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Australia votes yes to marriage equality and everyone is thrilled

Australia did it.The country has decidedly voted yes to marriage equality in its voluntary postal survey. Results were handed down by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Wednesday — Australians voted 61.6 percent in favor of marriage equality,

New Zealand politician casually cycled to hospital to give birth

Sundays are usually a lazy, uneventful affair for many of us.Not for the 42-week pregnant New Zealand Minister for Women, Julie Anne Genter, who made her way to hospital for an induction.SEE ALSO:

Aston Martin is recreating James Bond's DB5 from 'Goldfinger' — with gadgets

As far as classic Bond cars go, few are as iconic as the Aston Martin DB5.Not only was it memorable in its first appearance in Goldfinger, but played a subsequent role in Thunderball and GoldenEye, and most recently in Skyfall and Spectre. SEE ALSO: Forget the Tesla Model 3,

Simone Biles makes gymnastics history, dresses in solidarity with sexual assault survivors

Olympic champion Simone Biles just made gymnastics history wearing a leotard that honors survivors of sexual abuse.The 21-year-old athlete donned a teal leotard she designed herself on Sunday, winning her fifth title at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Boston,

Read the beautiful letter that allowed 'Crazy Rich Asians' to use Coldplay's 'Yellow'

One of the most emotional moments in Jon M. Chu's much talked-about rom-com Crazy Rich Asians almost didn't happen. Luckily, the director wrote one hell of a beautiful letter to Coldplay.SEE ALSO:

Asia Argento reportedly paid off a sexual assault accuser

Asia Argento, an Italian actress and director at the forefront of the #MeToo movement, reportedly paid off a sexual assault accuser.The New York Times reports Argento paid $380,000 to 22-year-old actor Jimmy Bennett, after he claimed that he was sexually assaulted by her in a California hotel room.

'Stranger Things' Season 3 will be inspired by an '80s Chevy Chase movie

It's going to be a little while longer until we see the third season of Stranger Things, but when it does, expect it to hark back to Chevy Chase at his most prolific.David Harbour, who plays Chief Jim Hopper in the series,

Ken Jeong talked some kids into seeing 'Crazy Rich Asians' — and Jon Chu got it on film

If there's anyone out there who can shame you into buying a ticket for Crazy Rich Asians, it's definitely the director of the blockbuster film and one of its many stars. Director Jon M. Chu showed up to a movie theater with Ken Jeong in tow this weekend.

Makeup removing app is a great way to ruin your selfies

If you've ever taken a selfie and thought, "this is fine, but I'd really love to look more soul crushingly terrible," then there's a selfie app for you.It's called MakeApp and it's a face-filtering app whose marquee feature is that it lets you "remove makeup from any face." SEE ALSO:

Facebook subtly neither confirms nor denies Russian meddling during Brexit

Russia, still being investigated for meddling in the U.S. presidential election, is now under fire for its actions during the UK’s Brexit vote. On Monday,

Australia just voted overwhelmingly in favour of legalising same-sex marriage

Australia's overcome a hurdle on the long road to marriage equality — but the fight's not over.The country has just voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage in a non-binding, non-compulsory nationwide postal survey.

The Ring Input Device Puts Gesture Control And Home Automation On Your Finger

There was once a rumor that Apple would actually use a ring device for input to an Apple television. Neither of those gadgets exist yet, of course,


庆祝大诚设计作品“一室生春”入选第九届《APD亚太设计年鉴》。《APD亚太设计年鉴》(Asia-Pacific Design)是全球首个面向亚太地区设计师及设计机构征集平面设计作品的年鉴。

时尚UP UP!普拉达版Google Glass概念设计

谷歌智能眼镜 Google Glass 已经在美国上市开售两次,均很快售罄。从目前情况来看,了解并购买 Google Glass 的消费者多为科技达人、极客等科技类爱好者,而非时尚达人。  

傳下一代 iPhone 解析度為 1704 x 960...這...




一位资深风投人眼中的 2014:哪些风口在关闭,哪些风口在形成

注:原文来自 AVC。 我不是一个经常回顾过去的人。我喜欢往前看,而不是往过去看。我猜这也是为什么我现在做风投 […]

Ryan Gosling finally ate cereal as a touching tribute to late meme creator

Cereal has never tasted so sweetRyan Gosling has finally downed a spoonful of crunchy morning goodness as a touching tribute to Ryan McHenry, the creator of the "Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal" meme. The 27-year-old filmmaker died Sunday after a battle with osteosarcomaSee also:

SQL Server 2016:行级安全

对于SQL Server,一个常见的批评是,其安全模型只能识别表和列。用户如果希望以行为单位应用安全规则,就需要使用存储过程或表值函数来模拟,然后找一种方法,确保它们不会被绕开。在SQL Server 2016中,那不再是个问题。

Tesla 狂飙之路之三:我既跑的远,我还很便宜!

在本文中,Tesla 将着手解决两个技术难题。怎么样让电动汽车跑的更远呢?怎样人手拥有一辆 Tesla 呢?本系列是《Tesla 主宰世界系列》的第三部曲。

There's a Star Hiding in This Image. Can You Find It?

This brain teaser is a little different from the ones I usually feature on Sunday Puzzle. There’s no logic. No math. No tricky wording. Just an illustration and a hidden object. Some of you will spot it quickly. Others of you will not.Read more...

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