Azzedine Alaïa, known for pioneering designs and for 'Clueless,' dies at 82

"This is an Alaïa!"The image of Cher refusing to lay on the ground when getting robbed at gunpoint in Clueless because of her designer dress is a lasting one. R.I.P. Azzedine Alaia

Trump-Putin press conference gets a roasting from late show hosts

President Donald Trump's rather disturbing joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin was always going to be skewered by late-night hosts.And they did not disappoint.SEE ALSO:

Lava bomb hits tour boat in Hawaii and injures 23 people

Hawaii's youngest volcano, Kilauea, continues to erupt and flow into the sea — which means lava bombs.An airborne blob of volcanic lava hit a tour boat off the eastern edge of Hawaii's Big Island on Monday morning, injuring 23 people.SEE ALSO:

Amazon workers on strike as Prime Day kicks off

This Monday is Amazon Prime Day, and like every other year, that means you'll have the chance to get a great deal on some dongles. But this year, unlike every other year,

Take $60 off the Ring Spotlight Security Camera for Prime Day

Safety first, they say. Which is why Amazon's taking $60 off the Ring Spotlight Security Camera for Prime Day. SEE ALSO: The best Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals and sales are right hereA good security camera has to be reliable, effective, and ideally,

Apple turned its top execs into Memoji and ... wait, what's wrong with Jony Ive?

If you've ever wondered what Apple's leadership team would look like as flesh-colored 3D avatars, then today is your lucky day.Apple had some fun with its corporate leadership page, where all of its top executives' headshots have been replaced with Memoji. SEE ALSO:

For Prime Day, this wet and dry electric shaver from Philips Norelco is on sale for less than $80

With a deal this good, even the most bearded of men would consider a clean shave.Amazon has the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 on sale for only $79.95 for Prime Day. This is the wet and dry edition of the shaver,

Showtime is not having Sarah Palin's lies about Sacha Baron Cohen's show

Sacha Baron Cohen isn't done with Sarah Palin.Following Palin's claims that Baron Cohen "duped" her into an interview for Who Is America? by passing himself off as an American veteran with disabilities, "fake wheelchair and all,

Now we get the 'Gilmore Girls' joke about Katy Perry and some nuns

Remember in the Gilmore Girls revival when Lorelai Gilmore wanted to expand buy an old building owned by nuns to expand the Dragonfly Inn? SEE ALSO: Luke from 'Gilmore Girls' is selling out and starting a coffee brand"If you're interested you better move fast," one of the nuns told her.

Australia just landed its first high performance centre for esports

Oceania's esports industry just took a huge step forward.Australia has opened its very first Esports High Performance Centre in Sydney, a new home base for Oceania’s leading League of Legends team, the LG Dire Wolves.SEE ALSO:

Jessica Chastain absolutely skewers Hollywood's sexist audition culture

Hollywood audition culture is notoriously sexist — celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Emmy Rossum have spoken out about it before. And in a new sketch from Friday's Tonight Show, Jessica Chastain took another dig at the famously toxic process.In the sketch,


未来游戏追求的体验,就是如何把虚幻和现实结合起来。就在不久前,脸谱网“FaceBook”刚刚斥资20亿美元收购了Oculus VR,当下最具代表性的虚拟现实应用开发公司,让这几个月以来的虚拟现实热潮再度升温。


设计本就是不局限章法的事情,追求百花齐放,那么灵感的来源自然也就不受限制了,各有各的道理。但是设计不=艺术, 要的是众乐乐.是为了让想法最终变为现实,要求的是结果,否则方案永远会停留在概念阶段而不可实施。

This Is the Bike Tech of the Future (And Soon It Could Be Yours)

A bike painted with a coating that glows at night! Wheels that charge your phone! Rims that turn your bike into a moving rave! Be prepared to have your mind blown at Gizmodo's Commuters of the Future Bike Event on May 18—where inventors and designers will be demoing awesome cycling tech (you could even win some of it!).


你以为你的对手是友商,其实你的对手是时代。 互联网在兴起的二十年间,极大地改变了社会底层架构,有 […]

XP不死 希腊一开发者推出“Service Pack 4”

9月4日消息,据国外媒体报道,《福布斯》杂志今年5月就曾评论称,杀死Windows XP比杀死“金刚狼”还难。四个月过去了,这款操作系统似乎真的应验了该杂志的预测。

This might be the most fun you can have with a Nerf gun

A Nerf gun is never not fun. If you see one of those laying around anywhere, at a toy store, in the office, in a kid's bedroom, in your dreams, you have to pick it up and get goofy with it. So how can you have more fun with something our DNA says is never not fun?

19th Century Artist Predicted Whale-Shaped Flying Cars by 2000

In 1882 French illustrator Albert Robida (1848–1926) completed a wildly futuristic engraving: his vision of fashionable Parisian opera attendees, in the year 2000In tandem, Robida wrote a science fiction trilogy in the late nineteenth century,





骁龙810对比Tegra X1 主攻市场略有不同

虽然高通骁龙系列处理器在市场上拥有很高的占有率,不过在今年CES展会期间,英伟达也给出了强有力的回应,发布了全新旗舰级移动处理器Tegra X1。

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