Saving the world is possible with cardboard in this behind the scenes of our 'Justice League' homema

Mark joins the ranks of the Justice League, armed with the power of cardboard and hot glue! Watch how the homemade crew makes a big-budget trailer, with low-budget materials, in this DIY Justice League Trailer.Subscribe to CineFix for more movie-related content! Read more...More about Marvel,

The Seine is overflowing, but these archival photos of 1910 Paris show this has happened before

The Seine is flooding in Paris, but it's not the first time.On Tuesday, the Seine's water level was sitting at 16 feet — the current flood emergency level is "orange," the highest warning below "red." But in 1910, Parisians had to hop aboard rowboats, make deliveries through windows,

We urgently need to talk about the grey areas of bad sexual encounters

"I'm sorry but I just don't buy it," a woman in her late twenties said to me. "I think that if a woman says "yes" at the outset then she can't claim any harm has occurred." Sitting at a table full of strangers at a dinner party, I realised our conversation had ventured into uncomfortable territory.

Serena Williams has no time for divisive Tennys

Everyone loves an underdog, but the fast-rising Tennys Sandgren is proving to be quite polarising.The once-unknown Tennessean is the first American male tennis player since 2010 to make the quarter-finals of the Australian Open.SEE ALSO:

Google Assistant can now match your voice to your individual Netflix profile

Netflix has long been available on Google Assistant, but now Google has added the ability to match individual voices with their own Netflix profiles.Until now, only one main paired Netflix account was accessible on Google Home devices,

DoorDash helps users combat food waste

With so much food going to waste, food delivery app DoorDash figured it had the tools to do something about it.Project DASH launched this month to give back to food banks and help restaurants with the 100,000 pounds of their extra food that's thrown away each year. SEE ALSO:

Dramatic photos of flooded Paris as the Seine overflows

In Paris, the Seine is flooding. After heavy rains, the river's water level hit around 16 feet on Tuesday, a city official told The Washington Post. It could reach 19.5 feet by the end of the week. On a normal day, it's about 6.5 feet.

Cyclist stops to give thirsty koala dubbed 'Slurpy' a drink of water

It's stinking hot in Australia right now. So much so that koalas are drinking water, which is something they don't ordinarily do. Cyclist Matt Sully was riding around the Adelaide Hills last Thursday when he came across a thirsty little guy who was looking for a drink.SEE ALSO:

Gift ideas for kids: STEM toys that are fun and teach coding

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.Millennials' kids are growing up having never known a world before the internet, smartphones, and on-demand television. They're even more comfortable with devices than we are,

Russia sent payments quite literally labelled 'to finance election campaign of 2016'

Bad news, America: The terrifying 2016 election meddling plot continues to thicken in such a way that's sure to make you bang your head against your desk and scream "HOW?"In the saga's latest installment,

Homemade shot-for-shot remake of the 'Justice League' trailer proves you don't need a big budget for

You can't save the world alone, but some duct tape and cardboard might help! This homemade shot-for-shot remake of the Justice League trailer proves you don't need a big-budget for big thrills. Subscribe to CineFix for more movie-related content! Read more...More about Diy, Marvel, Batman,

Race to the 8th Continent: Google XPrize Revives the Lunar Landing

There are two things that separate Moon Express from the typical Silicon Valley robotics startup. Most notably, as the company's name suggests, its robot won't simply roam quietly over your carpet — it will travel close to 240,

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微软发布iPad 版Office 软件更新 开始支持打印功能

上个月,备受期待的 iPad 版 Office 终于上架 App Store。虽然,iPad 版 Office 受到了很多好评,但软件缺少很重要的打印功能。今天,微软在博客上宣布,iPad 版 Word、Excel 和 PowerPoint 开始支持打印功能。

15 Summer Cocktails That Deserve a Patio

You're young, you're broke and you're looking for a relatively cheap way to cool down this summer. The answer? Ice cold cocktails.Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, the unofficial start of summer has us dreaming of frosted margaritas and sweet sangriasSee also:


威锋网 7 月 1 日消息,《彭博社》日前发布了一份有趣的调查报告结果,该调查报告主要研究观众对苹果自己制作的广告以及长期广告合作伙伴 TBWA Media Arts Lab 的广告的反应。

14 Cool DIY Tricks to Beat the Heat

The heat of summer is upon us, and you probably feel like dumping your head in an ice bucket right about now.Even if you don't have air conditioning, there are plenty of more civilized things you can do to beat the heat.

The $5 Million Cooler

Forget potato salads. There’s a new Kickstarter superstar: The Coolest Cooler. It’s just a cooler yet so much more. It already has over $5 million in funding on Kickstarter with 45 days left on its campaign and is about to break into Kickstarter’s top 5 must-funded projects.

What's the Best Carry On Luggage?

Even on the long lists of gripes I have with air travel, sitting helplessly in my cramped, hot seat as the airline loses or destroys my bag still really stands out. A great piece of carry on luggage remains safely with you, saves you a trip to the luggage carousel,

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