Kate McKinnon debuts pitch perfect Julian Assange impression on 'Saturday Night Live'

Saturday Night Live took us behind the scenes in its cold open tonight of a totally plausible meeting between Julian Assange and the Brothers Trump in the first installment of what we can only hope will be many, many more episodes of “The Mueller Files.

Chrissy Teigen and *the* Jan Levinson bonded over 'The Office' on Twitter

Everyone who follows Chrissy Teigen on Twitter knows she loves The Office...including Melora Hardin, the actress who plays Jan Levinson on the show.On Saturday night, while Luna was asleep and John Legend was performing, Teigen decided to spend her evening in bed,

'Saturday Night Live' goes completely off the rails during 'Space Thanksgiving'

A good Saturday Night Live sketch is funny. A great one is so funny that some hapless performer — usually, but not always, the guest host — breaks down and laughs. But a perfect SNL sketch? That's when everyone loses it.That's exactly what happened here in this Space Thanksgiving sketch.

Joe Biden adopted a German shepherd and he's precious :')

Joe Biden just welcomed a majorly cute addition to his family — a German shepherd named Major.On Saturday, the former Vice President and his wife Jill officially adopted Major the rescue dog, who they've been fostering, from the Delaware Humane Association in Wilmington, Delaware.SEE ALSO:

Steve Carell's 'Friends-giving' took a bizarre, sexy, and dark turn on 'SNL'

Friends-giving is a sacred, made up, pre-holiday tradition for friends. Not strangers.So when one couple made the mistake of inviting "a new neighbor" (Cecily Strong) and "a straggler" (Steve Carell) to dinner things got a little weird.

Steve Carell is a master at playing the befuddled idiot, as he reminded us on 'SNL'

This Saturday Night Live sketch works a lot better if you imagine Steve Carell is playing a dad version of his legendary Anchorman character, Brick Tamland.Of course, Brick's ignorance was sweet and strangely wholesome. In contrast, Carell's SNL dad is more of a clueless doormat.

Steve Carell's 'SNL' NASA broadcast goes terribly wrong after a breach

Saturday Night Live's Captain Ed McGovern (Steve Carell) thought live streaming to children's classrooms across America from the International Space Station would be great. It was not.

'The Office' cast reunited on 'SNL' to beg Steve Carell for a damn reboot

Fact: A whole bunch of people on this planet are begging for a reboot of the beloved NBC comedy, The Office. One of the only holdouts, however, is Steve Carell — Michael Scott himself.For this reason, four former cast members of The Office — Jenna Fischer, Ellie Kemper, and Ed Helms,

Azzedine Alaïa, known for pioneering designs and for 'Clueless,' dies at 82

"This is an Alaïa!"The image of Cher refusing to lay on the ground when getting robbed at gunpoint in Clueless because of her designer dress is a lasting one. R.I.P. Azzedine Alaia

Now we get the 'Gilmore Girls' joke about Katy Perry and some nuns

Remember in the Gilmore Girls revival when Lorelai Gilmore wanted to expand buy an old building owned by nuns to expand the Dragonfly Inn? SEE ALSO: Luke from 'Gilmore Girls' is selling out and starting a coffee brand"If you're interested you better move fast," one of the nuns told her.

Australia just landed its first high performance centre for esports

Oceania's esports industry just took a huge step forward.Australia has opened its very first Esports High Performance Centre in Sydney, a new home base for Oceania’s leading League of Legends team, the LG Dire Wolves.SEE ALSO:

上海工商连夜紧急部署 将调查尼康公司



威锋网讯,早前我们曾有一篇教程是关于在电脑端推送 iOS 设备消息的(详情点击)。而今天我们将为你介绍另一个可以实现这个功能的越狱插件。  PushNotify,是一款可以让你直接在Mac上推送iOS消息的插件。





iOS: Crash文件解析(一) - 一片-枫叶

iOS Crash文件的解析(一) 开发程序的过程中不管我们已经如何小心,总是会在不经意间遇到程序闪退。脑补一下当你在一群人面前自信的拿着你的App做功能预演的时候,流畅的操作被无情地Crash打断。


我们总说什么“豪华跑车”,却很少关注三轮车,毕竟在许多人的印象里那实在太土了。Campagna 公司将让你知道什么叫华丽版三轮车。  或许有些让人难以置信,但 T-REX 三轮跑车已经有 20 年的历史了。

“奶茶爸爸”怒告分手费造谣人 巨额索赔


取代傳統硬碟日子不遠 ! 新 SSD 光學技術速度更快容量更大!

目前常用的非揮發性記憶體(NVRAM)基本上都要依靠電子晶片才能運作,雖然 可以將資料永久儲存,但缺點卻是熱力及電子碰撞時的阻力會影響速度。

山姆会员商店19周年 高折扣商品热销

明星单品助力店庆促销,真情回馈买立省 深圳2015年10月21日电 /美通社/ -- “周年庆真情回馈 买立省”-- 山姆会员商店19周年庆祝活动于10月23日起至12月底,在全国各个门店及山姆网上商店(www.

People with OCD are sharing their innermost thoughts and fears online

LONDON — People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are sharing their experiences of living with the condition in a new creative arts project. "The Wall" is documenting the thoughts, secrets,

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