Amazon is offering 3 months of unlimited music for $0.99 and it's kind of a big deal - 云聚网

Amazon is offering 3 months of unlimited music for $0.99 and it's kind of a big deal

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.Spotify and Apple Music, meet your competition.Amazon Music Unlimited is currently offering not just one, but three months of ad-free, unlimited skip tunes for $0.99. Before you ask: no,

New Zealand politician casually cycled to hospital to give birth

Sundays are usually a lazy, uneventful affair for many of us.Not for the 42-week pregnant New Zealand Minister for Women, Julie Anne Genter, who made her way to hospital for an induction.SEE ALSO:

Aston Martin is recreating James Bond's DB5 from 'Goldfinger' — with gadgets

As far as classic Bond cars go, few are as iconic as the Aston Martin DB5.Not only was it memorable in its first appearance in Goldfinger, but played a subsequent role in Thunderball and GoldenEye, and most recently in Skyfall and Spectre. SEE ALSO: Forget the Tesla Model 3,

Simone Biles makes gymnastics history, dresses in solidarity with sexual assault survivors

Olympic champion Simone Biles just made gymnastics history wearing a leotard that honors survivors of sexual abuse.The 21-year-old athlete donned a teal leotard she designed herself on Sunday, winning her fifth title at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Boston,

Read the beautiful letter that allowed 'Crazy Rich Asians' to use Coldplay's 'Yellow'

One of the most emotional moments in Jon M. Chu's much talked-about rom-com Crazy Rich Asians almost didn't happen. Luckily, the director wrote one hell of a beautiful letter to Coldplay.SEE ALSO:

Asia Argento reportedly paid off a sexual assault accuser

Asia Argento, an Italian actress and director at the forefront of the #MeToo movement, reportedly paid off a sexual assault accuser.The New York Times reports Argento paid $380,000 to 22-year-old actor Jimmy Bennett, after he claimed that he was sexually assaulted by her in a California hotel room.

'Stranger Things' Season 3 will be inspired by an '80s Chevy Chase movie

It's going to be a little while longer until we see the third season of Stranger Things, but when it does, expect it to hark back to Chevy Chase at his most prolific.David Harbour, who plays Chief Jim Hopper in the series,

Ken Jeong talked some kids into seeing 'Crazy Rich Asians' — and Jon Chu got it on film

If there's anyone out there who can shame you into buying a ticket for Crazy Rich Asians, it's definitely the director of the blockbuster film and one of its many stars. Director Jon M. Chu showed up to a movie theater with Ken Jeong in tow this weekend.

Roy Moore's wife weaponizes Facebook, and this all feels so uncomfortably normal

Connect with your neighbor, build a community, then make sure everyone believes that the media is out to get Senate candidate Roy Moore. That's not really what Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be used for, at least not that last part.

Turn your yucky tap water into delicious mineral water

If you're one of those people that insists water has a taste and are picky about it, Mitte might be the solution to your nasty tap water problems. It's a home water system that purifies and mineralizes tap water, making it healthier and tastier to drink. Read more...More about Tech, Home, Water,

YouTubers from this country are killing it, thanks to the rest of the world

It's no surprise that having a popular YouTube channel can be lucrative — but just how much has always been a source of curiosity.The video platform has released a report detailing how much creators earn on the site, with more than 100 Australian channels earning over A$100,000 (US$76,

迅雷路由水晶版内测开启 透明外壳+双频


Intel Pushes Into Tablet Market, Pushes Away From Microsoft

jfruh (300774) writes "The Wintel cartel appears to be well and truly dead, as Intel chases after ARM with grim determination into the rapidly growing world of Android tablets. 'Our mix of OSes reflects pretty much what you see in the marketplace,' the company's CEO said,

Android:WebView中对图片注册上下文菜单 - 江湖郎中.luoaz

前言 今天一朋友问我一个问题,就是如何在WebView控件中的图片增加上下文菜单,以便增加保存图片等功能。今天就给他简单做了一个演示Demo,现写下来,给有相同问题的朋友提供些许思路吧。

PLSQL_Oracle Lock锁的类型和处理(案例) - 东方瀚海

2014-06-21 BaoXinjian一、摘要设立封锁机制主要是为了对并发操作进行控制,对干扰进行封锁,保证数据的一致性和准确性。

天啊! 我們是否在網路上洩露太多資訊了?



传奇投资人卡尔·伊坎今天给苹果公司 CEO 致公开信,再次要求苹果加速其股票回购计划。此前卡尔向苹果施压要求他们将回购项目的金额增加到 1500 亿美元,苹果在二月份回购140亿美元股票后方才作罢。  



NET MVC1项目升级到MVC2最简单的方法 - 每天进步一点点!

NET MVC1项目升级到MVC2最简单的方法 把MVC1项目升级到MVC2,最简单的做法如下:新建MVC2项目 新建一个MVC2项目,把原来MVC1的项目文件全部拷贝到新建MVC2项目目录里,依照MVC1项目的引用在MVC2项目中作同样引用。修改web.config ...





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