Mozilla terminates its deal with Yahoo and makes Google the default in Firefox again

With the launch of Firefox Quantum, Mozilla released what’s probably the most important update to its browser in recent years. It’s faster, lighter and you should give it a try. And as you do so, you’ll notice another change:

2018 might be Amazon’s year to take a leading role in online advertising

With WPP’s over 200,000 employees and a $75 billion media book, Sir Martin Sorrell has a uniquely privileged insight into the future of the online advertising industry.

Inside Amazon’s surveillance-powered no-checkout convenience store

By now many have heard of Amazon’s most audacious attempt to shake up the retail world, the cashless, cashierless Go store. Walk in, grab what you want, and walk out. I got a chance to do just that recently, as well as pick the brain of one of its chief architects.

Sex, the final frontier: Cindy Gallop raises $2M from mysterious investor for social sex tech

“Everything’s a battle,” Cindy Gallop sighs, although ti’s clear she relishes those battles. What she means is that the entire Internet has long been divided into two separate, walled fiefdoms: one labelled “pornography,” the other marked with those three dread words “no adult content.

Why inclusion in the Google Arts & Culture selfie feature matters

When Google Arts & Culture’s new selfie-matching feature went viral earlier this week, many people of color found that their results were limited or skewed toward subservient and exoticized figures. In other words,

The Chinese think Palo Alto is dumpy

Good news! The great Raw Water Story of 2017 is finally over. Google tells me that searches went up ten-fold over the raw water craze, but thankfully, humans seem to have filtered out any more stories or follow ups. Silicon Valley can rest easy. But wait! There is another crisis brewing,

Mike Moritz and the declining America worker

Storied Sequoia investor Mike Moritz threw fire into the tech Twitter gumbo with his observations of hard-working Chinese workers and slothful Silicon Valley engineers. Moritz, a billionaire, clearly needs page views to fund his retirement. The major money quote about Silicon Valley is this:

Katalyst.Ventures, a new firm led by Susan Choe, has raised $34 million

There aren’t a lot of venture funds that are led by a single general partner who happens to be a woman. Sonja Hoel Perkins is one. The longtime Menlo Ventures managing director founded her own venture firm two years ago. Cindy Padnos, 

This tech startup is trying to tackle waste in Africa

Kenya has a waste management problem, especially in the country’s capital of Nairobi. As of 2016, Nairobi was producing around 2,400 tons of waste every day but only 38 percent of that trash was collected and less than 10 percent was recycled,

Twitter details how it reviews and enforces rules around hate speech, violence and harassment

Twitter has been under fire lately (slash always) for its methods to deal with harassment and abuse on its platform. In an effort to provide some insight into its thinking, Twitter has added some new articles to its help center that detail how the company reviews and enforces rules,

A mesh network spontaneously erupts in the US and helps connect Puerto Rico

When goTenna put out their Mesh device earlier this year, I thought the off-grid gadgets would be great for an emergency kit or back country hike. But it turns out that I underestimated the demand for a resilient, user-powered mesh network: dedicated nodes now populate cities across the country,

It's Time to Ditch Your Wallet for Mobile Payments

Credit and debit cards have significantly cut back on the amount of cash people carry with them at a given time. But what if you could reduce the number of cards you carry to just one — or even eliminate your wallet entirely? In the latest video of our Mobile Minute series,

电子观景窗搭载,Panasonic GM5 小巧无反正式发布

如果说各位觉得 GM1 还有什么缺憾,电子观景窗应该会是不少人心中的答案之一吧?没问题!在这次的 Photokina 大展上,Panasonic 用他们最新的小巧无反 Lumix DMC-GM5 回应了大家的声音,在维持...

Xbox One 中国大陆行货延迟发货,未透露原因

微软方面并没有给出导致发售拖延的具体原因,并一再澄清 Xbox One 大陆行货的一切进展良好,而为了给用户提供最优质的体验,需要多等一些时间。Xbox One 中国大陆行货价格定为 3699 元人民币,比国外普遍价格贵出 1/3。

Apple Pay和CurrentC谁是移动支付的未来

Apple Pay 的野心很大,试图在全球范围内打造一个移动支付生态圈。一方面,苹果正在积极推进 Apple Pay 在美国本土市场的普及,另一方面,它也加大了海外市场的布局。


人之工 人们都在说“故乡沦陷”,我倒没有太深的感受,不过作为一直在回乡的人,真切可以体会到那种被抽空后那种奄奄 […]


Listnr 是一款可以连接到云端的新型听力装置,通过聆听并分析外界的声音,给予用户一定的反馈,将人与环境紧密联系了起来。

TheVerge 做了个表,显示新 MacBook 正在如何追赶 PC 厂商

MacBook Air 和 Pro 漫长的更新(这里指突破性更新)周期做过去的几年里给了 PC 厂商很大的机会。今年 CES 亮相的 Dell XPS 13 甚至让坊间人称 iVerge 的 TheVerge 给出了“Dell 让我们看到了未来 PC 方向”的评价。

Microsoft Just Dropped An Update For Windows 10 But Isn’t Really Explaining What It is

“This update includes non–security-related changes to enhance the functionality of Windows 10 through new features and improvements.” — Someone at Microsoft. Microsoft dropped a crop of Windows 10 updates today, some of which you might already have, some of which you might not have.

天映娱乐与腾讯达成合作 携手重铸电影《天涯明月刀》

香港2015年9月17日电 /美通社/ -- 天映娱乐有限公司(天映娱乐)祝贺其合作伙伴腾讯正式成立腾讯影业,并对其在“泛娱乐”战略布局中打造明星 IP(知识产权,Intellectual Property)的出色表现表示高度认可。

微软收购 Havok Software

微软今天宣布,该公司已从英特尔手中收购了 Havok Software。Havok Software 是爱尔兰一家游戏技术开发商,在 2007 年 9 月被英特尔收购。 微软并未披露这笔收购的交易条款。 在一篇博文中 ,微软将 Havok Software 称之为“3D… Read More

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