Microsoft throws in 1TB of free cloud storage for Office 365, 15GB for OneDrive

Just three months ago we saw the start of the cloud storage price wars when Google slashed its prices. Today Microsoft has retaliated by offering a massive increase in the amount of free cloud storageRead more: http://www.itproportal.

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Microsoft throws in 1TB of free cloud storage for Office 365, 15GB for OneDrive

Just three months ago we saw the start of the cloud storage price wars when Google slashed its prices. Today Microsoft has retaliated by offering a massive increase in the amount of free cloud storageRead more: http://www.itproportal.

The Best Ways to Organize All Your Digital Photos

Thanks to digital photography, everyone has a camera in their pocket and pictures are now instantly accessible and shareable. The only drawback is the hassle of managing so many snaps and all the more apps and services that make it even more confusing.

Google I/O lifts lid on unlimited storage and Office editing

At I/O 2014 Google announced that more cloud storage will be made available to space hungry users. Google Drive for Work has a price tag of $10 per month and includes not just more cloud storage, but Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Amazon Is Giving Away Unlimited Cloud Storage For $5.00

Amid a slew of deep discounts appearing on the web today as a part of the shopping holiday Black Friday, Amazon has introduced one deal that’s sort of a no brainer. The company is giving away unlimited online storage on its cloud servers for just five dollars.

An Inside Look At Upthere, The Company Aiming To Be Your Personal Cloud

The year is 2015 and yet the promise of the “personal cloud” has failed me. There are tons of drag and drop and syncing “backup services” but nowhere that’s my slice of the puffy white stuff. Enter the 80 employees and impressive pedigree of Palo Alto based Upthere. Read More

Apple Announces Box Competitor As Aaron Levie Watches From The VIP Row

Apple’s umbrella of cloud services dubbed iCloud will soon receive a big upgrade. Basically, the company just copied Dropbox, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and every other cloud storage service out there. In OS X Yosemite,

The Best Microsoft Word Alternatives That Are Totally Free

Microsoft's titan of a word processor is used almost everywhere by almost everyone, but what if you don't want to spend seven bucks a month? Here are our favorite alternatives to Word. They're all free, they're all capable of working with the ubiquitous .docx format,

In-depth look at Microsoft’s latest flagships, Lumia 950 and 950XL

Microsoft showed, demoed and talked about an awful lot at its Windows 10 devices event today in New York. Over the course of two hours, journalists, enthusiasts, and Windows fans were bombarded with product...The post In-depth look at Microsoft’s latest flagships,

Spend Your Tax Refund on a Drone, Free Google Drive Space, More Deals

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision drone has descended below $1,000 today, just in time for tax refund season. This one comes with a built-in camera and 3-axis gimbal for silky smooth video, and Gizmodo gave it a terrific review. I want it badly.

What is YouTube Studio and how does it work?

YouTube Studio is the place where you manage your YouTube videos, and in this article, we explain its features and how to use it to get the best out of your channel.

Best photo cloud storage 2020: free and paid backup for pictures and images

We’ve rounded up the best cloud storage providers for photos and pictures, to help you keep your cherished memories safe.

Phishing attacks more targeted and diverse during pandemic

Cybercriminals are tapping into their creative sides.

Employers fear remote workers at risk of burnout

Many employees feel like they have to prove remote working works.

Open source cyberattacks see huge rise

As businesses get better at spotting zero-days, hackers are turning their attention to open source projects.

Keeping the cloud secure remains a major challenge for many firms

Security teams are dealing with increasingly complex environments.

UK CEOs 'need to have some tech experience'

CEOs with a background in app development could help businesses excel.

Whitepaper: Breakthrough Web performance barriers: HP Moonshot System, enhanced for NGINX Plus

Does your website struggle to deliver more complex content in less time? Launch your Web applications to new heights of performance with HP Moonshot, optimized to work with NGINX Plus software.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Data breach risks thousands of NHS patients' information

A data protection breach at private healthcare firm Diagnostic Health may have left up to 10,000 NHS patients’ information at risk.Read more:

The secret to a great working environment - Dr Ben Medlock, Swiftkey

As part of Sage's Secrets to my Success campaign, Ben Medlock, co-founder of Swiftkey, reveals how a great working environment encourages confidence, team spirit and collaboration.Read more:

英菲尼迪后悔了?Q50 欲重新拥抱液压转向

由于是业界首款启用线控转向技术的量产车,英菲尼迪旗下 Q50 一直备受关注。 该车方向盘和车轮之间的机械结构仅作备用系统,常规状态下通过电子信号来控制汽车转向。



Restaurant Owner Hunts Down Negative Yelp Reviewer

If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen — or really, the restaurant business in generalIf your restaurant is hit with a one-star review on Yelp, you can either improve the food and customer service, and hope that people will noticeOr,

8、C#基础整理(数组和冒泡排序) - 苏悠莫

数组概念:定义一组同类型的指定个数的变量,索引从0开始例:int[] shuname = new int[10];//定义一组有10个数据的数组shuname[0] = 1;Console.WriteLine(shuname[0]);//打印出1数组与for循环结合的练习:1、彩票问题:通过数组录入...



杭州环保部门启用无人机治污 偷排废水被抓现行



下次喝水时,记住,你喝的可能是恐龙尿!英国《每日邮报》5月28日引用YouTube科学频道好奇大脑(Curious Minds)的数据显示,地球上的水量几百万年来基本保持不变。每年,以降雨形式来到地球的水大概有12.1万立方英里(约50.



HTC双星齐发:HTC One M9+极光版/Butterfly 3发布

感谢安卓中国的投递9月29日消息,HTC今日在日本正式发布HTC One M9+(光学防抖极速对焦版,简称极光版)以及HTC Butterfly 3蝴蝶机第三代这两款新旗舰机。

为手游平台铺路 老任是否变得开放一点了?

12月1日,任天堂全新账号制度 Nintendo Account 推出,任天堂用户可以用手机和电脑登陆,实现在手机端和电脑端购买并下载游戏。

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