NASA took the 1st, astonishing aerial photos of the giant new Antarctic iceberg

Each Antarctic spring and summer, NASA flies special aircraft over the continent to keep tabs on how global warming is altering the landscape. The agency does the same in the Arctic each summer, for a project known as Operation IceBridge. Just a few days ago,

Dive deep into the Marvel universe with this badass superhero merch ahead of ‘Avengers: Infini

The Mad Tyrant is finally making his way to our planet and taking on Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Avengers: Infinity War, which premieres on April 27.

Get ready for a documentary about the Allison Mack alleged sex cult

NXIVM, the alleged sex cult involving former Smallville actress Allison Mack, will be the subject of a new documentary series. The show will tie the group's history in with it's current circumstances, including the founder's arrest and allegations against Mack of sex trafficking.SEE ALSO:

Fox News' Shep Smith is hilariously over the Kanye West and Trump drama

In case you missed the internet turning itself inside-out on Wednesday afternoon, Kanye West tweeted his love for Donald Trump and Donald Trump tweeted back.SEE ALSO: Here's why the alt-right loves Kanye WestIt's a messy situation, and Fox News star Shep Smith was positively ¯_(ツ)_/¯ about it all. 

Kanye West is very excited about meeting Facebook board member and real human 'Peter Teal'

Kanye West is very optimistic about the future — a future that apparently includes floating libertarian cities, blood boys, Donald Trump, and none other than Facebook board member and second-rate Bond villain Peter Thiel. In a flurry of Wednesday afternoon tweets,

Keep your dog happy and hydrated with this convenient travel water bottle

Make sure your dog stays hydrated while on the go with this water bottle for dogs. Get your own 'EVERSWEET Dog Water Bottle' for $19.90 here. Read more...More about Dogs, Mashable Video, Pets, Dog, and Puppy

Sean Spicer introducing wax doll of Melania Trump is a new low for America

In America, you're truly haven't made it until you've been cast in wax and thrown into the most vile neighborhood in America: Times Square. On Wednesday, New York City's Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum introduced the latest prominent waxwork to their collection, Melania Trump.

Astonishingly detailed map of the Milky Way will blow your mind

We now have the most detailed catalogue of stars in our Milky Way galaxy yet. The new map — created using data collected by the Gaia satellite — shows about 1.7 billion stars, including many objects never seen before, according to the European Space Agency (ESA), which runs Gaia. SEE ALSO:

These headphones double as earmuffs

Sound Huggle will keep your ears warm while listening to music. They're wireless and connect to your smartphone. The volume can be adjusted right from the headphones and is easily adjustable. This device can even make phone calls. Sound Huggle comes in 3 designs. They retail for $177. Read more...

Homemade side by side comparison of the 'Justice League' trailer proves you don't need an enormous b

You can't save the world alone, but some duct tape and cardboard might help! In this side by side comparison of the homemade remake Justice League Trailer proves you don't need a big-budget for big thrills. Subscribe to CineFix for more movie-related content! Read more...More about Diy, Batman,

Let the pros teach you how to invest with this online course

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.When you know your way around the stock market, you can turn even a little bit of rainy-day cash into some serious savings.


6月6日晚间时间,微信公告称,6月9日起将对那些还在朋友圈集赞的商家,进行封号处理。另外,一旦发现公众号四次集 […]





说说Makefile那些事儿 - 子扬

说说Makefile那些事儿|扬说|透过现象看本质 工作至今,一直对Makefile半知半解。

Diablo III 將加入新款遊戲貨幣,將變成 Freemium 形式?

Diablo III 推出以來,經歷過不少的爭議,現時現金拍賣場已經關閉,不過未來可能 會實行的玩法,可能又會惹來新一輪的爭議。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post Diablo III 將加入新款遊戲貨幣,將變成 Freemium 形式? appeared first on UNWIRE.

March Madness adopt-a-team: 5 scrappy squads that deserve your support

There are 351 NCAA Division 1 basketball programs, but only 64 get to play in March Madness. (OK, fine, technically it's 68 but we all know those early play-in games don't count.)This means that, in all likelihood, your favorite team is left on the outside looking in,

A Salute to AOL's Tim Armstrong, a Real Shitty Boss

In May 2011, Tim Armstrong spent a day at work barefoot to raise awareness about barefoot children, instead of just donating money to barefoot children to buy them shoes. This is the kind of boss Tim Armstrong is: ineffectual, vapid and stupid.Read more...




交互设计从来都不是简单的事情。可靠的交互通常需要借助对用户行为的深入分析,然后有针对性的精心策划。可是随着新的 ...



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