This cute, flying robot could be your new bestie

Meet Fleye, an autonomous flying drone that is designed with users in mind. Its unique design provides a safe and easy drone flying experience, but if you're up for a challenge, you can program it to work on its own. Read more...More about Robots, Mashable Video, Drones, Robot, and Remote Control

Run like the wind with these wireless headphones

How many times have you pulled headphones from your pockets, only to find them tied up in endless amounts of loops? Or the cables from your headphones caught on something while you're out going for a run, harshly ripping the earbuds from your ears?  SEE ALSO:

Adam Sandler actually FaceTimes Justin Bieber while he's on holiday

You'd better believe Adam Sandler knows the Biebs.Not only are the two of them friends, apparently, but Sandler also once FaceTimed Bieber while he was on a family vacation in Hawaii.SEE ALSO:

Allison Janney and James Corden come to blows over 'The Sound of Music' parody

When you have two well-known celebrities vying for the same part, it's never going to end well.SEE ALSO: James Corden makes a stunning Belle in a 'Beauty and the Beast' crosswalk musicalFor the latest episode of "Crosswalk the Musical", James Corden enlists the help of Allison Janney, Anna Faris,

Love to travel? Save big on these innovative duffel bags, backpacks, and suitcases.

A good bag should be functional and hold all your things, but these days, bags do all sorts of helpful stuff. From acting as a portable closet to charging your phone, here are six great bags that go above and beyond the call of duty — and as a bonus, they're all on sale.1.

Why you feel guilty unfriending people you don’t even like

This post is part of Mashable's Spring Cleaning Week. Just a little something to distract you from the eternal dread of constantly wiping all those fingerprints off your screen. If we all sought to live our lives like the very best versions of ourselves,

'Avengers: Infinity War' cast have no doubt who their least trustworthy member is

When you're dealing with a a blockbuster on the scale of Avengers: Infinity War, you've got to try and keep those pesky spoilers under wraps.SEE ALSO: Captain America must die in 'Avengers: Infinity War'Apparently that's not too easy with Tom Holland around, though.

'Avengers: Infinity War' clip sees Iron Man and Doctor Strange arguing about ice cream

If there's one thing we learned from the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, it's that superheroes tend to do a lot of bickering.All those big egos, suddenly meeting each other for the first time — it's bound to happen, isn't it?SEE ALSO: The first reactions to Marvel's 'Avengers:

The Perfect Gifts for Anyone Still Stoked About the Future

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Amazon is offering 3 months of unlimited music for $0.99 and it's kind of a big deal

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.Spotify and Apple Music, meet your competition.Amazon Music Unlimited is currently offering not just one, but three months of ad-free, unlimited skip tunes for $0.99. Before you ask: no,

Gift ideas for kids: STEM toys that are fun and teach coding

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.Millennials' kids are growing up having never known a world before the internet, smartphones, and on-demand television. They're even more comfortable with devices than we are,



Ignasi Monreal的时装插画作品


苹果在不久前举办的日内瓦国际车展(Geneva International Motor Show)中发布了备受期待的“Carplay服务”。

Fly Era Windows is reportedly the most affordable Windows Phone device in Russia

According to a new report, a Russian-based OEM has plans to release what appears to be the most budget-friendly Windows Phone device in Russia dubbed as Fly Era Windows. According to the report from Russian grounds, Fly Era Windows will come with a 3,



机器玩具赛车Sphero 2B改名换姓,化身Ollie 正式亮相

两年前智能控制领域的创业公司Orbotix曾推出了其首款产品——Sphero 小球,到现在 Sphero 已经更新了两个版本。今天 Orbotix 又正式推出了Ollie版本,已经不再是以前的小球模样,而更像是一个更加智能的机器玩具赛车。

Bag Week: The Nomadic WT-18 Wise-Walker Toto

Can true bag pleasure be had for $81? I think so. I’ve fallen in love with Nomadic brand bags over the years and I would like to tell you about the Nomadic WT-18 Wise Walker Toto, a Japanese bag sold by JetPens that is just about amazing.

腾讯 QQ 6.6 正式发布

QQ 6.6正式发布,全新的视觉,如酷炫的登录框,相信会给你不一样的视觉体验。集成式聊天窗口、导出手机相册功能优化、消息发送失败支持一键重发等贴心的新功能您也不容错过。


北京、上海和深圳2014年12月11日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年马上就要来临,在2014年美国投资移民 EB-5签证配额用尽,给投资者敲响了警钟。究竟排期会在2015年何时出现,正是投资者关心的问题。



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