bitter ex gets the best revenge on her cheating boyfriend

There are endless ways to end a relationship, but perhaps the most brutal of them all is by ghosting your partner, even if they totally deserve it.Ghosting, or completely cutting off all contact with someone without explanation,

You can win HQ, but you’ll never get that money. Probably.

You may be a trivia buff but you're no match for company lawyers. A provision in viral trivia app HQ's terms of service unearthed Monday by Vox presents a loophole for the company to get out of paying prize money to some winners. SEE ALSO:

Spielberg on 'Ready Player One' and the future: 'Virtual reality will be a super drug'

The director behind the upcoming film adaptation of Ready Player One is making some bleak predictions about what lies in store for us in the decades to come. While the rest of us are still waiting for Steven Spielberg's vision of creepy AI children to come true,

These iPhone cables are designed to last forever — and they're on sale

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Amazon is offering 3 months of unlimited music for $0.99 and it's kind of a big deal

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Gift ideas for kids: STEM toys that are fun and teach coding

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.Millennials' kids are growing up having never known a world before the internet, smartphones, and on-demand television. They're even more comfortable with devices than we are,

Volvo's parent company wants to sell you a flying car by 2019

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印度的历史古迹 Google 街景上线,包括泰姬陵等

Google今天终于将跟印度考古和勘察协会联合完成的30个历史古迹街景上线了,包括泰姬陵、Agra Fort、Qutb Minar塔、 Red Fort的红沙墙、等众多历史古迹,Google这次在印度的街景捕捉是。


在夜里玩智能手机有可能不是非常明智的选择,有两份研究显示晚上九点以后玩手机的人第二天醒来更累更无精打采,即便与同样观看其他发光屏幕例如电视机和平 板电脑的人对比,结果同样如此。

20个数据库设计的最佳实践 - Shocker


[视频]Moto 360最新宣传广告讲述经典圆形设计

在 Google I/O 大会亮相的三款 Android Wear 设备中,LG G Watch 和三星 Gear Live 已经上市,最后一款也是最备受期待的一款 Moto 360 也即将开卖。在此之前,摩托罗拉需要为手表的上市宣传造势。

It's So Hot In Yellowstone That a Road Literally Melted

Yellowstone National Park is riddled with constantly changing geothermal hot spots —it's part of the reason for the park's famous geysers. But this past Thursday, the area around one section of road got so hot that asphalt literally started melting.Read more...



'Nobody Spoke Australian': The Hilarious Outback Steakhouse Complaint

SYDNEY — The Outback Steakhouse restaurant is everything that is wrong with Australian-themed restaurants, and now someone is fighting back.A poster on Reddit, known only as themeandoggie, shared a complaint he said he received while working at the restaurantThe complaint read: "Not satisfied,




Chromebook开始要摆脱“鸡肋”的角色,因为现在终于有Android应用可以在Chrome OS运行,目前已有四个应用可用。另外一个好消息是,在App Runtime for Chrome上,开发者不需要修改应用就能在Chrome OS上运行。

如何使用 App Studio 快速定制你自己的 Universal Windows App - 王博_Nick

之前我为大家介绍过 App Studio 这只神器可以帮助大家快速制作一个 Windows Phone 8 的应用,今天之所以在写一篇关于 App Studio 的文章是因为,App Studio 经过了几次升级功能得到了明显提升还可以调用系统功能了,并且可以更方便的和应用商店关联发布 Univer.

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