Azzedine Alaïa, known for pioneering designs and for 'Clueless,' dies at 82

"This is an Alaïa!"The image of Cher refusing to lay on the ground when getting robbed at gunpoint in Clueless because of her designer dress is a lasting one. R.I.P. Azzedine Alaia

Download this: Tamagotchis are back and yes, there's still lots of poo

If you're a child of the '90s then you probably remember Tamagotchi, the egg-shaped digital "pets" we had to attend to constantly lest they die of neglect.Now they're back, thanks to a new mobile game from Bandai NamcoFirst teased last year,

If the CW doesn't renew 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' and 'Jane the Virgin' we lose all hope in the world

It's March Madness time for TV fans. Of course I don't mean basketball; I mean the nail-biting agony of waiting for networks to renew your favorite shows. This is the fourth year in a row of that special hell for Jane the Virgin viewers,

RuPaul accepts Hollywood star with the fabulousness of a thousand queens

RuPaul Charles is many things — if not everything: a two-time Emmy winner, a trailblazing talent, an icon of the LGBTQ community, a self-love guru, and the world's most beloved drag queen. And now, he's officially a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,

Tinder's owner couldn't buy Bumble, so now the company is suing instead

Pop quiz time! Who owns Tinder, OkCupid,, and Plenty of Fish? If you said Match Group, Inc.,you're correct and you should treat yourself to a cookie.After failing to buy Tinder/OkCupid/Match/PoF competitor Bumble last year for a reported $450 million,

'Fantastic Beasts' actor finally settles that plot hole controversy

Harry Potter fans (like so many hardcore fans) are serious about protecting the beloved universe they grew up with. So much so that they've apparently stopped trusting its creator to get basic parts of the canon right.SEE ALSO:

Whistleblower's story explains why Facebook booted Cambridge Analytica

Now we know why Facebook gave Cambridge Analytica the boot on Friday. What's less clear is why it took so long.The social media company was aware as far back as late 2015 that, starting in early 2014, the Trump-linked U.K data firm had secretly harvested profile data belonging to 50 million users,

These 9 wonderfully niche cooking channels on YouTube will inspire you

You can find many delightful ways to waste your time on YouTube, but one of the best is to spend an afternoon looking at cooking and food channels. SEE ALSO:

Now we get the 'Gilmore Girls' joke about Katy Perry and some nuns

Remember in the Gilmore Girls revival when Lorelai Gilmore wanted to expand buy an old building owned by nuns to expand the Dragonfly Inn? SEE ALSO: Luke from 'Gilmore Girls' is selling out and starting a coffee brand"If you're interested you better move fast," one of the nuns told her.

Australia just landed its first high performance centre for esports

Oceania's esports industry just took a huge step forward.Australia has opened its very first Esports High Performance Centre in Sydney, a new home base for Oceania’s leading League of Legends team, the LG Dire Wolves.SEE ALSO:

Jessica Chastain absolutely skewers Hollywood's sexist audition culture

Hollywood audition culture is notoriously sexist — celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Emmy Rossum have spoken out about it before. And in a new sketch from Friday's Tonight Show, Jessica Chastain took another dig at the famously toxic process.In the sketch,

【 java版坦克大战--事件处理】 键盘控制小球上下左右移动 - simpman

上一节已经学习了事件处理,这一节需要完成通过键盘的上下左右键控制小球移动。然后再通过应用到我们绘制的坦克上。 1 /** 2 * 加深对事件处理机制的理解 3 * 通过光标的上下左右键,控制小球的左右上下移动. 4 */ 5 package com.

Why Kentucky vs. UConn Is the Perfect March Madness Finale

Go ahead and grab your sharpest knife. Because no matter how you slice this thing, Monday night's NCAA title game between Kentucky and Connecticut is the perfect March Madness finaleIn one corner:


高效的系统可降低能耗,并可售出多余电力用于电网频率调节上海2014年4月15日电 /美通社/ -- Maxwell 技术公司(纳斯达克:MXWL)日前宣布正在为全球领先的电力和自动化解决方案提供商 ABB 公司提供超级电容器,用于费城城际轻轨升级换代,这是ABB近期赢得的合同项目。

iPhone / iPad / Mac 竟被遙控鎖機, 給錢才能贖回裝置

之前出現一個新型惡意程式將 Android 裝置鎖機,要求贖款才能再次使用。想不到 Apple 裝置也面臨一樣的威脅。

[多图]苹果零售主管视察表参道 Apple Store 并与顾客合影

东京表参道 Apple Store 已经开张半小时。现场盛况虽然没有中国 Apple Store 开业那样人山人海,但是和其他一些国-家的 Apple Store 开业时候比较,顾客还是特别多、比较拥挤。一些幸运儿也得到了具有特色的开业纪念 T 恤衫。

做个菜都能高大上 用喷气引擎技术造炖锅

喷气引擎技术和做菜,这两个词之间你能找出什么联系来吗?恐怕很难吧。不过这对于牛津大学的 Thomas Povey 博士来说这并不是问题,因此他发明了 Flare 炖锅。  

Taylor Swift and Groot 'Shake It Off' in One Perfect Vine

Taylor Swift and Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot have joined forces in the ultimate pop culture mashupIn this Vine from Uproxx's Andy Issac, Groot and Tay share a six-second dance number to Swift's latest single "Shake It Off."See also:



特斯拉 2014 Q3 财报超预期,Model X 确定延期

特斯拉刚刚发布了 2014 年第三季度的财报,带来了该季度收入超预期的好消息,但坏消息是,Model X 又要延期交付了。 财报显示,特斯拉汽车第三季度营收为 8.52 亿美元,高于去年同期的 4.

Fast-Acting Nuclear Reactor Will Power Through Piles of Plutonium

Even the latest generation of nuclear power reactors can only harvest about five percent of the energy stored in their radioactive fuel supplies, and the toxic leftovers must then be buried deep underground to slowly decay over hundreds of thousands of years.

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