‘Always Connected PC’ features slated for the next Windows 10 Update

Microsoft is looking to address the Sleep/Wake and Standby features of Windows 10 to help OEMs truly present an always-connected device.

The new Skype Interviews Scheduler aims to help recruiters simplify the interview process

Scheduling job interviews with multiple interviewers and candidates is a complicated and time-consuming task for any recruiter and the Skype Interviews Scheduler helps reduce the number of steps required to send an invite.

How to become a Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves: progression details released

Xbox Wire released details on how to level up to become a Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves on Xbox One. The Sea of Thieves team answered questions from the community in a livestream on Mixer. In the Mixer livestream, there were helpful hints in what players need to do to be a legendary pirate […]

Does Fluent Design Matter?

he Windows team is looking to inject some refinement in the way content and information are displayed in the latest OS offering by iterating on its controversial Modern Design with its 2.0 version labeled Fluent Design.

Big Windows Insider Update with Timeline delayed again

Dona Sarkar has just revealed there won't be any new flights this week because Microsoft wants to ensure the best possible experience for all Windows Insiders.

Rebuilt Mixer app is now rolling out on iOS and Android

Mixer, Microsoft’s interactive live streaming platform for gamers is now rolling out new iOS and Android apps that have been rebuilt from scratch.

Xbox One X makes top 5 on Google’s 2017 consumer tech search list

Google has released their annual Year in Search data, and Microsoft received a solid 5th place spot in the categorical Consumer Tech listing

Star Wars Battlefront II gets Last Jedi update on Xbox One

The update is perfectly timed as fans will be undoubtedly watching the latest Start Wars movie

Digital ruler, speedy search comes to OneNote app for Windows Insiders

This update brings a digital ruler and an enhanced search feature for Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring.

Will you fold your Surface Phone? – more Microsoft patents revealed

Jot me down as a fan of the ultra-sleek vision of communication devices showcased frequently on the hit HBO show Westworld that posits a future where smartphones evolve into foldable computing slabs with precision and ease. Fortunately,

After acquisition, Microsoft brings Simplygon Cloud 3D optimization tools to the Azure Marketplace

The new cloud offering should be an interesting resource for developers looking to optimize 3D assets in a cost-effective way.

数据可视化(8)--D3数据的更新及动画 - 疯狂的原始人


事件机制与消息机制的架构设计区别(一) - hailants


Why Kentucky vs. UConn Is the Perfect March Madness Finale

Go ahead and grab your sharpest knife. Because no matter how you slice this thing, Monday night's NCAA title game between Kentucky and Connecticut is the perfect March Madness finaleIn one corner:




今天微软宣布,已经收购了总部位于新西兰的GreenButton公司,以帮助增强其Windows Azure云计算服务的能力,而这一服务也将在一个月后被改名为Microsoft Azure。微软没有披露收购的更多细节和GreenButton的运营数据。

Two Dots, The Sequel To Betaworks’ Dots, Is A Beautiful Monster

My highest score on Dots — the original Dots — is 414. I achieved this respectable, albeit relatively average, score about a year ago, just after Dots was first released. When I open up the app now, I never play for more than a few tries. I can never get anywhere close to 400.

Cable Companies Are Tricking Advocacy Groups Into Fighting Net Neutrality

The public wants net neutrality. We've all made it pretty clear. But the cable companies don't. They've already ginned up some lobbyist-funded, anti-neutrality groups , but now it seems they're going a step further, tricking real groups into joining up. Read more...


有一天,当你成为世界上最有名望最富有的人时,或许你就会被邀请去给别人演讲,或许是分享自己的成功经验之道,又或许 […]

A 12.9″ iPad Could Make 2015 The Year iOS Breaks The Mobile Mold

A new Apple iPad is in development, according to Bloomberg, with a 12.9-inch display that adds around 3-inches to the size of the iPad Air in terms of diagonal screen dimensions. Such a device would be a lot larger than Apple’s current top tablet overall,



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